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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part IV)

Making new friends at the beach.


8 minute read

Previous story in series Last of the Summer's Fun (Part III)

“We love sex with each other,” she said as she sat down next to him “and we love sex with others.” she added bluntly, putting her hand on Chris's thigh. Chris swallowed hard, and looked at me. “Is it ok?” he asked me. “Lea doesn’t need my permission,” I said, “but yes, I’m all good with it as long as everyone’s happy and having fun”. Kat looked on wide-eyed, as Lea leaned over and kissed Chris deeply. His hands went to her breasts, massaging them through her dress. They kissed intensely for a while before Lea stood up, looked around to make sure we were still alone on the beach, and whipped off her dress. This seemed to drive Chris crazy. He knelt in front of Lea, urgently pushing her thigh up and over his shoulder, and buried his face in her pussy. I stood and moved the sun umbrella laying it on an angle so it sheltered us from being seen from down the beach. Kat seemed awkward. “Are you ok?” I asked her quietly. She nodded and moved closer to me talking to me softly. “It’s strange” she said “I’m not sure how I should feel? It’s so weird seeing Chris with someone else, - not that he’s with someone else, but watching it - but at the same time it's sexy - a real turn on. Not even that it’s Chris. Just strange seeing other people being intimate I guess. But fuck, look at Lea. It’s so hot seeing her like that!” Kat looked me in the eye, and slowly started to caress my arm, turning to watch Lea being pleased by Chris. Lea was getting unsteady on her feet, and moved away from Chris, pulling him to his feet. Lea kissed him deeply and pushed his shorts down. “Lay on your back” she told him. He slid his shorts off and lay on his back as he was told. She straddled his face, leaned down on her hand and knees and took his cock in her mouth, bobbing her head rapidly, cupping his balls in her hands. She was moaning loudly as Chris licked her pussy. When he pushed fingers into her she really started bucking her hips, grinding onto his face. After a while she lifted her head off Chris's cock and moaned loudly as she came, clenching her legs around Chris's head. As her trembling eased, she started jerking Chris's cock hard, bending down to lick and suck the tip. Chris started grunting and thrusting his hips upwards and soon he was moaning with his own orgasm, long jets of come spurting onto Lea's neck and tits. Sitting next to me, Kat had pulled her Tshirt up far enough that I could see her gently fingering her bald pussy. I was rock hard and stroking myself through my shorts. She was staring intently at Lea who was smiling and had started to crawl towards us, as Chris sat up behind her, with a grin on his face. Lea grabbed at my shorts and pulled them down and as my cock sprang free, Kat grabbed it, stroking it looking at Lea. Lea gave the slightest smile and nod, and Kat lowered her mouth to my cock sucking it hungrily. As she leaned forward her legs opened and I saw Lea look at Kat's beautiful pussy which had started to glisten with moisture. I reached over and ran my finger the length of Kat's slit, pushing my fingertips into her as she sucked my cock. She moaned and I brought my fingers to my lips to taste her, before pushing them back into her pussy, then offering them to Lea. The way Lea sucked my fingers I knew she wanted to taste Kat’s pussy. I pulled one of Kat's legs up, opening her wide and Lea moved between Kat's legs. Before Lea could even get into position Kat grabbed the back of Lea's head and pushed it down between her legs. I pulled my cock out of Kat's mouth and lay her down. I pulled her Tshirt up to expose her small tits, playing with her nipples before sucking each in turn. She was moaning loudly as Lea was licking and fingering her. Chris had been stroking himself and as I stood up to move behind Lea, he moved over and knelt beside Kat, kissing her and playing with her nipples, before feeding Kat his cock. He fucked Kat's mouth gently, playing with her nipples. Kat seemed entirely focussed on the pleasure Lea was giving her. She was breathing hard, moaning and pushing her pussy against Lea's mouth and fingers. I had moved behind Lea and pushed into her very wet pussy. Lea pushed back against me, meeting my thrusts. But no sooner had we started up that rhythm, Kat's legs shot up wide into the air, trembling with release. She pushed Lea's head down hard between her legs screaming loudly, muffled only slightly by Chris's cock in her mouth. “Fuck, fuck, oh my god” Kat was saying as she finally let go of Lea's head and turned away from Chris's cock. “Now who's the wild ones eh?” Lea said with a giggle as she emerged from between Kat's legs. She moved away from me, leaving me kneeling stroking my cock, and Chris stoking his. Lea got on her hands and knees over Kat, facing me. Her tits were over Kat's face and Kat was licking and sucking them. Lea licked and nibbled on Kat's nipples before reaching forward and grabbing Kat's legs from behind the knees. She pulled Kat's legs up towards herself, opening Kat's pussy to me, looking me in the eyes with a sexy smile. Chris moved behind Lea and as he pushed into her from behind, I watched her face as she closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure. I moved forward on my knees and rubbed the tip of my cock against Kat's pussy before putting the tip at her entrance and pushing in gently. She was incredibly tight, and wet. It was delicious. Building up a rhythm, it was awesome seeing the pleasure on Lea's face as Chris thrust into her from behind and I fucked Kat in the same rhythm. Kat tilted her hips upwards and I bunched up a towel under her backside, her grunts with each of my thrusts encouraging me faster and harder. Kat reached around and grabbed my ass, digging into me with her nails. I returned the favour, squeezing her nipples hard. She squealed with pleasure, muttering “fuck” with each of my thrusts. I think it was Lea that came first. I watched her back arch and saw her sides convulse as she groaned with pleasure. Shortly after, Chris grunted with his own orgasm, pulling out of Lea shooting several streams of come over her back and ass. As Lea and Chris rolled away, cuddling and watching, I was able to lay flatter against Kat. I grabbed her hands and stretched them out above her head. I kissed her deeply as I pounded into her. Her hips were rocking in unison with my thrusts and now her heels dug into me from behind, her legs wrapped tightly around me. I felt her pussy start to spasm, and continued thrusting into her until her legs released me and went straight up into the air trembling as she screamed with release again. I kept fucking her as her orgasm rolled on, her abs twitching and her hips bucking. I told her I was about to come, and moved to pull out of her, but her legs went back around me, holding me in place and she leaned up to kiss me. “Look at me” she said, staring into my eyes as I came. Each pulse and spurt of come into her seemed to make her smile wider. “Fuuuuccckkk” Kat screamed with a laugh. “You two are fucking terrific. Ter-fucking-riffic”. Making us all laugh. We lay there for a while touching and laughing and finishing off the cheeseboard and snacks, famished. Lea asked Kat about her orgasmic legs, making Chris and Kat both laugh. “Apparently it’s what happens when I have an especially good orgasm” Kat explained. “2 for 2 so far” she laughed. “How about we clean ourselves up and carry this on somewhere warmer?” Lea suggested. “Sounds good to me!” Kat replied quickly. “But I’m not cleaning up in the sea. The water's too cold. I’ll stay dirty until I find a warm shower. Hey, ow about our place for a spa? G&T aren’t home.” she added with a sly grin. Lea reached over and stroked Kat's cheek. “A shower and a spa. Hmmm. Sounds lovely!” she said, and kissed Kat gently on the lips. We packed up, still just us on the beach, and Lea and I helped them with their gear, giving Kat a hard time about the 'kitchen sink' as we walked to the car park. As we loaded Chris's SUV, Kat took Lea aside - I couldn’t tell what they were talking about, but Lea walked over to me smiling and gave me a kiss. “I'm driving with Chris. Kat wants to experience your ‘driving skills’.” she told me with a giggle. Kat joined us laughing as she moved past Lea and jumped into the passenger seat of my car. She put a towel under her backside, pulled up her long t-shirt and spread her legs invitingly. “Just don’t make me come too hard” she joked. “I’d hate to kick your windscreen out!”

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