I woke up with the sun filtering through the curtains, promising a nice day.

I hadn’t slept for much of the night as the excitement and nervousness was building.

I looked again at the clothes laid out for me to wear that day. Standard jeans, a light-weight shirt, socks, and on top was the item I was most looking forward to wearing.

I cast my mind back to why I was to wear them… a few weeks ago idly browsing through the site a story had caught my eye. Nicely written the writer was recounting an experience that she had enjoyed or wanted to enjoy… that was the tantalising enchantment was if fact or fiction?

I wrote a bit of a reply and while I was chided for being cheeky I took it as a compliment. We chatted a few more times, shared body pictures through the profile pages and agreed no head shots until we meet to keep the excitement alive.

I knew roughly the area she lived in as she knew mine however due to busy schedules a meeting had not been forthcoming until one written exchange when I mentioned I was to be in a city near her for the Friday and was considering staying the night as our company conference ended Friday afternoon and I had no reason to rush home.

Then came the message….I’ll also be in the city at the same time, we should catch up, in fact you need to be disciplined for some of the messages you have sent me.

WOW…this was something she had mentioned she enjoyed on occasions…and to be fair I enjoyed being told what to do at times…(at this stage it was still she as I had not been given a name).

I am game if you are, I replied….what do you want me to do to prepare for it.

Not knowing what to expect the answer was exhilarating….Book a room in a hotel ….be there when I arrive… clothed BUT you must also be wearing lacy panties that you have been wearing all day….you decide the type and design but they must be silk and have lace. OMG…I wondered if she knew some of my inner wishes….I really enjoy wearing silk panties …the sensuous feel on my skin and the slight roughness of the lace in the groin as it rubbed against my balls.

I agreed to her (minimal) demands and we set the date and location. The location was my decision and I was to send her a text at midday with proof I was wearing the panties…... no proof no show on her account.

So over there on the pile were the panties….silky lacy and seductive. I had a shower and slipped them on….. enjoying the feeling of the silk as it slid over my buttocks caressing them and then snuggling in to encompass my cleanly shaven balls. I glanced in the mirror and liked what I saw.

Walking out the door of the hotel I met other conference delegates and as we walked to the conference comment was made on how relaxed I seemed when they knew I was about to give a presentation.

Standing at the lectern, I wondered what they would think or do if they knew I was wearing silky lacy panties as demanded by my as yet unknown dominatrix. My cock stirred a little at the thought and as I started the presentation, I hoped my anticipation of the forthcoming event was not to be in vain.

After the presentation Amelia came up to me and said great presentation, and your pantie line is showing… which my cock hardened a little more. Amelia grinned at me as she walked away…….

Going to the bathroom I closed the cubicle door and took the photo required to prove I was wearing the panties, where a little spot of precum could be seen causing a damp spot…. I also included the name of the hotel and room number and sent the message via WhatsApp.

A few minutes later my phone vibrated indicating a received message. Great, chill the wine, draw the drapes, stay dressed and wait.. But most importantly do not play or touch yourself as you are mine now…..

Somehow, I made it through the rest of the conference afternoon….just wanting the evening to arrive and let the events unfold.

Being told not to touch or play with myself made me even more conscious of my cock rubbing against the silk and occasionally the lace…I could feel the precum oozing out and making me feel a little uncomfortable…. Was that her plan I wondered, to have me walking and acting as if there was nothing different while my cock was oozing in preparation for the evening….Amelia seemed to be aware something was up (besides my cock) as she asked a couple of times if I was ok as I seemed agitated… I’m fine I said while internally I was churning with both excitement and nervousness about the forthcoming evening…. A little self-doubt was creeping in…what if I am not attractive to her…are my clothes right….will she like my panties…..will I last long enough or cum too soon….all these questions ….and finally the conference was finished.

We all said our good-byes and a few crocodile let’s catch up soon…and it was over. I looked at my watch….only 5.00pm … I’ll be brave I thought and text her I’m free now and waiting for you…..I sent it and waited and waited and waited…no reply….was she not coming….have I made a fool of myself….doubts start to creep in then….a message …I tell you what to do….you do not tell me anything….wait until I arrive….no play no touch…..wait and now I will be an extra 30 minutes late as punishment…

My cock twitches again…reminding me it wants relief…..she won’t know I think …A quick wank a quick wash ….put the clothes back on…..anyway I last longer for her….Oh fuck a message comes in… wanking….no touching…I want full sacs when I arrive… WHAT is she…. physic I wonder…..

I sit down (uncomfortably) as my cock is demanding attention and resentful it is not getting it. Normally my hand would stray down, but then I remember the instruction …..leave it alone….the precum is almost gushing now ( even as I write this ) and I wonder how long…the anticipatory euphoria is electric……when there is a soft knock on the door…..startled I stand count to five (don’t want to appear too eager) to answer the door….

Hello I wondered if you are OK. ….It is Amelia…. Yes I answer just really tired and decided to watch a little television before going to bed….Under my breath I scream… go away ….what if she turns up now….. Amelia nods and says I’m in the room two doors up and my FWB is joining me later this evening and we wondered if you would like to join us….Oh fuck I say to myself….It doesn’t rain but it pours…..

Amelia is a trim sales rep for the company and we have had a sort of jokey/blokey friendship with a little bit of flirting…

Sorry Amelia I say But I am tired so perhaps we give it a miss but thanks for thinking of me….. Amelia looks disappointed…and says ok but if you change your mind you have my number both cell and room we will be awake (nod nod wink wink) until around midnight…..

As Amelia moves down the hall… I glance around and thankfully the hall is empty…quickly closing the door ..I sit down to wait….wait… it seems interminably long…I almost start to doze off ..when there is another soft tap at the door…Oh no I think It is Amelia again…. This time I don’t hesitate as I fling the door open…

I am met with a rush of perfume, exhilaration, and a voluptuous kiss planted on my lips…at first I sort of resist then melt into the feeling of the lusciousness of the lips as my head is pulled into the embrace and I respond by caressing her lips with mine …it seems to last forever…. Out of the corner of my eye I see a fellow conference member who grins and mouthed what happens on conference stays on conference….mate I don’t care I think…these are fantastic lips and they are on mine…

As suddenly as we kissed we parted. A walking dynamo was my first thought.

Pour me a wine she commands as she pushes me back into the room. I nervously pour a glass and bring it to her. As I walk towards her I covertly appraise her outfit. Under her black velvet jacket, I can see a dark top, almost opaque with a black low-cut bra pushing her breasts up, demanding that you look and admire them.

In contrast her striking red skirt swirls around her as she walks into the room inspecting her new domain. As she struts towards the bed her ankles encased in boots with a high than normal heel extending her calf lending an air of elegance. She emanates the air of a woman in control….a woman who knows what she wants …..and how to get it.

She takes the glass of wine from me while at the same time traces the outline of my cock with her other hand…my cock and my mind both go into overdrive….they both do not know how much they can take….instinctively I reach out to touch her hand but am immediately rebuked.

I’ll let you know when you can touch she says firmly…. You are to do what I say ….I nod acquiescently….feeling submissive but excited at the same time.

Take your clothes off but leave your panties on….in fact I want you to do a striptease for me…make me want to want…. no desire your body you say to me…

In my head I ask myself how the fuck do I do a strip tease for a woman as attractive as her… my eyes dwell on your breasts …. I start to remove my shirt imagining as I do so that your beasts are straining for release from their own confinement….I sensuously (hopefully) remove my shirt…and I can see your eyes are drinking in my torso….while not perfect for my lifestyle it is not too bad…. I undo the belt and let it hang and undo the zip… I let my pants just hang on my hips….not letting them drop…hiding from her view my package which is wanting to spring into action…then with a flaunt I let my clothes drop to the floor …watching your face for a reaction…. I am now almost naked with only my panties on while she is still fully dressed obviously in control…brusquely she tells me hands behind your back….you are not to touch me….my desire to touch her elevates to an almost unbearable want….

She seems to like what she sees as she walks towards me asking if I am ok…..we had agreed a safe word but there was no way I was going to use it yet….although my cock wanted relief ….I felt no concerns……but then she kneels in front of me and with one finger traces slowly ever so slowly the outline of my cock trapped in the silky panties….

I gasp and my knees tremble a little….. she leans in even closer I can feel her warm breath on my cock….is she going to …….is she going to….then I feel her tongue through the panties strongly flick the glans and then gently lick away any precum that has accumulated.

I look down at her face as she looks up at me and asks in a sultry tone….who does this belong to….is it all mine tonight…. I can hardly talk my mouth so dry with expectation….I nod and manage to croak out Yours…..whereby she then reminds me I am not to cum without her permission…..OMG I cry inside …I don’t know how long I can stand this….a beautifully dressed woman exquisitely breathing warm air onto and tracing my cock outline and telling me not to cum….

Thankfully, she moved back to sit on the edge of the bed… I just knew I was going to explode if she had kept going…

Reminding me that I can only look and not touch she lay back on the bed and pulled her skirt up revealing that nirvana that I hoped I would be allowed to enjoy at some stage…

Look at me she said as she pulled her sheer panties up tight against her pussy showing me that like me she was shaved and presented a beautifully outline of her pussy. I knew from on-line conversations she was not a flashy sort of person so with her throwing caution to the wind in this show of domination it was plain to see her pussy was glistening and very very desirable……

Looking me straight in the eye she leans even further back on the bed running her fingers up and down and occasionally dipping her fingers in and then licking them….how I so wanted to lick those fingers for her..

Watching her I could see she was going to tease me immensely her breasts were starting to heave as her breathing accelerated…her pussy lips started to engorge with the blood rushing in as the stimulation continued. …. She then slipped her hand inside her panties, flicking her clit teasing it to grow and become engorged like my cock…I could sense her feelings of wanton lust growing as she started to head towards her relief..

I found myself moaning and groaning in excitement almost matching her moaning cadence with my own…Fuck ….how much I want to cum….I feel jealous of her hand/s as I want to be there licking, sucking, stroking, where her hands are….her back is starting to arch and her hips start to writhe almost uncontrollably as she reaches her peak and the first of many orgasms tonight….. if I have anything to do with it.

After regaining her senses, she lay back on the bed….allowing me the luxury of gazing wantonly and lustfully at her body….

Come over here she commands me…..I need cleaning…I turn to go into the bathroom ….No she commands me …. clean me with your tongue …. Take my underwear off and clean me up using only your tongue…. You can use your hands only to take my beautifully soaked panties off.

Moving slowly as commanded to kneel at the edge of the bed she moves to the edge of the bed raising her hips and letting me slip my fingers into her panties… I flick her engorged bud …… again she rebukes me …. no touching until I allow you…..

Starting to pull her panties down she reminds me that I must do it slowly .. letting her savour, the moment of her control over me…

As the panties drenched with her juices slide down the fragrance is enticing … aphrodisiacal in both appearance and scent … I struggle slightly to get them over her shoes but with a little dexterity and a flourish they are off ….

I look up to what I am sure will be heaven with all of my senses actively working together to enjoy the moment….. Tentatively I move up and place the flat of my tongue on her swollen pussy lips resting it there enjoying the taste of her juices …. ambrosia of her enjoyment….I want to taste more but as I probe between her lips she retreats and says no clean me only nothing else…I am immensely frustrated and reach down to play a little with my cock seeking some relief ….NO NO NO… she says sternly and gestures me to stand up….I get slowly and apprehensively to my feet…what now I wonder… my balls are aching wanting relief ..I have not had blue balls like this since I was eighteen and in the park with Daphne….she at least let me touch her more than this….

She moves in closer and pulls my panties down exposing my turgid rod that springs out at her…she smiles knowingly….as again she licks the precum from my glans ….licking her lips….that’s good she murmurs ….but no relief …not yet …no cumming until I say so…. and with that she puts my cock back inside it’s silky cocoon…..

I am at breaking point….what else does she have in store…. Can I have a cold shower I ask……

She dismissed my request knowing how much I enjoy showers…she knew this was another way of keeping control over me…

Did you bring your lap top she asked me? I did have mine as I had used it at the conference and mentioned to her a little sulkily that you never asked me to bring one… she looked at me and said that I needed to change my attitude if I wanted to cum…or get any relief….

Taking her laptop out of her bag I went to get mine pleased to be able to move normally although my balls were aching incessantly…can you damage the jewels if they get too full I wondered..

We both (after a bit of a technology struggle) log in to our favourite site…she insists on logging in both computers to her account…(I didn’t know you could do that).

She turns her webcam on so she is in partial view while I view any messages coming in …..I am starting to relax the effect is that my cock has gone a little soft ….

Looking at me I can see she is thinking of what to do next…Take my boots off me and give me a quick foot massage to keep me relaxed… she commands…

Kneeling in front of her I unzip her boots again covertly glancing at her legs and the tops of her stockings….

She sets the rules…you are to read out the messages as they come in don’t reply to them just read them out…I’ll set up a separate room for us to allow invited members in…this is something new for me…watching her as she did it….

After setting up the room she tells me to tell the main room that the room is set up and people can join the room….

I type the message…. Special thrills to be seen in the mistress room…everyone welcome…

Watching her is a pleasure ….she is lying back running her hands over breasts outside of her lacy bra occasionally pulling her top down to show off her bra….am I allowed to look at her I glance secretively and furtively all the while keeping my eyes on the screen for new messages…

…. Hi XXX sexy view….how about showing us more….

…. Would love to see your nipples….can I see them

….Hi XXX you are looking hot tonight…wish I was there…

…I’m getting hard watching you…can I PM you

…would love to lick your nipples and suck hard on your tits

…If you let me suck your tits you can suck mine….we are about the same size…. (She seems interested in this one)

I think to myself…. Be careful people she is a mistress and won’t let you cum until she lets you…. Reading these I start to get aroused again … fuck I really want to cum….

The room is filling up indicating that the message is getting out there…I notice she has moved the computer and adjusted her clothes so the view is now heading towards the golden triangle…with the tops of her stocking on view….from her previous orgasmic experience I can see she is starting to get aroused again…

Gesturing to me she indicates I should sit next to her and be in view…. I’m a little reluctant but she gives me a look to say if you want to cum then sit over here…

I’m not sure I want to be seen like this but then my horniness takes over and I move into screen…

Reaching over she turns her microphone on and lets everyone know she has a sub in the room and that he is not allowed to cum until she says he can….

She then asks for suggestions she can get him (me) to do….

They come thick and fast .

Push her skirt up further… she indicates I should do that…

Suck on her tits….no she says….

Play with her nipples….yes she says…..

Lick under her breasts… she says…but I break the rule and do it ….she realises it is a turn on…..and lets me do it a little longer…

Go down on her …she says no …she knows that will push her over the edge… she is enjoying seeing me still hard and dripping

Show us how hard you are …she says yes ….I stand and slowly lower my silk panties slowly forcing it over my very hard cock ….

I turns me on even more knowing that probably more men that women are on the site and being bi I appreciate the platitudes about my cock and what some of them would like to do with me… making me harder still …

While turning me on I can see she is also entrenched in the situation and enjoying the fact that she has control over me and is where a lot of other people would like to be…

Touch her pussy…is it wet…I am about to cum…one writes…she is interested in this one… has she two men under her spell….she nods her assent …..

I reach out tentatively and run my fingers gently over the heart of her femininity….which is glistening and her pink pearl is wanting attention….

She is getting turned on even more and quietly tells me to keep reading… all the while to keep stroking….

Lick your fingers after playing with her lips…bet they will taste nice…. She nods and I do so…

Find her G Spot… make her cum….no she says

I am cumming now reads one message….she loves that one as she realises the power she has had…

Suddenly a forceful message comes in … in capital letters

GET HIM TO MAKE YOU CUM …..but he is not to cum….

PLAY WITH HER CLIT WITH YOUR COCK …but don’t you cum ….holy fuck is this guy for real… she looks at me …grins wickedly and nods yes…..

Then he adds more …this guy has done this before….

Turn on my camera so you can both see me while I watch you …she nods…..

He is there with us….a sort of ménage a trois but in cyberspace… seems a little weird…. But not to her she is biting her lips and loving the fact that she now has two men responding to what she wants seemingly ignoring the other 150 men watching ….

Looking at his camera he is fully clothed while we are exposed to his view… he wants to know and watch to ensure I am doing what he wants….wait a moment does this mean I now have a mistress and a master….or is it that she also now has a master….

Put the head of your cock in the warmth of her pussy and withdraw making sure it is glistening with her juices…..and then rub it up to her bud and tap it gently with you cock then slide you cock down the side of her pussy slip it in make it wet then back up the other side…..but no cock in pussy only enough to keep everything fluid….

She is laying back concentrating on her own feelings almost succumbing to him…but also feeling a sense of power over me as I am still not allowed to cum….

It’s hard …not to cum…when as I slip in to keep moist she pushes forward as if she wants me to put my cock in as deep as I can… but he is watching…. However she is building and is saying fuck me but I know I’m not allowed …even though I want to so much and still she writhes and buck as my cock at time slips from her bud…but I quickly get back on spot…until finally she gives a slight squeal and shriek combined as the waves of satisfaction washed over her body …seemingly more intense than her previous one that evening…

The stranger now is smiling and says excellent ….both of you ….but then he says to her He is yours again…have fun…..

FUCK I cry internally when will you let me cum…….