She holds him close as the passion within her slowly subsides, her body moulded to his tall firm frame, and against her belly she can clearly feel his manhood, still full and hard. He begins to move against her, looking to somehow caress his arousal

“Oh dear – have I left you on the edge… “

Her hand sneaks down between their bodies to rub the bulge in his trousers, and soon slips into his clothing, his zip not closed in the rush to make themselves decent. His cock is still sticky with her juices as her hand strokes the straining flesh. He moans as squeezes his sac and continues to massage his cock – then feels his balls begin to contract, the shaft straining ..

“Easy big boy – be a pity to waste all that gorgeous juice….”

Without waiting she slid down his body, hand raking his chest through the thin material of his shirt until crouched before him and grabbed his cock and balls with both hands. She could feel him straining to hold back his encroaching orgasm, his whole body rock solid with concentration.

“Hmmmmm baby, I want to enjoy this….”

He watched as those deep lustful eyes stared up at him, then her mouth opened wide and she took him deep into her mouth. Then he feels her hands move to his arse and pull him towards her, pull his cock further into her mouth. He feels the tightness around his cock as she swallows hard and takes all of his manhood within her. Her head rocks from side to side as her tongue washes across the underside of his shaft…. Soooooo …. Good – she is in control, so good having him so deep within her, but she desperately needs to breathe and releases him gasping for air, saliva streaming from her mouth and his now jerking cock. The first stream of jism erupts from its tip and lands on her open lips –Ahhh- reward for her onslaught and she plunges her mouth back onto him to receive and savour the rest of his cum, enjoying so much the taste and texture of that delicious fluid. As his orgasm dies she continues to suck every last vestige of jism from him, then licks and sucks his now softening cock clean. Her hand continues to play with him as she moves up to nibble and bite at his belly…

More voices bring them back to the present and once again they rush to make themselves even slightly decent. This time the people move away in another direction and they make haste along the walkway to his car parked nearby. The doors unlock with a quiet click as they approach and he moves to open the door for her. Such manners she thinks to herself and throws her arms around his neck, reaching up to kiss him hard and long.

He tastes his cum as their tongues entwine and tease – such a woman, such a delicious woman…..

Now into the light traffic heading for his apartment - a little conversation and discussion of their wild activities. He casts the occasional glance her way as he drives, sees her watching him closely, studying his face – and body.

“Don’t spare the horses Jeeves I need you again……”

He smiles back. The feeling is mutual he thinks to himself, the activities so far have only made his desire to enjoy her so much greater – those gorgeous tits, the soft sexiness of her skin, her wonderful arse and that hot wet pussy – how much does he want to be enjoying that once again.

He feels her hand on his thigh, rubbing and moving up to his groin to squeeze the bulge in his trousers. Then she adjusts her seat back down and slides lower in the seat, her arse now on the edge of the cushion. Raising her leg to rest a fine heel on the centre console, then moving it further across to dig the spike into his leg…

“Perhaps I cannot wait” she smiles at him”

Reaching for her bag, she opens it and fossicks around to retrieve a shiny black dildo.

And as one hand moves slowly down her body slipping open the buttons of her dress one by one, the other lifts the toy to her lips to be kissed and seductively licked.

As interior of the car is illuminated by the passing streetlights, he catches glimpses of her playing up for him. Her mouth engulfs the shimmering dildo, her other hand rubbing her sex, fully exposed by her widely parted legs. Her body is now totally exposed and stopping at a set of lights does nothing to deter her from her show. In fact she chooses that moment, just the moment that another vehicle pulls up on her side to lower the dildo to her groin, tease and torment her sex, and with both hands, ram the phallus deep into her cunt with a guttural moan…

With the lights now green, he speeds off just as the other driver casts a glance her way…

“Easy now you – I would like there to be something left to enjoy when we get home”

“Just keeping it warm…..”

They soon reach his apartment just up a short cul de sac off the main thoroughfare – close to beach and daytime bustle, but quiet and private. He pulls into the empty park next to his front door, looking across at his insatiable friend as she eventually replaces her glistening toy into her bag, and pouts a kiss in his direction –

“Hope you’re full of energy still my friend ….

Cos rest assured I need PLENTY of attention…”

He simply replies with a wink and conceited smile…

“Get your sexy arse inside lady….”

She leans against the door as he enters the key in the lock, turning it with an audible “click”. The dress hangs open, barely covering her generous bust, her groin and thighs naked to his gaze as he eyes her from head to toe, shaking his head in apparent disbelief – totally outrageous he thinks to himself.

Inside she wanders off down the passage to the bathroom, he removing the cap off a cold bottle of chardonnay. The night is still warm and after the excitement of the last hour, a cool drink seems rather inviting.

She returns to the room, now completely naked apart from her strappy black heels, saunters up to him, arms outstretched to clasp her hands behind his neck, thrusting her torso forward to firmly plant her groin against his leg.

“What you waiting for ……..” She asks impatiently

“Bedroom you” he orders giving her a playful slap on her swaying arse

She jumps ..

“ohhhhh – kinky…..”

“And take these with you”

He passes her the two glasses of wine and she struts off down the passage, still in her heels and with a definite exaggeration to the sway of her arse…..

Returning to the kitchen, the jug steaming away on the bench, he opens the freezer door and rummaging around in the shelf, smiles to himself as he finds what he seeks. He fills a large mug with the boiling water then pours a little more over the tube he has removed from the freezer.

“Yes” he says confidently as from the tube falls a cylindrical rod of ice, the thickness of his thumb – and about four inches long. He reaches for the black rod that is imbedded in the ice and holds it up to admire his work = “Hmmmm – rather nice….”

He places his creation in another mug and with the hot water as well, proceeds off to find her.

The bedroom was hot and a little stuffy when she entered, so had thrown open the doors onto the balcony, turned on the bedside lights, and moved into cooling night air. The air wafted pleasantly across her naked body, a body that was still very much exuding the heat from within. Placing his glass on the table, she sipped a little of the refreshing wine and rested her elbows on the balustrade as she took in the view of the bay and the city lights beyond. Listening carefully she could hear the buzz from across the water, but here it was peaceful and quiet. Nearby lights shone from neighbouring homes and she could make out through the sparse bushes the couple next door relaxing on their own balcony. Her nakedness did not even register, and the fact that if they looked around, they would without doubt have a clear view of her in all her glory.

She turned on hearing him enter the room, watching as he placed the two cups beside the bed.

Hmmmm - what is he up too???

Then she watched as he pulled his shirt out of his trousers and pulled the clothing over his head to be discarded into the corner of the room. His shoulders broad upon a tall shapely torso, a body that someone ten years his junior would still have cause to be proud of. Bending to undo and remove his shoes – and sock – the light from the lamps gleaming on his back. Hands to his waist – undoing his belt – then the button and zipper that she had wrenched open earlier….

His semi erect cock springing free as he slides his clothing from his waist – down long muscled thighs and legs leave him like her – Naked…..

She smiled with approval as he comes out to join her, collecting his wine on the way and moving to wrap an arm around her waist and pull her to him, a little peck on the cheek – and sipping from his glass….

“So what have you got in there” she asks inquisitively

“For me to know – and you to find out” the simple matter of fact reply

They take in the view, chatting briefly about the evening so far, how much they have enjoyed each other, before he kisses her deeply, then biting her neck playfully, gives her another paddle on her gorgeous butt and heads her off in the direction of the bed.

She notices the two mugs and moves around the bed to investigate

“So what have we………” she stops in mid sentence, a sudden shock, a bolt of fear, excitement, pleasure all mixed together rushing through her body and mind…

She looks around at him – staring – speechless for a moment to be greeted with that conceited smile once again..

“On the bed wench”

The word jerked her back to the moment. The sight of that cylinder of ice had somewhat taken her by surprise – how did he know – how did he know that she had rather a thing about “cold” things - on – and in - her body??

She regained her composure and moved back towards him, hands outstretched and reaching for his chest – nails making contact, the urge to scratch him so bad…..

“Bastard – is this just coincidence – or did someone let you in on my secret – ICE - you bastard” she repeated

He held up his hands in defence, moving away from the onslaught…..

“Easy now – I’ll throw it out then”

But she just glared back at him, her desires now taking control

“No you fucking well won’t – I just hope you can handle the consequence”

With that she turns away from him and bends down to reach for and undoes the fine thong of leather around one ankle – and then the other. The whole time she looks him in the eye, then still bent like a staple, watches his reaction as she snakes a hand between her knees, and spreading her legs slides it up her thigh to rub her still swollen sex. If still not content, the other hand moves up over her arse and fingers find and follow the crease between the orbs of her arse to slide across the dark puckered skin at her arsehole. Her finger continues to tease – and probe – before she works it into the tight little hole – one – and then two knuckles disappearing from view…

As she watches, his cock lifts from his groin to jut proudly forth, then his hand encircles its girth and he gives it a couple of quick pumps….

Content with the effect of her little show, she reluctantly withdraws her fingers from her body, steps out of her shoes and reaches out across the satin sheets, sliding luxuriously across their welcoming surface.

He kneels on the bed beside her, his cock inches from her face and just asking for her attention. Her hand reaches out to hold the straining flesh, hot and heavy in her grasp – then draws it towards her waiting lips – a gentle kiss to its tip, the first taste of his sweet fluid ----

“Hmmmmmm – so nice…..”

Then her lips part, mouth opening wide open to welcome him to her body.

As he feels the heat of her mouth engulf him, his hands wander over her body, following her curves and seeking out those sensitive and erotic spots that can have such a glorious effect on a woman. Her body writhes seductively below him as her mouth works wonders on his cock. Then he reaches for the ice and whilst she is totally en^^^^^^^ his cock, he touches the glistening cylinder to the tip of an engorged nipple…..

Her mouth clamps on his cock as she lets out a muffled cry of surprise – then tries to release herself from his manhood. But he has anticipated her move and holds her head firmly impaled as he rubs the ice over one – and then the other nipple and breast. Her writhing intensifies – then dies as he removes the ice. He quickly replaces the ice in the mug and takes a mouthful of the hot water from the other, washing it around to warm his mouth before swallowing the liquid, and dropping his head to suck a nipple and surrounding flesh into the heat within. The reaction is instantaneous – her back arching as she wrenches herself from his cock..

“JEEESSSUUSSSS – don’t do that to me…… she yells”

But before she can move any further she feels the cold raw ice back tormenting her tits, from one hard ball of contracted flesh to the other- tracing lines across her body leaving a trail of water – and amazing pleasure….

Only for the heat to reappear as the heat of his tongue moves along the same lines…..

She finds it impossible to stay still and writhes about on the slippery sheets…..

“Stay still my friend – or I will tie you there….”

Once again that chill races through her body. She looks up at him, cuffs with chain attached in one hand. He is well aware of her utter dislike of being restrained and smiles with pleasure at the look in her eyes.

“Now then – a little bit of control please”

She relaxes somewhat – bastard she thinks to herself – then jumps once again as she feels the ice moving up along her inner thigh..

“Now lie back and enjoy……”

The pleasure is intense, devine – almost unbearable, but she manages to resist her body’s wishes and lets her mind take in the excitement. One moment the cold wet cylinder torments her body, and sex – from clit she feels it slide through between swollen lips across the entrance to her cunt, and on to tease her anus…

Then the heat of his mouth and tongue takes her to amazing heights.

Next time the phallus of ice pauses between her pussy lips, and then in one slow but purposeful movement he slides it deep into her cunt…

The feeling is absolutely intense and her body arches up violently which only serves to plunge the coldness further into her body


She grabs his face with her hands and pulls her mouth to his to virtually devour his mouth in a passionate kiss…

The ice still rests deep inside her body, beginning to chill her core, but somehow sending a weird pleasure through her..

“Here – drink – take a mouthful and hold it…”

She fills her mouth with hot water

“Now let that run over my cock . and take it your mouth again”

She does as he says, the water gushing out over his cock and balls as the takes him deeply, washing the remaining water around her mouth bathing his cock.

Then the cold disappears from within her body – he in turn pulls his cock from her mouth and moves to kneel between her legs, lifting her ankles high and spreading them wide, her cunt now gaping inches from his cock….

Her body and mind are on fire with arousal – the evening’s pleasures and the activities over the past moments having taken her senses to an incredible level….

But she feels the chill in her cunt, still cold from the ice dildo..

His hands firm around her ankles, she looks down to see his cock - proud, erect, and twitching just inches away – and reaches down to guide it to and into her body…..

Suddenly she feels him enter her, like a fire sliding into her frozen cunt…

The feeling ecstatic – totally mind blowing – his heat plundering her coldness.

Orgasm was never far away, but now it races uncontrollably through her body and she grabs handfuls of sheet, her hips bucking wildly as she screams out with pleasure…

And then more searing heat as he erupts deep inside her body and his moans mingle with her cries………..

The End