I’m interested!” You say, “what do I have to do?”

“Well you are given a package at the bar which has a blindfold and a note inside, it’ll tell you to go outside into the ally, wait on the wooden crates and put the blindfold on, then your mysterious lover will turn up and fuck you. Does that sound ok?”

“Yes it does, I’m actually really excited,” you say.

“Of course you won’t really be outside, you’ll be in here in safety, we have a ally set with a fake back door and we’ll light it so it’s dark like night.”

“How many will be watching the filming?”

Just Jack and I, and your mystery guest, of course,” Carla replies, Jack will set up a couple of fixed cameras and the we will do a couple of hand holds for affect, and capture the action without you stopping.

At takes a little while to set up the ally scene, but amazing it looks extremely real and you realise the Jack has lots of talents other than camera work. Soon you’re shooting the bar scene where you come in and order a drink from Carla who gives you a small package and says it’s from a admirer. You open it and and take out a black blindfold and a note which clearly says “meet me in the ally” and you show it to Carla who says “you’re the luck on one” and her hand lingers slightly to long on yours.

The camera catches you exiting the bar and standing in the ally, the door exit sign lights the back step but not much further. You stand still and look around but all you can see is endless shadows where any one could be hidden, watching you and it’s painfully quiet, you’re sure you can hear a tap dripping in the distance.

You take one last look around and take the blindfold out of your pocket, sit down on the wood crate by the door and slowly tighten it at around your face. It’s amazingly dark and doesn’t let any light in so you adjust it a little so you can just see a sense of light from below and then you begin to wait.

But you don’t have to wait long, you’re suddenly aware of someone standing in front of you. You’re unsure if it’s a sound you heard or the smell of his cologne but with the blindfold covering your eyes you wonder if you’re other senses are more heightened. Your heart is suddenly pounding so hard you can hear it in your ears and it feels like it’s going to jump out of your chest.

He touches your hair and the blindfold ties and asks, “is the blindfold ok, not to tight?”

“No, it fine,” you reply, your mouth is really dry and you’re more nervous than you thought, “it feel good really.” He starts touching your eyes, pressing the blindfold into your eyes and then moves his fingers to your lips. His finger draws a line around the edges very slowly and deliberately and finally stops on your bottom lip and pulls it down. You respond by opening your mouth and letting his fingers slip in and you start sucking on them almost as if it’s his cock and that you’re hungry and haven’t eaten for days.

He pulls your head back by your hair and with you sucking he begins finger fucking your mouth and you can imagine those fingers fucking your pussy.

You touch his hand, then his arms next and find he’s wearing a suit jacket and shirt and you think he’s a businessman. You move your hand further up and yes he’s wearing a tie. So you scratch your nails into his shirt and feel the tight abs below and you think a businessman that works out, but it’s enough to get his attention and he stops finger fucking your mouth and takes your hand and places it on his belt buckle. The plan was to take your time, make him wait, be in control but you urgently work at it and his trouser buttons until his pants fall to his ankles. He’s naked below and you think that’s convenient, and even though you can’t see it’s easy to find his stuff cock and start exploring it with your hands like a blind person.

The hand held camera gets an amazing close up shot of you finding the head of his cock and greedily take it in your mouth. You have one hand rubbing his balls and pulling him in closer to you, while the other is stroking his cock in time to you pumping it with your mouth.

The still camera slightly off set catches you taking his cock deeply, your tongue licking around his knob and cleaning up his drips of precum and then down deeply again. Your other hand has left his balls and has found his arse crack, the hand held camera gets an amazing close up of you pushing your middle finger into his arse hole. He responds by putting his hands on the back of your head and pulling you even further onto his cock and you need to fight the gaging reflexes as it touches the back of your throat. Then he pulls you out and you quickly take a breath before he thrusts into your mouth again and again. It’s a beautiful scene of his hands in your messed up hair and cock deep in your mouth and your saliva glistening everywhere.

He finally pulls you off his cock and lefts go of your head, adjusts your blindfold and you think he must have been close to cunning in your mouth. He slowly starts unbuttoning your white linen shirt and pushes it back on to your shoulders to reveal your breasts in your favourite black lace bra. You flex your shoulders and your shirt falls down your back and he helps you remove it. Though the fabric of your bra you can feel your swollen nipples and you just want to touch them, squeeze them and then run your hand down your stomach and rub your pussy though your jeans. But his fingers are in your mouth again and you suck on them and try to bite them for a few seconds then he runs his hands down your chin, down your neck and onto your lace covered breasts.

He seems to be moving deliberately slowly and you aren’t sure if that’s for the cameras or he’s just teasing you but either way, it’s working. You are willing him to remove your bra and suck on your nipples.