o Across the bay the sun began to dip below the city and the hills beyond, the last rays streaming across the now darkening sky and bathing all in their rich red glow.

Soon the lights of the city begin to take over as darkness descends and the week comes to a close.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle across the water, the small secluded bay is relatively quiet and peaceful – a number of locals have stopped off at the small bars and cafes to relax after their busy week, and fill the tables scattered along the footpath, enjoying their drinks and chatting quietly. The early summer evening still warm after the heat of the day and he sat relaxed next to the open windows overlooking the patio enjoying his drink, the crisp taste of the lager so refreshing after a long week. He had managed to get home a little earlier than usual, turning down the offer to join others from the office for a night out in the city. He had already made plans for the evening and was pleased to have had a little time to relax and freshen up before driving the few miles to the small restaurant where he had planned to eat after she had accepted his invitation.

Eight had been the agreed time – “women” he thought to himself. That was twenty minutes ago…

He looked casually about to make sure she hadn’t missed him – but no sign of her.

Then he caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye, striding around the corner of the street 100 metres away and making her way in his direction.

Any worry about her not turning up soon disappeared as she approached him, and a warm smile soon spread across his face. She always looked devine, but tonight there appeared to be a little more spark in her step than usual, an air of confidence and a look of enjoyment on her face as she strode down the street and turned into the bar. He watched as she paused to look around for him, he was impressed – that she looked fantastic was an understatement. Then catching site of him sitting watching her, she gave a big smile and wave as she started up the steps and into the restaurant, a number of eyes following her every step, and came across to greet him.

It was one of those special days, although not one that she now waited impatiently for! The card had arrived last night – “Happy Birthday for tomorrow” neatly printed across the voucher for an appointment at a local beauty clinic, and an invitation to dinner on the Friday evening. Her heart had quickened as she thought of him and previous evenings she had shared with him, and a twinge of excitement spread through her mind and body. She had smiled to herself as she picked up the phone to reply. She had quickly organised for a day off and after the evenings chores, was soon off to her bed, sensuous thoughts filling her mind….

She had enjoyed her day, a little shopping had seen her arrive home with something new to wear for the evening, something she was sure he would be very happy with. And the hour or more of pampering at the clinic had made her feel relaxed, but feeling rather good about herself – and just a little frisky. The dare devil had come out in her on the spur of the moment, something she had thought about often, but never had the courage to do… The usual bikini wax had sort of progressed rather further to leave just a fine line of soft and neatly trimmed hair at the base of her tummy – and below her sex was now totally bare – a “brazillian” she believed!!

Taking time to bathe and prepare herself for the evening, she had decided to walk the short distance to their rendezvous – it would make her a little late but the early evening was warm and far to pleasant not too enjoy. A last check in the mirror - The dress was probably a little too short – and the fine heels a little too high, but so what – she was of course out to impress, and she was well aware of what he liked. Her long tanned legs contrasted wonderfully with the light colour of her new dress, the lightweight material following the curves of her body, and gently caressing her skin with every move. Under the dress she was naked - and it felt very good….. The dress buttoned down the front – very handy for later she thought – perhaps later she would allow a button or two to slip undone to expose more than a glimpse of her ample bust. And as for her panties – they had been quickly discarded. The waxing may have left her feeling a little uncomfortable, but that had now well passed, and been replaced with a very pleasant sensation ….

So it was no wonder that she looked and felt so desirable as she walked along the path following the sea wall towards the restaurant, enjoying the advancing darkness, the dress caressing her naked body, and the thrill of all that fresh air bathing her oh so sensitive legs and pussy.

He kissed her gently on the cheek as his hand found her waist and slid down to rest on her hip

“You look devastating” he whispered in her ear.

Her reply a large grin and discreet wink as her fingers, rather her long blood red nails, briefly dug into his shoulder

“I’m glad you like” she pouted in return, and her glistening lips seductively kissing the air.

Not only is her appearance rather striking, but also her perfume fills his nostrils and sends a shiver though his body. Momentarily he is lost in his erotic thoughts before her voice jolts him back to the present.

“ I see you have started without me”

He pulls out her chair and beckons the waitress, his eyes still fixed on her as she sits, her hands ensuring her dress does not ride too far up her bare legs.

Even the waitress has a sly smile as she takes their orders

“A special night is it” she asks casually?

The evening is warm and the company exquisite, a drink or two soon relaxes them both as they catch up on each other’s news and enter into a little friendly banter. They enjoy their dinner, and as time progresses, conversation soon becomes more risqué –innuendos abound and both feel the sexual tension within their bodies and minds. She has discreetly undone a couple of buttons at her chest, and as she leans forward, his eyes regularly stray downwards to feast on those soft curves. He feels his arousal within his trousers and tries to move without making it too obvious to accommodate his growing hardness. She too is finding it hard to keep still, her nipples often very evident through the soft material, and she feels heat the wetness between her legs.

People are now drifting off homewards, the few that have been around all evening now a little rowdy as they head off down the street to try another bar.

The meal, the wine and the company have done nothing to lessen the sexual tension within her body. She has been well aware of the lust slowly building within her. He really is so sexy and she needs him – and soon. He sees the sparkle, the lust within her as she looks deeply into his eyes

“Shall we go” she asks, then her mouth remaining slightly open as her tongue follows the outline of her lips.

“Anywhere in mind”

“Hmmmm – well…..”

She doesn’t really need to answer, he is well aware of her desires and from previous encounters fully understands the look she is giving him

“Well just bare with me for a moment whilst a sort the bill and then – yours … or mine…?”

Once again, no reply, just that knowing look as if to say “ does it matter – I just need you…”

He leaves her to pay at the counter, engaging in conversation with the waitress for a moment or two

“Have a pleasant evening” she says with a knowing smile, and he can only grin rather embarrassingly back – is it that obvious he thinks to himself!!

He eventually mumbles thankyou and says his goodbyes, before turning back towards the table. A little surprised, she is nowhere to be seen and he looks quickly around the room. Perhaps she has gone to the toilet, but then catches a glimpse of her through the open windows heading for the entrance and out onto the footpath. Her hair floats as she walks, her butt swaying just a little more than would be the norm, and totally provocative.

By the time he negotiates the steps and reaches the footpath she has crossed the road and throwing him a glance over her shoulder, strides of down the sea wall. A passing car prevents him from crossing – then another. When he does eventually cross she has once again disappeared behind an old warehouse fifty metre or more away.

Now what is she up to he thinks as he wanders off after her. The night is still warm and he pauses briefly to lean on the railings and admire the lights of the city dancing on the water below.

The walkway passes along the far side of the building, lit only by the occasional lamp mounted on old cast poles. A short distance along the path a small foyer juts out from the old stone building, a solitary bulb glowing under the front of the gabled roof. His gaze is still out across the water as he approaches it, and only a movement out of the corner of his eye catches his attention.

He pauses mid stride and looks into the foyer. At the rear a large wooden door fills most of the wall, the top hidden in the shadows…

But before it a woman stands, her head not visible in the shadows, one foot raised and a heel resting on a wooden seat to one side. One hand cradles an ample breast, which she has removed from the confines of her dress, finger and thumb firmly pulling at a large distended nipple. With the other hand she has hiked her dress up around her waist and is frantically rubbing her naked mound. As he watches in amazement – and momentarily stunned, he hears her moan out aloud as she plunges one, then two fingers into herself…

“What took you so long” the words come slowly and enticingly….

“ I just had to start without you”

Those two glistening fingers are raised into the darkness

“Hmmmmmm – what a wonderful desert”

Then they return to her waist, sliding down past that thin line of hair and back into the heat and wetness of her sex

“Like to try some”

Her hand reaches out, those glistening fingers beckoning him towards her…..

He shakes his head in amazement – he knows how wild she can be but has never seen her quite like this. They have played around in a variety of places before, he has taken her over a bin in a deserted courtyard, but never quite so public before.

“Don’t you want to taste me, taste a woman, enjoy me??”

He is drawn to her – what the heck, there is no one around at the moment, and reaches ut to take her hand and guide it to his mouth. He takes her two fingers between his lips, savouring the sweet yet pungent scent of her juices, then sucks them deeply into his mouth.

He feels her other hand at his neck, pulling him towards her…

Then replacing her fingers with her mouth she kisses him hard and long, her tongue snaking in to explore his mouth and lash at his.

Her mind is racing with desire, her body so full of lust as she wraps her body around his tall solid form. As she devours his mouth, and drops her head down to kiss and bite at his neck, she grinds herself against his rapidly hardening manhood. Her tits quashed against his shirt, and then the feel of his hands grabbing at her arse and pulling her even harder against him. The pure roughness of it all is so exhilarating to her – she is beside herself and desperate to have him – NOW…

Reaching down she searches frantically for his zip – and finding the small metal tab, rips it down roughly before diving into the opening to grab at his cock. Roughly she wrenches it free and encircles the throbbing flesh with her hand and pumps it furiously…

“I want it so much…..I want it now…. I want your lovely hard cock inside me”

Standing on one leg, the other lifted high and wrapped around his waist, she guides his cock into her dripping cunt, and with absolutely no resistance, it slips fully into her in one single motion….

Nearby a group wanders towards the warehouse, chatting noisily as they approach….

“Jesus – there’s someone coming “he whispers in her ear

But she is far to far gone to care and at that moment an orgasm rushes though her body and it is all she can do not to scream out with pleasure.

The voices get closer – then appear to stop in one spot as they begin to discuss something out on the bay. Her passion subsides enough for her to gather her thoughts and she manages to dismount from his cock and roughly rearrange her clothing as he too manages to somehow replace his still fully erect cock back in the cover of his clothing.

As the voice come closer once again they revert to a full embrace and try to move as much into the shadows as possible….

The group pass by – almost gone – until a pause in the chatter – a snigger or two – and a loud wolf whistle as the smart remarks come flowing out, and they carry on their way laughing loudly……..

To be continued

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