It starts at the bar

I watch you on the security camera entering the bar and remember you straight away. Even though I’ve got a good eye for faces, you’re not easily forgotten. I know I’ve got a soft spot for blondes but it’s not that, I’ve also got a soft spot for a tight arse in tight jeans and you seem to have both.

You walk straight to the bar and order a beer and while waiting for it to be served, you struggle out of your leather jacket and I’m still not disappointed. So I’ve got a soft spot for blondes, tight arses in tight jeans and great looking breasts and it looks like you’ve got all three.

The bars quite basic, and that’s how my regulars like it, no yuppies here. We do three things well, good beer, great cocktails and full size pool tables, not the ones with wide holes so anyone can sink the balls.

You walk to the end table, the one you’ve played on before. Maybe you like because it’s away from from the rest or maybe it’s the TV on the end wall which plays 24/7 porn instead of sports or music videos. It was one of my ideas to make this place a little different than other bars, if people are offended by the porn, they need not come back.

You put your beer down on the leaner and drop two dollars into the table slot and your pool balls drop down. Just at the moment the scene on the porn tv changes and grabbing a pool cue you stop to watch.

Two women are sitting together on a piano stall and one woman is teaching the other how to play a piece. After a few minutes the learner says to the teacher she just doesn’t get the fingering so teacher takes her hands and helps her place her fingers on the keys. But in porn style it doesn’t take long for the hands so start exploring other parts of the students body. The student slowly starts undoing the buttons of her extra tight top and amazingly she’s not wearing a bra and her breasts spring out. The teacher needs no further invite and instantly drops her head and take a hand nipple in her mouth and begins sucking.

The teacher licks and suck each nipple in turn, the student starts to mode softly, it’s the way it turns you on instantly. I watch the movie on the tv and I’ve see this one many time before and it’s hot, and I also watch you, and you’re hot too. The student has slipped her top off her shoulders showing her beautiful back and naked breasts and you are now biting your bottom lip.

The teacher stands and moves around the student, standing in front of her, so she has to look up at her. She lifts her skirt and removes her g-string panties and the student is staring at her neatly shaved pussy.

“What is the student waiting for!” you’re thinking, it’s plan for me to see as you are leaning against the pool cue, pushing your pussy against it and the table.

At last the student slides off the piano stool and kneeling on the floor, looks up and starts kissing all around the teachers pussy.

I watch you start rubbing yourself against the cue and your blissfully unaware of any one else in the bar, and I can tell you’re that girl, kissing and licking the teachers clit.

That’s when I finally decided to come out of my office and introduce myself. I walk the length of the bar and it’s not until I’m standing beside you the the porn spell is broken.

“Hi, I’m Jack, the owner, do you feel like a game of pool?” I say.

Your eyes spin off the tv and lock onto mine, and it’s all to clear that you’re drowning here,

“Pool... yes that’ll be great.” You say.

I stick my hand out towards yours, “it’s nice to meet you,” I say, and you move the pool cue to your other hand and stick out your right hand to me.

“I’m Rachel, and it’s nice to meet you too,” you say and a slight grin touches your lips and it’s the first time I see you almost smile, I’m hooked.

We begin playing, taking our turns and not talking much. My go to place between shots is to stand behind you as you take your shots so that way I can look at your tight arse. Your jeans look like they are painted on your body and I’m wondering how you’re breathing and moving around. Then I’m caught wondering what you’re wearing beneath your jeans because nothing showing up, and you catch me mid thought and you give that smile again.

Then when it’s my turn to play and I turn around I catch you watching the porn again, it’s moved on since we started playing. The teacher and student are now both naked and the teacher is kneeling on the piano stool lying face down on the piano, her breasts flatten on the black lid, while the student is behind licking her pussy.