Written by Anonymous


We had invited friends (I’ll call them Bob & Kirsty) to come over on a Saturday afternoon to watch a rugby test match. This wasn’t an going to be an ordinary afternoon though. We were wanting to experiment with a same room wife swap. We’d all been talking about it for weeks and today was going to be the day. There were rules for our lovely partners to observe though. They were required to wear their choice of either a slutty outfit or just lingerie and were to serve us two gentlemen with refreshments on demand. The girls were also to call me Mr President and our friend was to be addressed as Master. I knew Kirsty had a thing for Obama so had to work that into the scenario just for her.

Leading up to this particular day, both girls had spoken about what they were going to wear and were getting excited about parading around wearing not much at all. It was agreed that my wife would wear the slutty outfit and our friends’ partner would wear lingerie.

The Saturday couldn’t arrive any faster. I really wasn’t too fussed about the rugby and had been in a state of semi-arousal for days thinking of how sexy the girls were going to look and what was going to unfold. Around mid afternoon I had showered and got changed. My wife was next and instructed me to keep out of our bedroom. She said as soon as our guests arrive, I was to ask Kirsty to join her in the bedroom.

Bob & Kirsty arrived and after handshakes & hugs, we went through to the lounge. Kirsty had a long coat on and aside from black stiletto’s & what I hoped were stockings, I had no idea what she was wearing underneath. Her perfume smelled great though and just served to amp up my state of arousal. I served drinks and said that my wife wanted Kirsty to join her in our bedroom. I asked Bob what she was wearing – he had no idea either, he too was instructed to leave their bedroom while she got ready.

TV was on and the curtain raiser was almost over. Bob and I were relaxing and chatting on the sofa. We heard giggles and chat coming from up the hallway from the direction of our bedroom. “Here we go” I said. We heard to bedroom door open and neither of us could believe the sight that walked into the lounge.

My wife was wearing a tight white satin crop top with no bra. A short black leather mini skirt with black stockings, suspender and thigh high boots with stiletto heels. She was wearing super glossy wet look lipstick and was sucking on a lollipop. She turned around and bent over slightly – we could just make out a thong disappearing into her arse and could see the tops of her black stockings and suspender. She looked at me and said, “do you like my outfit Mr President?” Holy shit, she looked amazing. My first thought was “oh fuck, you dirty little bitch.” Job done. She turned back around and touched her breasts. I said, “Your President likes very much”. I couldn’t help myself and was rubbing my cock which was bursting to be released from my jeans.

Kirsty was still wearing her coat and her black heels. She looked at us both and slowly undid the coat buttons, opened it up and let it slide off her shoulders and to the floor. “Does Master approve?” she asked Bob. I didn’t know what he was thinking but I was sure as hell impressed. Bob must have approved because he too was rubbing his cock through his pants. Kirsty was wearing her favourite heels with black stockings & suspender. Instead of a thong she was wearing black silk brief panties and a matching push up bra. She doesn’t really need a push up bra – she has an amazing body that I have secretly lusted after for a long time. She too, turns around to show off her arse.

At this stage I couldn’t care less about the rugby. The girls however, insisted that we watch the match. They agreed to serve us guys with drinks and food. They were also allowed to do whatever they liked with us but we weren’t to touch them unless invited to.

The girls went to the kitchen and fetched drinks & nibbles. They came into the lounge and served us. “Here’s your bourbon Mr President” said my wife. She handed me my drink and then looked me in the eye and rubbed my cock, then giggled and stepped back out of reach. Kirsty was instructed to bow before her master. “Your drink Master” she said as she handed him a glass of wine. He seemed to ignore her and put his glass on the table beside him. I could sense a bit of tension between them – it must be the role play as they exchanged knowing looks.

Kirtsy stepped back and said that we looked uncomfortable and should take our jeans off. We both complied. There was no hiding the fact we were both turned on and enjoying the start of the afternoon. Both women looked sexy as fuck and the sexy clothing and the way they both moved and occasionally touched each other was such a turn on. At one stage they walked past each other and paused to kiss each other on the lips. This seemed to be a signal they’d agreed on - my wife stepped forward and knelt down in front of me and started rubbing my cock. She pulled my boxers off and stroked me ever so softly. My cock was twitching with excitement. Kirtsy was doing the same with Bob. Bob looked at me and asked “you’ve always wanted to fuck Kirsty haven’t you?” I couldn’t lie, she was a very attractive woman who just seemed to have sex appeal seeping from every pore. “Of course I have. I guess in the same way you’d like to fuck my wife”.

He looked at Kirsty and nodded. She swapped places with my wife – I knew she liked Bob, we’d often shared fantasies about the four of us getting together. Kirsty kissed me full on the lips. Her tongue tasted delicious. I moved to touch her and she pushed my hands aside – “no, not yet Mr President” she said with her sexy, smouldering voice and a cheeky smile. My wife is doing the same with Bob. We both had no pants on, both had a hard on and both had a gorgeous woman touching and stroking and kissing us. At the same time the women looked us in the eye and went down on us. The feel of a different woman’s mouth on me was amazing. The way she took all of my cock in her mouth and then back out to lick and suck the tip was almost excruciating in the pleasure it gave me.

A glance over at Bob showed he was experiencing the same thing. It was a massive turn on to see my sexy wife sucking another mans cock. I had my friends partner sucking my cock and there I was fantasising about my wife being fucked by Bob. I looked down at Kirsty. She had slowed down and was staring right at me. I thought, God I have to fuck this gorgeous woman.

Bob then suggested that we take a small break and refresh our drinks. My wife got up to join Kirsty but Bob said no, she should stay with us. He then instructed Kirtsy to stop being a fucking slut and go and get our drinks and not to take too long. She bowed her head and said “Yes, Master”. My wife wasn’t sure what to do next and so Bob suggested we put some music on for some half time entertainment. She took the hint as she’s done in the past and put some cruisy music on and started to dance. She had stripped for me in the past and could give any professional stripper a run for their money. She's got natural sexy moves. She performed a strip down to her bare breasts & thong. She kept the thigh length boots on though, which helped keep the slutty appearance. She kneeled between Bob and I and started to alternate sucking and stroking us at the same time. She kept the theme going and looked at me and asked “am I doing this right Mr President?” “Oh, yes you are sweetheart” I replied. I then told her to sit on Bobs lap. She did so and started grinding herself on Bobs cock. Fuck it looked great. She was facing away from him and he had reached around and was playing with her tits and tweaking her nipples. He then moved a hand down between my wife’s legs and fingered her pussy. She relaxed back into him and was moaning with pleasure. He moved his hand back up and she licked and sucked them before he put his hand back down to finger fuck her again.

Kirtsy was waiting patiently to serve us. Bob seemed impatient with her and asked her what she was waiting for and to serve our drinks immediately. “Yes, Master” she replied. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Kirsty. I’ve only ever seen her in jeans or tight pants and sexy tops. Standing there just in lingerie & heels she looked amazing. Both women were simply stunning. This was certainly the hottest, most sexual experience we had ever had.

Meanwhile my wife and Bob had started fucking. He had pulled her thong aside and had her sitting on his cock facing him. He was sucking her tits and she was grinding away on his cock, absolutely loving it. Kirsty stood right in front of me and she reached around to unclip her bra. She let it drop to the floor revealing perfect breasts. Then she turned around and bent over and slowly peeled her panties off. Then she reached between her legs and started to finger herself.

She turned to face me and offered me the fingers that had just been in her pussy. I took them in my mouth and tasted her for the first time. I had wanted this woman secretly for so long. She was standing in front of me and I didn’t know what to do next! I didn’t want to fuck this up. Fortunately, Bob spoke up and said “get on your back so he can lick your cunt you bitch” She replied “Yes, Master” and obeyed him. This was oddly hot – my wife and I hadn’t experienced any sort of domination behaviour before and it was adding a cool dynamic to the afternoon.

Kirsty lay down on our sofa and opened her legs. I kneeled between them and stroked and kissed her inner thighs. Like my wife, she was freshly waxed and her pussy was silky soft. I had to taste her and went down on her. Her clit was a gorgeous hard nub that I took in my mouth & licked & sucked & teased. She was wet and had grabbed the back of my head pulling my face into her. I had started to speed up my licking & flicking and she was squirming with pleasure. “ooooohhh fuuuuck yessss!” she cried out. She looked great lying back on the sofa, I stood up, pulled her legs up & apart and used the tip of my cock to tease her clit. I then pushed all the way in and started fucking this gorgeous woman.

While I was fucking Kirtsy my wife was being fucked from behind by Bob. He was calling her “filthy bitch” and “dirty little slut” and she was obviously liking it! She was asking over & over if Mr President liked it. He was responding that yes, he did like it. I thought I might have a go at some name calling myself so I mustered up what I thought was a masterful voice and said to Kirsty “get on all fours, bitch”. She responded at first with a look that I thought asked “Oh really, you’re the Master now?” Then she said “Yes, Master” and moved onto all fours then asked “Will you spank me now?”. I have to admit I looked to Bob for some sort of guidance. My wife was sucking his cock again and he just said “she fucking loves it”.

So there I am with a view of this woman’s arse & pussy. I entered her and started fucking her. She has wonderful arse cheeks and I tentatively slapped one. I almost apologised when she gave a squeek of pain, but she just said “harder please Master”. Again I looked over at Bob. He had my wife on her back with her legs over his shoulders. She still had her boots on and was enjoying being fucked. So I slapped Kirsty’s butt harder and then again and again as she kept saying “yes please, yes please”. I was starting to get a sore hand and her arse cheeks were red and hot. Every time I slapped her I could feel her pussy tighten up, it felt amazing.

I told her to get on her back so I could fuck her properly. She said “yes Master, would you like me to make you cum?” Well just hearing her say that almost did the trick. It's gone quiet from the other end of the sofa and I see that Bob and my wife have finished. They’re lying on the floor together watching us. Kirsty and I are fucking each other in perfect rhythm. I was thinking that I had lusted after her and wanted her for so long. At that same moment she let out a moan and I felt her pussy clenching my cock. I cum and it felt like her pussy was milking me, the sensation was so intense.

We collapsed and got our breath back. We kissed and snuggled into each other while Bob and my wife were doing the same thing. We eventually all got cleaned up & dressed. The four of us chatted and had a few drinks and laughs. I couldn’t believe this had just happened. I guess this is what friends with benefits is all about.

By the way, we had no idea who had won the rugby…