“So who are the actors?” you ask.

“Good question,” I replied, “the student is a customer just like you and the teacher is Carla, my accounts person who works here in the bar office, and they are very good friends. Would you like to meet her now.”

You look back to the porn tv and Carla the teacher is pounding her black strap-on cock into her friends pussy. The camera swaps from long shots of the two fucking and the face of the student friend closing in on her orgasm and close ups of her pussy and the black plastic cock fucking it. Finally Carla leans forward and starts sucking on one of her friends nipples and that does it, she cums almost instantly. Carla stops moving and her friend holds the cock inside her with her hands slowly rocking on it until the orgasm has finished.

You look back to me and say, “Yes I’d love to meet Carla, is that possible?”

“Absolutely,” I reply, “Grab you jacket and beer and follow me, I think she’s going to enjoy meeting you too,” we walk back down the bar and out the end door.

On the other side we move into another world, it’s like one giant film set, with different fake rooms in every corner. There’s a fake kitchen, bathrooms with showers and tubs, and bedrooms with other furniture and it makes you realise the the bar though it’s a working bar, is just another set too.

“Wow,” you say spinning around and trying to take it all in. “This is just amazing!”

“We make several movies each year and I build all of the backgrounds we need in here,” I reply, “And in here we have Carla my office manager. Carla, this is Rachel who’s wanting to meet you, I have a feeling you’re going to become good friends, Rachel is a lover of porn too.”

You’re standing a few metres from Carla and seem to be stuck on the spot and if I didn’t know better I’d say you are little star struck. But Carla takes quick action to hid any embarrassing moments and stands, shakes your hand and pulls you in close for a kiss on each cheek.

“So you’re another porn fan?” Teases Carla, and then taking your hand, leads you from the office, “Let’s show you around.”

You both walk into the main studio and Carla points out the dressing and makeup rooms, and other sets hidden through other doors.

“We like a small theatre group, and always looking for new talent and skills to grow and share the profit, Jack owns the building, it’s a old converted warehouse, with appartments, studios, retail space on the ground floor and the bar too.”

“So you mean the Adults shop is part of this too?” You ask.

“Absolutely,” Carla replies, “we’re a cooperative and as the business grows so do we.”

“So Rachel,” Carla’s asks looking you in the eyes, “you’re a porn fan but have you ever had a fantasy about being in one?”

“Yes I have,” you reply

“Yes we are going to be good friends,” says Carla and she steps closer to you and kisses you on the lips. You are still holding her hand so pull her closer and open your lips, allowing Carla’s tongue to dart in and start French kissing you. Your heads spinning and your hand moves to Carla’s breast and through the soft cotton T-shirt you can feel the texture of her lace bra and the stiffness of her nipple. Your fingers are instantly attracted to it and start pinching it and you remember how how her double DD’s looked in the movie playing in the bar. Carla moves her thigh forward and you press your sex against her and you hear her breathing changing and realise yours has too.

Just for a second you remember where you are and stop kissing Carla, and you look around a Jack is standing off to the side of the sets just watching. You look back at Carla feeling suddenly embarrassed, “I’m so sorry,” you say, “I’m not sure what happened, I was so turned on watching your movie in the bar and then I meet you and I got a little carried away,”

“It’s ok!” Replies Carla, “you were amazing and got me all turned on too, in fact I’m now really horny, just think it’s an audition which you’ve just passed. And don’t worry about Jack watching, that’s what he does best, he’s the camera man.”

“So how does this all work?” You ask.

“Oh it’s fairly simple really,” says Carla, “we all work on the production together, someone comes up with a idea for a movie and we take it from there. We are looking for someone new to play a small part if you’re interested?”

“I’m interested!” You say, “what do I have to do?”

“Well you are given a package at the bar which has a blindfold and a note inside, it’ll tell you to go outside into the ally, wait on the wooden crates and put the blindfold on, then your mysterious lover will turn up and fuck you. Does that sound ok?”

“Yes it does, I’m actually really excited,” you say.