Written by Anonymous


She called me up and said she wanted to play a game. If I did well, I would get to be treated like a real man and be allowed to have sex with her. If I failed, I would be tortured and humiliated. How could I refuse.

She orders me to wear a suit and the sexiest underwear I can find.

She seems pleased when I arrive and proceeds to rub her hands over my suit, gently brushing my growing cock. She laughs at my arousal and embarrassment for being so keen. She looks amazing in her favourite little black dress and what I hope are stockings. I reach to try and touch but my hand is swatted away.

Taking a seat on the sofa she explains the rules of the game. I am to be set a range of tasks. If I do well, very well in fact, then she may let me have sex with her. If I fail more than 2 tasks I will be punished and humiliated.

My first task is to strip to my underwear in as sexy a way as possible. I try my best slowly removing my clothes, dancing and thrusting suggestively. This results in her laughing her head off at my pathetic and uncoordinated dancing. I'm down to my underwear, a small black thong, and clearly excited still. Still laughing she tells me I failed miserably. I've lost a task already.

Pulling my belt out of my trousers, I am told to bend over the table. If I can take 10 lashes on my ass without making a sound. I'll pass. Somehow I managed to bite my lip and take it. My ass stings and she laughs at the red stripes on my bum. She is impressed at me dedication.

Seeing a wicked grin spread across her face she says "and now 5 lashes to the balls, no sound!". I manage to survive 3 but the 4th doubles me up in agony. I let out a yelp of pain. Failed and still with one more strike of the belt to go. 3 tasks down and I have failed already.

Still laughing, she calls me a loser and tells me humiliation is all I get now. Pulling off my thong my erect cock string out. "What did you ever think you would get to do with that pathetic thing? She asks?

Sitting on the sofa and slowly lifting up her skirt. I see she has stockings and no underwear on. I beg to be allowed to lick her pussy but she says no. Instead she orders me to masturbate and edge whilst she watches. As I do she slowly teases and plays with herself. I am so excited I feel an edge coming. I tell her and she orders me to stop and edge 5 more times. Pre cum is dribbling from my cock as I do this. This I am ordered to eat.

By now I am a pathetic mess. Desperate to cum.

So. I'd love to know. What would you have me do now?