Written by Anonymous


Mr Naughty (Mr N) was my very favourite playmate. Sexy, cheeky, kinky and open minded. He was experienced in swinging, had done so much more than I had. One time I asked him what was on his bucket list, the one thing he hadn’t tried but would like to. His answer surprised me “Find a guy that I want to fuck me”. Well.…that was so hot. The thought excited the hell out of me. So, I thought, right. I’m going to find a man and help him fuck you. Give you an unforgettable sexy experience. 

In comes Mr Sexy (Mr S). A hot, fit, lovely man I’d met last year for a drink. Intelligent, in amazing shape and now a good friend. I knew he’d dabbled in man on man action…was fairly certain he’d be a good match for Mr N who had strict criteria. And plus…I liked them both!  So I set it up, a night away in a hotel, the perfect opportunity to make it happen.

Mr N and I were relaxing with a drink, lounging around the hotel room after a lovely couple of hours of fondling and chatting, both very relaxed.  There was a knock at the door, I jumped up to let Mr S in, greeted him with a hug and a glass of wine. Introduced him to Mr N and invited him to undress and lie down on the bed with us. He obliged, both Mr N and I checked him out as he stripped. Nice hard body, gorgeous arse…we were feeling excited!  It was the first time I’d seen him without his clothes on and I wasn’t disappointed.

I lay back, a lovely man on either side of me. I idly ran my hands up and down delicious thighs. I turned to Mr N and kissed him deeply, bushed a hand over his jockeys and felt his cock stir…mmmmm. Then was Mr S’s turn for a kiss, he was good!  Kissing, nuzzling, licking lips. I felt things heating up. Mr S propped himself up on his elbow, leant over towards Mr N….I put my hand up and pulled his head over….watched them kiss.…I was in dirty girl heaven. Mr N reached down and rubbed my silky knicker covered mound, I arched into his hand, desperate for pressure and heat against me. 

I wriggled down, out from between them, letting them move closer to one another. They continued kissing, I watched for a while longer then slid down one pair of jockeys…then another…allowing two lovely cocks to spring free. I slowly took my time, one in my hand, the other in my mouth, taking turns, greedily sucking and licking. I looked up at them watching me, signalled for Mr S to come down and join me in working over Mr N’s delicious cock. That was fun, sharing him between two hot mouths, Mr S’s fingers finding my nipples and delving into my panties, feeling my arousal. 

I hopped up and instructed them to move, lying with their thighs entwined, getting as close as possible. I wanted to rub their cocks together, lubed up with my spit and their pre cum. Rubbing them against each other, fondling balls, sucking them both at once. I couldn’t contain myself any longer, I climbed aboard Mr N and slid onto his hot cock…squirting almost instantly. Mr S sat up behind me and reached around, squeezing my breasts and reaching down to rub my clit as I ground against Mr N. 

I slipped off Mr N and shuffled back, moving onto Mr S’s throbbing cock. Mr N lay back and enjoyed the view, stroking his cock in time to my writhing. I suddenly remembered what I was here for, told myself off for being such a greedy little slut. 

I told Mr S to stand at the edge of the bed, then moved Mr N, pulled him onto his knees and guided his face to Mr S’s cock. Suck it I told him…wanting to watch him close up. Kissing his neck, shoulders and back, hands on him as he eagerly opened his mouth and took Mr S in. I pushed Mr N’s legs apart, moved to be in between his thighs. Caressed his tight arse, slapped it, licked my fingers and started to rub him, feeling him push back against me. I knelt down and licked him, slowly then more forcefully, pushing my tongue into him. His moans were muffled by cock but it was clear he was loving it. I asked him…are you ready to be my bitch? Yes, he panted, yes please. 

I turned him around, presented his arse to Mr S. I grabbed some lube and spread it on Mr S’s cock, stroking his shaft up and down with one hand….the other was gently massaging Mr N’s arse, sliding in a finger, first one, then two. Getting him used to the feeling. He was begging for it by now. To be fucked. I spread his arse cheeks, invited Mr S to move forward. He pushed his cock against Mr N, slowly, gently easing it in. Gradually…little by little until there was no resistance, in he slid. Mr N was bucking and grinding against him, taking Mr S in bit by bit. Oh…..look at you two boys..…so fucking hot!

I slid under Mr N, kissing him on the way down, down until I could take his rock hard cock in my mouth. Giving him a warm wet hole to fuck, while he was being fucked. I felt the thrusts in my throat, reached down and rubbed my cunt, exploding everywhere even as my two gorgeous men exploded into each other, and into me.