Written by lakesiders


I am at my beach at 5 mile Bay. Its deserted. Its warm so I find a nice position where I can see if anyone is coming and strip off everything and lie back on my towel and cover my face and have a snooze. The sun always makes me horny. It always has done especiallly if I am naked in it.

I fall asleep and do not hear the quiet footsteps of other people who diplomatically put down their towels a few metres away from me; Like minded people they strip off as well. I awake with a start knowing that there is someone close by. I open my eyes and turn my head and there are 2 men and a young lady all naked and with a smile and a wink they have some fun.

Knowing I am watching and getting turned on the lady is lying face down and one guy is putting lotion all over her and his hands glide over her buttocks but gently part the cheeks so that he does not miss a spot. Both naked men are turned on a) by the sight of her and b) by the way they are touching her and c) knowing with glances towards me that I am watching quietly.

One of the men goes for a swim as he is hard and needs to cool off while the other one rolls over the girl and rubs her some more. Over her breasts and then all over her thighs. The man in the lake looks at me and beckons for me to join him in the lake. I am a bit nervous but his smile is welcoming and warm and I walk into the lake and swim over to him. He never says a word but turns me around so that I am facing the couple on the beach and he is behind me, not touching but very close. We both watch as the man on the beach parts the girls thighs and starts stroking the outside of her pussy very very gently with one hand while caressing her breasts with the other. We cannot hear much but we can see she is turned on by the glint of juice around her pussy lips and the way she is opening her legs wider and wider.

The man behind me then gently puts a hand around my waist and waits to see if I object. I don't so he ventures further to cup my breasts with both hands and play gently on my nipples. I can feel him push up against me and he is hard and is breathing fast. We continue to watch the others on the beach while he ever so slowly parts her pussy lips and instead of licking her,he beckons for us to come over. We do. He then indicates that I should have the first taste. I lie down in front of the girl and he still has his fingers keeping her open to my mouth. He keeps his fingers there while I tickle her clit with my tongue just quickly to see her reaction. She is enjoying this and starts moaning. The one man has her pussy lips open for me and the other one kneels down beside her closely so that she can touch his cock. She then proceeds to lick and suck him.

I am enjoying her taste and the sun on all of us and i venture with fingers inside her. She is hot and dripping and I can feel her wanting to climax as I flick my tongue faster and harder over her clit while 3 of my fingers are deep inside her moving in and out. I can feel the sun disappear but its not a cloud its the man who let go her pussy and has ventured behind me kneeling, waiting and indicating to his male friend to come over. I turn around and see one man holding the other man's cock in his hand and gently prising my buttocks open to reveal what I can only assume is my dripping wet pussy. Ever so gentlly I feel him probing me, the assistance of his friend enticing me,testing to see if this is o.k., testing to see if I like it, when I moan and push backwards he inserts himself fully and stays there, still and throbbing.

The girl under me slithers down so that we are now kissing and I am on top of her. I feel her gasp as the other guy has indicated he would like to do the same to her.

We position ourselves so that both men have access to our pussies and the movement by both quickens as both girls are being fucked at the same time.

The sun, the feeling of a cock inside, the taste of a girl in my mouth knowing she is feeling the same brings me to a huge orgasm.

The men pull out before cumming and we girls roll on our sides and the men kneel over us and cum over our breasts. I massage the cum into hers and she does the same to me. After 4 of us lying and panting we still have not spoken. I get up and go into the lake which is only a metre away and wash myself and the others have sat up and watching me.

One of the men pats the towel next to him so I go over and lie on my back. Sun and water glistening on our bodies we start over and all 3 of them decide to pleasure me at the same time. I don't know whos hands belong to whom. I don't know which cock is inside me. I feel like I am afloat and I cum over and over my voice gliding over the lake to boaties and swimmers in the distance. I don't care. I am in heaven. .............................

I must have fallen asleep. I am now awake the sun has dipped. I can hear a dog barking, I can see boaties and skiiers in the lake. I turn to smile at my companions but there is nobody there. Was this a dream????????? It must have been. I put my togs back on and stand up. No it was not a dream........there are indentations in the sand on either side of me in the shape of other towels and a small white daisy has been placed in the sand with a smiley face drawn in the sand underneath.