We couldn’t believe it. The news had finally been released. The lock down was over.

To celebrate I have a day planned. I pick you up just before lunch. As soon as I walk to the door your in my arms. Our mouths instantly lock together. My hands caressing you’re body. It’s been so long. It feels so good. You pant as I bite your bottom lip. Reluctantly we break apart. I take you by the hand and lead you to my car. Pulling up at Chateau on the park. Our new favourite. We have an amazing meal resisting the urge to do more at the table. The chemistry between us seems even stronger than before. I’m hard as rock as you move in your seat. Your pussy throbbing. You can feel the heat escaping. The smell of your wetness is strong and even the waitress sniffs the air. I smile at how wet you are. Knowing how bad you need me.

We leave the restaurant hand in hand and head towards the river. As we climb down into the punt you see a chilly bin sitting in front.

I pull out two glasses and pour some ice cold champagne. I sit back and pull you against me. The punter gets set and starts us off down the river. The gentle rocking of the river as we float down. Passing down through town. People on each side as we slowly move on. The sun on us as we float. The warmth cascading over your body.

My hands slide down your top and start massaging your breasts. The champagne has lowered your hesitation and I slowly pull your top off. Your head drops back on my shoulder and you look up seeing the punter looking down. Staring at your big heavy breasts. This excites you. Your nipples harden. I start rolling them through my fingers.

He punts us towards an island in the middle of town.

We climb out and walk towards the centre of the small island.

A blanket laid in the middle. The sun shining down on us. I pull your skirt off Keeping you naked.

I lay you down on the blanket.

I spread your legs and instantly start licking and sucking your wet pussy. You taste so good.

I lift your legs higher and start licking your ass through to your pussy. Your hands instantly go to your breasts. Rolling and pinching your nipples.

My mouth locked on your pussy.

I leave you lying on the ground and start removing my clothes. Once naked I kneel between your legs and press my big hard shaft between your soaking wet lips.

As I start to press inside you my hard shaft spreading your wet lips you moan loudly.

It’s been so long you feel so tight. Your pussy grips every inch of my cock as I fill you.

Your nails dig into my back as the sun beats down on us. Our bodies becoming one. You wrap your legs around my waist holding me tighter.

I lock my mouth on your shoulder biting you as I thrust harder. It’s not long before your first orgasm builds. Your body starts shaking.

I move my mouth to your breasts and bite down on one. Your body shudders and your pussy explodes over my cock. You cry out in extacy. You fall back. Weak. Your legs unlock from me and I pull out.

Laying next to you we enjoy the sun. You cuddle in close and drift off for a well earned nap.

We here a cough just out from us. The punt driver calls out. “Sorry to disturb you as it sounded like you had fun but we need to carry on”

You blush realising how loud you were. We get dressed and stroll back to the punt.

He is all red and does his best to not make eye contact.

I smile seeing your slight embarrassment.

As we sit down and he shoves off I look up at him.

“She gets wet doesn’t she”

He stammers back “yyeess “

I laugh knowing he had been watching. You look up and see the bulge in his pants. Knowing he was watching to. This makes you throb again.

He pulls up back at the boat sheds and thanks us for a entertaining punt ride.

We laugh and head for the car.

On the way back to your place you lean over and free my hard cock. You’ve been waiting weeks to get your mouth on it and hungrily start sucking on it. Taking it deep. You bring me to the point of cumming then stop. Doing this all the way back to yours.

The house is quiet and there is a note on the table.

“Gone to Ashburton for the night”

You turn round and look at me. Our eyes lock as we realise just what this means.

Before you get to me I put my hand up.

“You go change into your favourite lingerie. I’ll light the fire. You bring a duvet. We’ll stay in the lounge”

You go and shower and then put on your favourite set of lingerie. And your dressing gown. You bring the duvet out and set it in from of the fire. While you get that ready I shower. Walking back into the lounge in just the towel.

I have worked out in the time apart and my arms and shoulders look bigger. You reach up and trace your hands around my shoulders and down my back. Then you undo the towel. Letting it fall. Your fingers had already worked their magic and my hard shaft springs free. You drop to your knees and take it in your mouth. Licking the entire length. Sucking my balls into your mouth while you stroke it. Again you bring me right to the edge and then stop. You smile and pull a small bag from under the duvet. My plug is in it plus your toys.

You get me to lay down and then lube you my ass. Taking the plug you work it in and out until my ass opens and you slip it inside. My cock instantly throbs. You then attach the ring part. Seeing how hard it makes me.

You then take me back into your mouth. Sliding up and down. Coating my cock in your saliva. Spitting on it. Getting it so wet. Then you start stroking it. Getting faster and faster. You watch my face as I move the plug moving in my ass as you stroke me. Getting me to the brink. Then you stop.

You pull out the double adapter toy.

Seeing me smile. You know how much I love filling both your holes.

You stand up and slowly undo your gown. Letting it fall to the floor. Standing in your lingerie. You smile seeing the instant throb of my cock.

I stand and turn you. Coming up behind you my hardness pressing into your back. I caress your from behind. My mouth on your neck. Nibbling your ear. My hands roaming the front of your body.

I don’t last long before removing your lingerie. Having you naked in front of me. Just the way I like it.

I lay you down on the duvet and kiss my way down your body. My cock still rock hard. Leaking pre cum as I nibble each breast. Then kiss your stomach before finding your sweet wetness. Again I devour it. I love your pussy. It’s feel it’s smell it’s taste. I lick and suck your clit and pussy. Spreading it with my finger so I can get deeper inside.

Bringing you closer to orgasm. Then just as your about to cum. I stop. I blow lightly on your pussy. Cooling it.

Taking the double adapter toy I add it to the plug. I’m still rock hard and now I have and extra attachment. Your pussy leaking down into your ass. It doesn’t need much lube. But I do anyway. Then slowly I press it inside your tight hole. Each little ridge making you shudder. Then when it’s nearly all in I press my hard shaft into your pussy. Filling both holes at once. You cry out. The pleasure of both holes being filled nearly causing instant orgasm.

I lean down and remark your breasts. Getting faster and faster each hole mine. You imagine it’s two cocks and get wetter and wetter. The joy of it just being me making it even better for you. I get faster and harder. Pounding both your holes. Your body shaking. My balls start throbbing. Your orgasm builds as does mine. We are going to cum together baby. “Where do you want it baby” I grunt.

“My pussy. Pleaseee” you beg.

My pleasure. As I erupt inside you. The memory comes back from all those years ago. Your body explodes and you coat my cock as you squirt out. My balls empty. Each thrust pumping more seed inside you.

Finally I collapse. Spent and empty on top of you. We roll to the side and my cock and the toy slip out of you. You lay there in my arms. The warmth of the fire and the security of me holding you and drift off into a deep safe sleep