Written by handyman


I anchor the tarn ship aways out at sea, an slips quietly into the water, swimming with stealth I glide through the water and make my way the edge of the docks. A sentry passes by mumbling something about a certain Commander going to get his when he gets a hold of him...Slowly I pull myself out of the water and the drips for a small pool, I work my way behind the buildings in the marketplace and negotiate a couple of small bridges covering the rivers surrounding the fort. Under cover of darkness I swing my grapple long and hard, hoping no one sees this, I hear the hook connect and I pull on the rope testing that it will take the strain of my weight. Leaning into it I push with my legs on the hard stone wall, and climb silently to the top. A door is open just a crack and I see the enemy pirates around a large table no doubt plotting their next foray into my homeland, covering a smirk I slip into the lower levels and see my prey cleaning up after what looks to be a particularly messy torture of a captured warrior, her head turned busy with her tools of torture I slide a dagger from my boot and move quickly behind, one hand cupping to her breast the other having the knife round her neck I lean in and say “Miss me little one” in a evil tone, my mouth half curled on the right hand side.

Sliding my hand up I feel the heat coming from your body and mine in turn responds, my heart beating faster as I gently lean in and suck the skin on the back of your neck. The knife still in my hand I trace down your body and slip it into your tight form fitting top the fibers giving way It tears open and your bare skin is exposed to my touch, grasping at your skin you struggle in a mock way, as if only partially wanting to get away. Sliding the knife round the side of your right hip I then apply it to the leather of your belt and cut through it easily your pants falling to the hard stone floor of the dungeon. I reach to the wall and feel the chains and shackles dangling from a ring high up. I snap the locks together on each hand and your arms arm stretched up above your head tearing what’s left of your top off I suck and kiss the skin on your back and work my way down to your you firm hiney, biting at it a little making you flinch, pressing your legs apart my thumbs on the inside of your thighs I pull you a little off the wall and press my face deep in between them my tongue buried in the tight wet mound licking and sucking at its wetness, hearing small noises escape your mouth trying to mask the pleasure.

Flicking my tongue back and forth the light of the forge flickering orange hues on your perfect skin the odd scar visible in the dim light. My tongue caressing your wetness, pulling on each wet pink lip the sweet juices coating my tongue driving me on, my heart racing, the chance of being caught forever in the back of my mind as my fingers grip the skin on your thighs and I force myself in taking all I need all I want.

Lifting up I spin you on the chains forcing your back to the wall and holding your bound arms above your head sucking at your lips, sliding my tongue between them and into your wanting mouth every little part of my being on fire the musky smell of battle sweat and sword work on our bodies, I peel off my leather tunic and press hard against your naked skin the heat between us growing as I struggle to contain the animal need inside, my hand slipping to the back of your head, grasping a handful of hair in my fist and sucking at your mouth like a man possessed.

Sucking at your skin my hands grip at your mounds my fingers brushing past your rock hard peaks, leaning in sucking the skin in and then biting at your neck, a little pleasure mixed with pain, sucking at your exposed flesh I take each little button in my mouth and suck them before nibbling the ends and pulling gently, my other hand finds its way down between your thighs and I massage your wetness with my fingers, making small circles and pressing it down every so often to send a shock of pleasure through your body, my fingers slipping in at out of your tight wet entrance my mouth following down I pull your legs onto my shoulders and again force my face in between and taste your wetness, pulsing with my fingers I feel you expand, your body seems almost wrecked with a hidden need, my hand On my weapons belt I unlash and let them fall to the floor quiet as to not raise an alarm the voices still overheard battle plans as my hardness springs forth and I rub it between your wet pink lips coating it with your juices before positioning the head right at your tight hole.

Looking straight into your eyes I press forward and ease inch by inch inside, passion and fire burning inside my eyes as I lean forward and feel you expanding to accommodate the length and girth as I feed you all I have. My hand sliding up your left thigh I pull your leg up beside me and begin to rhythmically and slowly pulse in and out of your wetness, my strokes getting faster as I start to lose control and the animal inside takes over my hands grip at your skin I kiss you deep and hard pounding into you, fucking you harder and harder, slapping up against your little clit. Holding my hand to your mouth trying to muffle the sounds as I use you, take you, make you mine. My mouth licking at your skin, fingers gripping and playing with your nipples, twisting them between finger and thumb felling you nearly at the peak you body moving and shaking and beads of sweat run down my spine. Again I grip at your arm and throw you over so you face the wall, with a single thrust pressing all of my hardness back deep inside you slapping up against your skin I grab a handful of hair and bite at your neck sinking my teeth in.

Feeling it the urge growing inside me I put my left hand round onto your hip between your legs and massage your button between your wet folds as I slip in and out growing in pace again I see your lips pulling coating my cock with every stoke, my cock pulsing I feel the passion inside build as you start to hit the peak and clamp tightly round my cock I see your facial expression change as the waves of pleasure start to hit you over and over unable to control myself, both hands slide down to your hips and I fuck you with everything I have, slapping against your ass with my hips, leaving red marks, your tight wetness milking me I lose control and we are pushed over the edge together, your body shakes and trembles as mine convulses exploding inside and filling you up with my hot sticky love juice. Collapsing against you after I stop I take a moment to enjoy the heat between us before sliding out and pulling my clothes on, you turn to face me I say nothing simply smile picking up the key to the shackles off the floor and kissing you deep one last time before placing the key in your mouth saying “Don’t get up I can show myself to the door, lashing up my weapons I slowly creep up and out the fort scaling back down the grapple Line I used to get in, gliding fast as though driven by an unseen force I stay in the shadows, waiting for the dock sentry to again cross first before lowering myself back into the cold water of the harbor and swimming silently back to my ship. Allowing myself a sly smile I grab the wheel dropping minimum sail and heading for Northern waters of home.