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I would dominate you. You would be on your knees. Arse in the air and head forward. Your hands would be tied behind your back. Completely naked. Your arse cheeks would be caressed lightly with fingernails. No erogenous zones would be touched until I was ready. Your head would be resting on a pillow. Your sex would be getting wetter with anticipation, your labia engorged with blood and want. Despite the finger caress, you are vulnerable. A few playful smacks of your arse redden her lightly. I insert my tongue into your arsehole. You flinch with pleasure and awkwardness all at the same time. The tongue darts playfully in and around your arsehole until she is moist and primed. Your pussy lips are more swollen now - the anticipation is in your head as well as your cunt. Your arse cheeks are parted and your hole squirms and moves, wetter and wanton. Your pussy lips start to glisten with tiny droplets forming at the base of your vulva. Just as she is ready to receive, the attention ceases and a cock is instead presented to your mouth. You receive it. It slides with ease in and out of your mouth, gaining rhythm and momentum. Your head is grabbed and the cock invades your mouth deeper and deeper. You are helpless to intervene, your hands still tied firmly behind your back. Your salivation heightens and the cock is further lubricated in and out of your warm mouth. You don't choke - it's a firm invasion but not a hostile one. Your head is held and the cock is entrenched in your mouth. The cock is smooth and warm; not too big but still a mouthful. The smell and taste of the cock pervade your senses and betray your cuntlips, which are now flooded with girl-juice. You can feel yourself leaking with pleasure. I can smell your pussy. She is heavy with scent, just the right combination of sweet, moist and lustfulness. You are leant forward again, head softly cushioned in the waiting pillow. Your eyes snap open as a tongue licks your labia full length. The tongue is deliciously warm and soft. Your labia part with ease and your cunt is drowning in pleasure. The stokes of the tongue continue to get deeper as you begin to moan into your pillow. You can't help yourself. A deep yearning is welling up within you now. Your pussy gets wetter and wetter with each stroke, nibble and pull on your cunt lips and she is ready to be taken. Your arse hole is also aroused, pink, swollen and malleable. My index finger dances around your hole. You feel the tip of my finger enters your arse and you can help but moan with pleasure. Your hands are squirming now, desperate to touch yourself. Anything. A brush of your cunt lips, a lick of your clit, even pulling her hood back would do something to relieve the pressure. Without warning, my cock is plunged into your cunt. You are so wet by now that she parts with little resistance. A positive fissure of girl juices allows my cock to drive deep into your hole and you are literally filled with pleasure, fully impaled in you now. I grab your hair and pull you back toward me, driving my cock into you as far as it will go. You can feel my body whacking your arse with each thrust, slapping your arse. The fuck is frenzied and short. Your cunt is dripping with pleasure, lubing my cock with every thrust. Your own orgasm approaches out of nowhere. It's not long or sensual, its short and explosive, surprising even you, your body falling limp and expendable as a massive wave washes over you. I grunt as cum and fill you with my seed. You can feel the cum splashing inside you, 4 or 5 spurts of heavy cream, just a hot sticky mess. I pull your hair as I cum, forceful and dominant. Your back is arched, your hands still useless and now a cunt full of mixed juices slop around in blissful pleasure. Your orgasm subsides, my cock stays in you for a short time and slowly falls away. Your brain is floating in space, pulsing with endorphins, like the best time of your life spent dancing with friends in a club totally off your head. Your eyes roll back once more, delectable and vulnerable all at the same time. What else could possibly happen now?

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