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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part II)

Fun in the sun, alone on the beach.


5 minute read

Previous story in series Last of the Summer's Fun (Part I)

We’d enjoyed a good hour laying in the sun, before we sat up and grabbed a cold beer from our chilly bag. We hadn’t heard any vehicles, so we were pretty confident that we were still alone on our end of the beach. I popped my head over the rise, and sure enough there was nothing and no one between us and Kat and Chris set up at the other end of the beach. I could make out Kat in a flouro pink bikini on a chair under the sun umbrella, and Chris standing near the water's edge. Turning back to Lea, she had finished her beer and was laying on her back with her eyes closed and her knees up. She looked delicious. I grabbed a few ice cubes from the chilly bag and put them in my mouth. Laying down alongside Lea I started caressing her breasts and nipples. She moaned in pleasure and her hand went between her legs, her wrists making lazy circular motions. Leaning over her I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking as much of her tit as I could into my mouth. The cold from the ice made her gasp, and I felt her nipple harden and her areola tighten. I did the same to her other nipple, while rolling the first cold hard nipple between my fingers. Lea's hand movements had become faster. I moved down between her legs, enjoying seeing Lea playing with herself, wetness running from her. I pushed one then two fingers into her, fucking her with my fingers while she kept rubbing her clit. Leaning down, still thrusting into her I replaced her fingers with my tongue. I licked flicked and sucked her clit bringing moans of pleasure as she massaged her tits and squeezed her nipples. Using the flat of my tongue I rubbed down hard across Lea's clit, bringing sharp spasms from her with each pass. Soon I started to feel her pussy clench and spasm on my fingers as her hips bucked, pushing my face harder against her clit. Then with a loud moan of release Lea came hard with gushing pulses. She held my head hard between her legs until her spasms subsided and the tension in her trembling legs relaxed. “Fuck that was good”, Lea said with a huge warm smile. “Now get on your back.” she ordered. Being there between her spread legs, looking at her wet, slick pussy, all I wanted to do was move up onto her and fuck her hard, with her legs up in the air. But I knew she was probably right. From previous experience having her on top would be the best way to avoid annoying sand getting where we didn’t want it. So I lay back on my towel and Lea mounted me reverse cowgirl, on her hands and knees looking out to the ocean. She reached back between her legs and grabbed my cock, rubbing it along the length of her slit, coating it in her juices. She rubbed the tip just inside her pussy lips for what seemed like forever before finally sinking down in it, taking it all the way inside her in a smooth motion, with a sigh from both of us. She started a steady rhythm pushing back and sliding forward. I grabbed her ass and held cheeks apart, loving the view of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy and her asshole. Knowing exactly what I was enjoying got Lea even more heated and she started to ride me harder. I licked a finger, getting rid of a few pesky grains of sand, and put it at the edge of Lea's ring, massaging around her asshole before putting the fingertip right on her opening, applying the slightest pressure. Lea moaned and I felt her lean down on one shoulder as her hand moved between her legs to rub her clit. I felt her asshole relax and I pushed my finger just inside her. Lea moaned again and pushed back more, taking more of my finger into her tight ass. Her thrusts back became harder, faster and more urgent and I could feel her fingers brushing against my cock and balls as she was rubbing her clit. As I felt the first ripple of a spasm on my cock I pushed a second finger into Lea's ass, stretching her. “Fuuuuccckkk yesssss” she moaned. She started coming and I felt and watched her ass clench around my fingers, her pussy grip and release my cock. With a few more thrusts up into her pussy, I was coming and saw my cock pulse and twitch as it sent spurts of come into her. When our orgasms subsided, Lea moved forward, and as my cock slipped out of her she stayed there, letting me watch as she played with her pussy, with come slowly dribbling out of her. After a while, she swung herself around and lay on top of me. She grinned mischievously as she licked one of her fingers before giving me another to suck clean. We lay there kissing and smiling until Lea jumped off me, catching me by surprise. She turned and ran to the beach. “What about the others?” I called out, standing up. “Fuck’em” came Lea's reply , with a giggle as she bounded away to the water. “Why not?” I thought, and chased after her.

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