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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part III)

Skinny-dipping breaks the ice.


6 minute read

Previous story in series Last of the Summer's Fun (Part II)

Lea shrieked as she hit the first small waves, just as I caught up with her running alongside her. Cold seawater splashed up on us giving us goosebumps and by the time we were thigh deep we were freezing. We dived in, coming up breathless with cold, but laughing. We grabbed each other for warmth, keeping underwater as much as we could. A quick clean using seawater and a couple of playful touches and splashes was all we could stand before we moved to get out. Turning back towards the beach we could see Kat and Chris clearly looking in our direction. Kat turned to Chris as if they were talking about something. Chris raised his fingers to his mouth and we heard a loud and long wolf whistle. We laughed and Lea waved. As soon as he’d finished whistling we saw Chris drop his board shorts and Kat raced to pull off her bikini. We stood at the water's edge and watched them run into the water. We could hear their laughter clearly and it made me wonder how much of our noise they’d been able to hear. Very shortly after, their laughter turned to shrieks as they felt the cold water. Like us, they didn’t stay in the water long, we stood there and watched as they turned back to the beach. Wanting to give them privacy I turned away, heading back to our towels. I was surprised when I heard Lea give a long, loud wolf whistle. Turning, I saw Kat and Chris wave back to us. Lea waved, laughed and turned towards me. She had a playful look on her face and I wondered whether her hard nipples were only a result of the cold water. We shook off our towels and lay down on them, the sun not hot enough to really warm our bodies. Cuddling helped. On our sides facing each other I started tracing circles around Lea's nipples. She raised her top leg slightly giving my other hand access between her legs. I started to play with her pussy gently flicking over her clit. Lea reached down, stroking my cock back to semi-hardness. Kissing deeply with our tongues playing, I was soon fully hard and had positioned myself to enter Lea, the tip of my cock just inside her pussy lips, when movement out the corner of my eye caught my attention. I pulled Lea in close, entering her fully and using our bodies to hide each other's fronts. Lea must’ve seen the movement too. I felt her tense and hold me tight. “Shit, sorry!” Kat said, stopping in her tracks, clearly seeing what we were doing. She was wearing a long tshirt and her face flushed red before she turned around with her back to us. “Sorry, shit sorry” she kept saying. I felt Lea relax and she started laughing. “Relax Kat. Just hang on a second while we get decent” Lea said as we stood and wrapped our towels around ourselves. “Ok, you’re safe to turn around. Sorry for surprising you like that.” Lea said. Kat turned around slowly. Her face was still red and I noticed hard nipples atop tiny tits showing through her Tshirt. “Sorry” she said again. “We saw you skinny dipping obviously, but we didn’t know you’d still be naked. And sorry to interrupt you” she half giggled. “Relax Kat, no worries” Lea said “what did you come over for anyway?”. “We packed too much food and drink and wondered if you wanted to join us” Kat said. “The offer's still there, but I understand if you, ahhh, prefer to be alone.” she added with a cheeky smile. Lea and I exchanged glances. It was getting cold and despite some unfinished business between us, it sounded like fun. “Sure, thanks.” I said “That sounds nice. Let us get dressed and we'll come over.” Kat headed away and I saw enough to know she’d just pulled her t-shirt on over her wet body, without putting her bikini back on. Lea saw it too, and grinned at me, probably reading my mind. She had pulled on her dress, and threw my shorts and shirt at me, with mock anger. We picked up our towels and bag and followed Kat to the other end of the beach, not far behind her. Chris saw us coming and set about rearranging their gear to make room for us to put down our towels. By the time we got there Kat had pulled out an amazing looking cheeseboard platter, and opened their chilly bin for us to chose a drink from. They really had over-catered, but as we sat down and chatted we understood the reason why. Kat and Chris were flatmates and their other flatmates, a couple, were supposed to be joining them but they’d had a big argument just before it was time to leave. Greg had thrown a tent and his mountain bike in the back of his Ranger and said he was going to have some time alone at the lake. Tracy had packed a bag and gone to a friend's place for the night. Kat and Chris decided to go to the beach anyway. “So are you guys not a couple?” Lea asked bluntly. Chris smiled. Kat looked awkward. “No, we're flatmates” Chris explained, before adding “with benefits.” with a chuckle. Kat thumped him playfully. “You make it sound so dodgy!” she scolded. “Not as dodgy as being caught fucking on the beach!” Lea added jokingly. Chris looked confused. Kat blushed and explained to Chris that as she’d come over the rise towards us, she’d caught us naked, apparently having sex. Chris put his hand over his mouth and roared with laughter. “Fuck, you two are wild!” he exclaimed. As his laughter died down he became more serious. he looked at me intensely. “So you were giving Lea an orgasm as you drove up and parked, right?” he asked me. Kat's head snapped back in surprise at the question. It seems Chris saw or heard something that Kat missed while they were unpacking their car. “Yes he was” Lea said before I could answer “a very fucking big one, but he told me you hadn’t seen anything!” she added, throwing me a questioning grin. Kat's jaw dropped. “Wow!” she said “you really are wild.” “I'm not sure about wild, we just love sex” Lea said very matter-of-factly. Reading the expression on Kat's and Chris’s faces she stood and moved over to Chris. “We love sex with each other,” she said as she sat down next to Chris, “and we love sex with others.” she added, looking him in the eye and putting her hand on his thigh.

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