Then when it’s my turn to play and I turn around I catch you watching the porn again, it’s moved on since we started playing. The teacher and student are now both naked and the teacher is kneeling on the piano stool lying face down on the piano, her breasts flatten on the black lid, while the student is behind licking her pussy.

The students tongue is gliding up and down the teachers arse crack and seems to be in a state of genuine pussy worship, her tongue flicking the teachers clit till she close to a orgasm, then licking her way up the arse crack till she reaches her butt hole and start rimming it, then returning to the clit again.

The teacher is close to a orgasm, her face is lying sideways on the piano top, her eyes are closed and it looks like she’s in pain but you know she’s enjoying every bit of attention her student is offering. The student is rimming the teachers arse, trying to push her tongue as far as her can into her hole and the teacher is pushing back into her face as much as possible. Now the student starts rubbing her thumb and fingers on the teachers clit and that’s it, it pushes her over the edge and she cums, her body lying on the piano top shakes with powerful pulses and she screams out loud and proud. The student rocks back on her heals and stands up slowly, and gives her teachers arse a loving slap at the same time. The students face is wet from her teachers juices but instead of finding a towel to wipe here face, she rubs her hand over her chin and then rubs it into her own pussy.

I watch you after taking my shot, the teacher his just cum and is pulling herself off the piano.

“Do you like watching porn Rachel?” I ask, “a lot of women don’t.”

“Yeah I love it,” you say, and you look like we’re enjoying it to. “It looks so real and not like a lot of porn you see where the actors are just going though there parts.”

I look at you before I answer, it’s like I’m seeing you again for the first time, “it’s because it is real,” I say, “look at it more closely.” I say.

The teacher is now stepping into a strap-on cock. It’s black and shiny and about 7 or 8 inches long, and finally she finishes doing up the harness and walks around in front of her student. It’s sticking out in front of her at a 90 degree angle and is awesome. The student sits on the stool and grabs it in both hands and starts sucking it’s knob.

The teacher says “Yes suck on my cock, see how far in you can take it, before I fuck you with it.” And the student is taking it deep, sucking on it as if her life depended on it.

Our pool game is all but forgotten but you are still holding on to your pool cue, mesmerised by the porn on the tv. I’d said to look more closely at the movie and you were.

The film had moved on and the teacher with the black cock strap-on had pulled the student up off the piano stool and had gently lead her to the old rolled arm couch beside the piano.

There the student lay back into the cushions on the couch and the teacher almost fallen on top of her, kissing for the first time and their tongues exploding each other.

You put your pool cue down onto the table and start looking around the bar and then back to the movie.

The teacher is now pushing the head of her black cock strap-on into her students pussy, slowly at first and a little deeper each time until they reach a good tempo. The camera angle changes so now it moves to behind the teacher and the close up shows her dripping pussy though her strap-on and the the black cock in the students hole. With each pound both the teacher and her student and edging closer and closer to the orgasms.

You look at me again and say “It’s so real, they’re really doing it and enjoying themselves, is that the difference?”

“No Rachel,” I say, “Yes they are fucking for real and yes they are enjoying themselves but there’s something more you’re missing, keep looking,”

You look back at the movie and this time look at the couch with the extra cushions, the piano and it’s stool and the appartments background, then you finally see it.

“It’s been filmed here in the bar,” you exclaim. “That’s the piano over on the stage and that’s the couch without its cushions.”

“Yay, you got there at last,” I laugh, “All the porn movies screening here in my bar are made by me. I won’t screen anything else as it’s a properly rights thing, so they’re all owned by the bar.”

“So who are the actors?” you ask.

“Good question,” I replied, the student is a customer just like you and the teacher is Carla, my accounts person who works here in the bar office, and they are very good friends. Would you like to meet her?”