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Every woman wants to be pulled over by a hot policeman

"Just fuck me already"
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I’ve always had a lot of respect for the police , police equals law , authority, power . It’s funny how some woman gravitate towards powerful people , it’s the thrill of seeing them vulnerable as you look up at them with their Crown Jewels deep in your mouth , hearing their moans and seeing through all the bullshit of their “strong persona “ ...... knowing in that moment you’re in control 😈 I have a fantasy ,while it may never actually happen due to my law abiding ways I am certainly tempted on a daily basis to just go for it 😈😈 Driving through the country roads knowing there are plenty of places along the way to be naughty I see a police car in the distance , this is it ! Today I go to jail or get fucked over the bonnet of my car 😈 As I approach the car I put my foot down on the accelerator and overtake it at a ridiculous speed , my hearts racing and my pussy is wet in anticipation 😈 You guessed it .... I get pulled over . He approaches my car and he’s everything I fantasized about .... muscly, gorgeous smile ,blue eyes that penetrate my soul and oh so sexy . We get through the formalities of why I was speeding and I get the lecture of how speed kills . And I’m thinking “ no hunny , speed gets you laid 😈” As he’s standing there clearly about to write me a ticket I make my move ! Boldly opening my legs to expose my very wet pussy that’s had no panties on the whole time 😈 . He looks at me bright eyed and asks “ are you trying to get off a ticket young lady ???” To which I respond “ oh goodness no ! If you want to ticket me go ahead ...... either way I’m going to do as I need to “ with that I open my legs further and slide my fingers deep into me . Lifting my top to touch my boobs all while looking at him . He looks flushed and I know what that means 😈😈😈😈 Brazenly I step out of my car and walk to the bonnet where he’s now standing watching me , oh I know that bulge is him wanting his cock in me 😈 I don’t have patience so I walk up to him and kiss him , he’s not convinced just yet so I go straight for his cock ! Pulling down his pants I watch him grow right before I pull down his undies ...... his cock almost hits me in the face and that makes me laugh, I’m thinking of the news headlines “ woman gets knocked out by cops dick” . He’s watching me intently , I lick his shaft as I look up at him watching him grinning at me . His cock is nice and wet and ready for my mouth .... as I place the head of his cock into my warm mouth I taste his precum ... it taste like heaven .... giving his head a few swirls of my tongue I let him in further and as I feel him going deeper I open my throat and let him in. I let him face Fuck me for a bit and then I pull away . He looks bewildered by my “ change of heart “ but then realizes why . I whisper in his ear “ now it’s my turn .... you’re going to fuck me like the dirty , speeding bitch I am . And with that he grabs me and spins me around slamming me down on my bonnet , he boldly says “ you wanna overtake a police car at such high speeds do you ???? “ I can hear the desperation in his voice , he yanks my skirt up over my ass and slaps it really hard ! “ you think you’re above the law do you ????? “ I shout out “ no I don’t officer ... I’m currently under it 😏” He lets out a short sharp laugh then says “ well miss smarty pants hope you can handle your punishment “ and he thrusts deep into me ! So deep I scream out with pure pleasure, my hands are sprawled out over my bonnet and he’s fucking me hard ..I’m begging him to fuck me even harder and he pounds me , slaps my ass and then keeps thrusting deep . then he stops . Confused I turn around and he’s standing there smiling at me .... oh fuck no you aren’t stopping now ! I pull him into me with my legs wide open and feel his tongue circling mine , his tongue is hot and moves fast , the type of tongue you need on your pussy . As he pulls away I demand he licks my pussy . He grabs both my legs and runs his tongue over my wet slit , flicking it over my clit before his tongue goes in me , I’m dripping with pussy juice and he’s loving every drop . Gently sucking on my clit while he flicks his tongue over my clit he slides two fingers inside me and starts rubbing my gspot and I cum , back arched , mouth open I’m cuming hard . My hands are pushing him closer to me and I know I need to let go cause I’m not in the mood to explain why there’s a suffocated dead policeman with his pants down in front of my car 👀 I let go and look down and his cock is dripping precum, I ask for him to let me lick it clean and he sharply says “ NO , now it’s my turn “ and he starts fucking me , harder , faster while grabbing onto my jiggling boobs . With his last few thrust I feel him cumming , his cock goes rock hard and starts pulsating. He pulls out and I stand up feeling his warm cum streaming down my thighs ..... I get back into my car and watch him pull up his pants .... he looks happy . We say our goodbyes and just as I’m about to start the car he says “ oh .... don’t forget this “ .... Son of a bitch still fines me ........

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