We have chatted online and exchanged messages - you telling me some of the things you like but not revealing too much of your inner sluttiness because some girls don't like to openly talk about the specifics of what they would like to happen to them. We arrange to meet in a bar in town. I ask you to wear a dress - preferably a nice little black number. It's a Saturday night - busy in town - with lots of people out and about. I am sitting on a bar stool in the bar when you walk in. You have a coat on and you sashay across the floor with a huge aire of excitement about our first meet and what you want to happen. It's almost like your feet are a few inches off the ground. Your tits are locked into your dress and standing proud. I get up to greet you and we kiss each other on the cheeks like strangers meeting for the first time. Your soft brown fuck-me eyes are wild with excitement, dancing and flirtatious, darting around to take in the scene. We sit and have a drink. You begin by sitting neatly with your legs crossed and your shoulders back, prim and proper. The bar is noisy as the conversation flows and we start to relax with each other - we both know what is on the agenda tonight but it's going unsaid so far. As you have a few drinks and relax, your heels rest on the bar stool. I am standing leaning against the bar. Your slender fingers nurse your almost empty drink playing with the ice in the bottom. Your fringe falls down around your face and I whisper in your ear if you are ready to be naughty yet? A wide grin plays across your face as you softly say yes with more than a devilish look in your eyes. Excellent I say.

I am about to order us another quick round of drinks - spirits for swift consumption and something to warm us instantly. But before that I bend down and whisper instructions in your ear. I tell you to go to the ladies toilet and remove your knickers and bring them back to me. I catch your first look of shock but it's quickly replaced by a knowing smile. I watch your arse slide from side to side as you waltz off to the restroom, buoyant with lust. When you come back, 2 drinks are waiting for us. Your panties are scrunched up in your hand and I ask you to slip them carefully into mine. I scrunch them into my fist so that no one can see them and gently breathe in the smell holding them closely up to my nose. I can smell you and you are ripe. You sit back down on the stool and look at me sexily. Your tongue pokes out of the corner of your mouth as you whet your lips - a sign that the revelry can begin. The bar is busy - you flash a gaze around the bar and take in some of the sexy people in our vicinity before returning your eyes to me. I look you straight in the eye as I run my hand slowly up your inner thigh to find your swollen pussy. She is already engorged with excitement. After an initial raised eyebrow, you look at me quizzically, wondering what I am going to do. I pull gently but firmly on one of your cunt lips and pull them toward me. You let out a gasp of breath before catching yourself. Because the bar is busy, I get away with it. You are already wet. She is warm and wanton. Your eyes stay in contact with mine. The delightful mix of pleasure and pain twinge through your body as you briefly shut your eyes and reopen them, fixing me a gaze. The ice I had in my mouth has moved to my hand and is moving quickly toward your waiting cunt. The shock once again hits you and your head flips back with half-closed eyes, a sign of the pleasure now racing through you. The ice leaves as quickly as it arrived and you clutch my other hand holding onto the pleasure. I flash you a smile as we down our drinks and the leave the bar - the only goal now being to get you back to my room as fast as possible.

We arrive in the room, the lights are lowdown. I grab you and kiss you passionately with tongues feverishly intertwined. Your coat is immediately dispatched and your dress is hanging daintily off your shoulder. You yearn for it to be ripped off as quick as possible but I have a more deliberated approach in mind. A blindfold is removed from my coat pocket - it's been in my pocket next to your pungent panties. I can smell your wetness on the blindfold and it wafts into your nostrils as I pull it tightly around your head. I manoeuvre you into bed having undressed you without fuss. You are naked on the bed, the blindfold the only thing you can feel on your skin. Slowly but surely, each of your limbs are tied to the bed. I have obviously planned this in anticipation of your desires and that thought occupies you as get the practical things out of the way. I undress casually - you can hear my zipper go down - and as I do this, your head fills with thoughts about what is going to happen. The thoughts in your head have transcended to your loins - your pussy is full and wet - your tits rock hard and waiting for attention. You have only your sense of smell and imagination as the tools at your disposal. Your breathing is already heavy.

The next sensation you feel is the smoothest skin you have ever felt. It's my cock - its hard and it's smooth and its sliding across one of your nipples. Delicately and deliciously warm, you can feel the head of my cock shimmy over your nipple - she rises to the touch almost like a hand grabbing at lust. But your hands are tied up and your nipple is speaking for you. I move my cock to your face. You can sense it's presence and finally the smell of my manhood as it brushes your lips ever so softly. My smooth cock rides over your lips like olive oil in a pan - no friction at all, smooth and silky. You first reaction is to open your mouth and lick the shaft but I move my cock before you envelope it. I whisper in your ear if you want to taste me and you gulp with pleasure before softly saying yes. Ask me nicely I say. "May I please suck your cock?' I position myself over you and gently feed my cock into your mouth. It's warm and inviting. I slowly spoon my cock into your mouth as you moan ever so softly. The taste, the hardness, the smell pervades you and your pussy twinges with pleasure and want. Your pelvis bucks forward as the lust fills you. She wants to be filled.

Your tits are still hard. I slowly make my way around your body. Kissing , caressing, fondling, nibbling. It's all part of the buildup. Your body jerks with touch, the ties that bind your hands and feet project upward yearning release. But you cant get away. I am in control and you are at my mercy. Your pussy is dripping wet now. I can smell her. Her lips are swollen so much that your clitty is poking out like a rosebud just wanting to be sucked. I flick her with my tongue. Your whole body bucks wildly. She is desperate to be filled up. But not yet. I French kiss your gorgeous cunt. I breathe in your scent and swallow your amazing juices. She wants be badly. My mouth and tongue are bathed in your juices and I move to your mouth and kiss you wildly so that you can taste your own wantoness. Your head and neck strains off the mattress with lust and passion. You want my cock so badly now. I ask if you if you want me to fuck you now and in a breathless, husky voice you say "yes please". You can barely get your words out. Ask again I say "What do you want me to do Helen?". "Please fuck me" you whisper. With that, I tear off your bindings, and flip you over on the bed so that your arse is high and your legs are spread wide open. Your cunt is literally begging to be fucked now and you can barely control yourself. With one movement, I thrust into you from behind as hard as I can. This is a brutal fuck. Your tits are rock hard and you can feel them being aroused by the fabric of the mattress. The small of your back is arched so incredibly now, twisted, straining and contorted with pleasure and lust. I push you down onto the bed with one hand on the small of your back while the other grabs your hair and pulls it toward me. It hurts but you are so enthralled in this animal fuck that you love it anyway. I thrust into you again and again, hard and fast. You have been so turned on that you cum quickly screaming in passion and moaning like a beast on heat. Your whole body tingles with lust and excitement. You are dripping with sweat and you have squirted a little on the bed - a small patch of wet betrays you. You have been a dirty little slut and you know you have, wanting it the second your were told to take off your panties. You love being told what to do and to obey like a coquettish little girl. You felt dirty and horny like a little teenage girl exploring her pussy for the first time when she was alone in her bedroom at the age of 15.

You are collapsed in a heap on the bed. You are sweaty and spent but still massively turned on. Your orgasm happened so fast that you barely knew what was happening to you. Your legs are spread wide still and your pussy still pulsing. She wants more. Your tits are on fire, and long to be sucked hard, your nipples pulled and nibbled to the point of hurt. Your blindfold still covers your face. All the sensations you have felt have been heightened by the lack of sight. You have felt everything magnified by ten - your hearing and touch amplified with pure gutteral want. Still in a post orgasmic haze, I turn your head. The head of a massive cock prods at your lips and you accept it without hesitation. It's big. You can feel it's girth. The glans is huge as you wrap your tongue lovingly around this thing. The sensations flood through your body, coarsing with excitement. The smell, the texture, the size makes you moan and groan with pleasure. You can feel your cunt lips engorging again as the lust pervades you. The want in her now has risen again but your body is tinged with confusion. You suddenly realise that it's not my cock you are sucking, it's someone else's. Your hands, free now, grab at this 'thing' willing the shaft into you mouth. You cup at the balls frantically trying to work out in your head what is going on. It doesn't take long to find out. As quickly as it entered your mouth, the 'new' cock disappears and you are clutching at air. What the fuck is going on??

I pull you down the bed in an instant. You are on your back, your body vulnerable with the only semblence of protection being the blindfold over your eyes and the hope that I won't let any harm come to you. Your legs are forced apart as wide as they can be - a foot pointing toward each corner of the bed. You feel a presence. The cock that was just in your mouth is at the door of your cunt. Lips swollen and red like they have been slapped and beaten, this cock pushes into your pussy with force. You can feel her stretching. This cock is big and it's invading you, ploughing through your hole and your senses. Having been so turned on beforehand, you can take it and you feel this enormous cock filling you up. It's deep inside you now and building a rhythm. The cock is pummeling your cunt and the slaps of his body hitting yours is like a bull whip cracking in perfect time. Each thrust feels deeper and harder than the one before. You can feel his ballsack slapping into the base of your arsehole, you whole body loose and frantic now. Your hands instinctively grab at his arse cheeks and pull them into you recklessly. You don't care that you nails are literally cutting into his bare flesh.

As wild as you now are, you feel a breath at your ear. It's soft. I ask you if you feel like a dirty little slut? I tell you what I see in great detail. I tell you that I can see this massive cock thrusting in and out of you. I can see your cunt lips wrapping around it as he pulls out of you, gripping it tightly again as it descends back into you. You want it so badly and you cant control your lust. I cover your mouth with my hand and ask you if you are really just a dirty cock whore who loves being dominated? Gasping with pleasure and confinement, all you can do is motion your head as if to agree. The combination of this massive cock thrusting in and out of you, and being told what a nasty little slut you are tips you over the edge and wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure runs through you. You buck and contort your body as you let out a massive moan and cum hard on this beautiful cock, juices fizzing from your cunt like a sprinkler has just been let off. You are gripping my arm so hard, I can feel the pleasure rumbling through you like a train. Your climax is long, hard and heavenly, shaking with delight. Your breathing is feverish and frantic, gasping for air. You have just had one of the best orgasms of your life.

Lying in a dishevelled heap on the bed, completely spent, you realise the enormity of what's just happened. You have been completely controlled and dictated to with no say in the matter. Your pussy has literally been invaded by some strangers huge cock and you absolutely loved it. Your body has been offered up to someone else to play with and the myriad of thoughts running through your head at that moment is almost too much to deal with. Your body was at the complete whim of not one, but two people at once, your master almost flippantly giving you away. Yet the lust and excitement you felt was intoxicating and paralysing at the same time. You realise that the loss of control and being at the mercy of someone else has turned you on so much that you reached heights of pleasure you had not previously known you were capable of. You needed to cum so badly - your body writhing and moaning with abandon. It's a complete contradiction and yet you - your body and your mind - loved it!! The excitement lingers, your mind feeding your pussy with unspeakable bad girl thoughts just like it did when you discovered the pleasure box that she was for the first time all those years ago. You cant wait for it to happen again.