If ever you get the chance to visit Rotorua, then spend some time in the mighty Redwoods Forest. The following stories are all fantasy but for some people may provide the opportunity to make it come true. Please feel free to comment and feedback as this helps to develop the story.

"It was the second day of our holiday to Rotovegas. My partner and I were being healthy so we decided upon a regime of a daily walk in the Redwoods Forest. The tall trees and natural bush were all very calming. As we got out of the car, She took off briskly whilst I fumbled for my shoes and got into the mood.

By the time I started to walk from the carpark to the visitor center, I could barely see her head as she moved along the track up the hill. (Going the wrong way I might add.) So I decided to start the from the centre and proceeded along the track , moving my way along. I soon came to the first hill sections and made my way up. It was quiet along the track with no tourists due to Covid 19.

I came to the first break in the track and looked at the new adventure trails above my head. I thought of the bad luck for overseas tourists but the great luck for kiwis. We would get a go on this. I then started walking along the next part of the track. I looked in the distance as a young Lady was running along the track. (Sometimes people connect just through eye contact.) We made eye contact an gazed at each other. She had a young body with firm breasts and that slim frame. Me on the other hand was a chubby broken down old sportsman with a bad knee. Yet she held my gaze as we approached.

We were less than a meter away when she stumbled. " Shit," She said.

"Are you ok? I enquired. She was feeling her ankle. I went over to her and got her to put her arm around my neck. Gently lifting her we made our way to a chair that was located on the track. I laid her on the chair. Her ankle appeared to be ok and she reported that she didn't hear the "crack" you would associated with a sprain. I ran my hands gently down her leg to her ankle checking for any break our muscle tear. She didn't call out in pain, but had a bit of skin missing from her knee. She then asked me to check her other leg out. (Huh??). Being a good scout I ran my hand down her other leg gently massaging and checking . When I finished I happened to look up into her face and her eyes were closed. Oh no, she has gone into shock? I started to panic. But then She opened her eyes and said, "it's just been a while someone touching my legs that way." "Really, you should have guys wanting to massage and do other things to you lots," I blurted out.

She smiled. So here we are in the Redwoods Forest, on a chair. A very 20-22 year old sexy lady, with her legs being rubbed by some out of shape broken sportsman. She broke the spell. She got to her feet and I prepared for her to run off, never to be seen again, when she pulled me close and kissed me . My tongue responded and twirled with hers. We needed cover, so we moved about 5 metres off the track. I pulled her jogging shorts down with her knickers as well. Her vagina had a slight covering of black hair. I dropped to my knees and pulled her pussy to my face. She had that womanly musk of exercise as my tongue lapped her pussy. Her hands went to the back of my head head pushing me to the bits were she wanted her pleasure. My hands reached around and massaged those taunt naked ass cheeks. It was at this point her pussy started to bang against my face. She held her scream of orgasmic pleasure in but her pussy tried to envelope my entire face. Her hips twitched and she bumped into my lips about three times, then she let go of head. I fell back to look at this young lady standing there against a tree with her shorts around her ankles and that orgasmic pleasured look on her face. Yes I had a boner, but I didn't think it was my time for pleasure.

She looked at me, pulled her shorts up and said, "same time tomorrow."

I nodded and continued walking along the track. Maybe getting healthy has some benefits after all.

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