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Last of the Summer's Fun (Part I)

Inspired to head out to the beach


6 minute read

The late summer weather was sunny but cool, and after lunch we decided to head out to the beach for a spot of nude sunbathing, hoping most people wouldn’t think it was beach weather and we'd have privacy. On the drive out I was enjoying the sight of Lea's long legs, and we were both excited to be heading out for some daylight nudity and maybe a skinny dip - if it wasn’t too cold! I reached over and pulled up Lea's sun-dress, bunching it around her waist, with a quick glance down to see her bare pussy. She smiled at me mischievously, and moved her knees apart. I moved my hand to cup her mound, pushing her clit with my palm and slipping fingers along the length of her slit. She was very wet and she moaned quietly as I stroked her pussy, slipping fingers into her slightly. It was a 15 minute drive to the beach and by the time we approached the car park Lea was breathing deeply and her hips were pushing up against my hand. I was curling my fingers into her as she ground her clit against my palm. Her eyes were closed, so she didn’t see the other vehicle, or the couple getting out. Feeling the car slow and hearing the gravel under the tyres she moaned breathlessly at me “Fuck Matt, please don’t stop”. I manoeuvred the car into a park as far from the other car as I could, while still fingering Lea with my left hand. Slamming the car into park, and pushing stop, I leaned over and kissed Lea, moving fingers from my left hand to her clit while thrusting into her with two fingers from my right hand. Fingering her like that, in no time she moaned loudly into our kiss and shook with pleasure, closing her legs around my wrist. Pulling back from our kiss, I looked past Lea to the other car. The couple were busy pulling gear out of the back of their SUV, and I'm pretty sure were none the wiser. As the woman closed the SUV hatch down with a slam, the noise startled Lea who opened her eyes, turned and let out a stifled yelp. “Matt!” she exclaimed, thumping me. “There’s people right there for fuck's sake!” “Relax” I said “they didn’t notice a thing. They were busy unpacking” I assured her, more confidently than I felt, but not really caring anyway. Lea didn’t really care either, it was more the shock, and she giggled. “I’m done anyway”, she joked. She gave me a kiss, pulled her dress down her legs with a wriggle and mock modesty, and got out of the car. We only had towels and a small cooler bag, with sunblock in a pouch on the side, so we were quickly heading to the beach and had started to catch up with the other couple, who were struggling with deck chairs, a sun umbrella, chilly bin and a couple of bags each. I knew it wasn’t a big beach area and I started to worry they were going to cramp our style. As we caught up to them on the path, the woman dropped a towel off the top of her bag and while leaning down to pick it up the other bag she was carrying dropped off her shoulder spilling its contents over the path. She dropped the chilly bin with a frustrated sigh. “Fuck, sorry” she called out as a bottle of water rolled into Lea's foot. Her man turned around looking slightly peeved. “No worries” Lea said. “Let us help you with that. You two look like you’re set up to be camping here for a week!” The woman glanced at Lea looking embarrassed. “Funny, that’s what I said” her man called out with a good natured chuckle. “But Kat insists on bringing the kitchen sink”, he added. Lea and I helped pick up Kat's stuff and offered it to her as she dropped it back in her bag. Lea took the bag and I picked up the chilly bin. “Thanks guys” Kat said “that’s really kind. I'm Kat and Mr “I-told-you-so” over there is Chris.” “No worries, I’m Lea” Lea responded “and this is Matt”. Kat was pretty in a girl-next-door way, blonde and pale, tall and thin. Her hair was up in a relaxed bun, but she was made up and I couldn’t imagine she loved the beach. Chris was Kat's height, but otherwise her opposite - long wavy dark hair, olive skinned, dark eyes, broad, muscled and solid. As we got to the beach, Kat motioned Chris to the left, and we walked with them, pretty much to the far left end of the sheltered bay. I was grateful for their choice, it gave us a good option at the other end of the beach over a slight rise where they wouldn’t see us. Dropping their gear and saying our “see ya's”, we walked to the other end of the beach. Sure enough we were out of their line of sight and no sooner had Lea lay out her towel, she lifted her dress over her head and stood there naked, taking in a huge breath of fresh beach air. I admired her tanned curves before stripping off my shorts and shirt. In our sheltered corner of the bay it was warm and the sunlight and blue sky made it feel warmer than it was. “Sun block please?” Lea asked with a mischievous grin. Standing behind her, I covered her shoulders arms and back before massaging lotion onto her backside. Kneeling down to get all the way down her legs I couldn’t resist pushing her butt cheeks apart as I stroked lotion upwards. Lea spread her legs slightly and bent forward, wiggling her ass at me, making me chuckle, despite my hardening cock. I couldn’t resist and pushed my face into her backside, for a quick lick of her pussy, loving the taste of her wetness. Standing up behind Lea, giving her ass a gentle slap, my cock was hard against her lower back. She pushed back against me and tilted her head as I kissed her neck, rubbing lotion over her breasts and down her stomach. “Your turn” Lea said, turning around to face me, “but first you need some relief” she added, grabbing my hard cock. Kneeling in front of me, she cupped and fondled my balls and licked up and down the length of my shaft before taking me in her mouth. Sucking the tip, twirling her tongue around it while she stroked me, like she knows I love, she knew I wouldn't last long. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensations - the sun, the free feeling of being naked outside and the glorious feelings Lea was creating on my cock. Looking down and seeing her looking up at me, stroking my cock fast into her mouth I decided not to hold back. Moaning that I was about to come Lea pulled me out of her mouth and aimed my cock at her chest. With a few more strokes I sent thick spurts of come onto her tits. When my cock stopped pulsing she licked it and kissed the tip gently. Standing, she smiled and kissed me sweetly, rubbing my come over her tits, squeezing her nipples. Grabbing the sunblock she covered me front and back, before we lay down next to each other on our towels to enjoy the sun on our naked bodies.

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