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10:30pm and Velvet is still awake. An early start, a whole day cleaning and yet her mind is going over and over the strip tease show she performed.

What if it was a trap and Tony has told her boss! What if he is not happy with her performance and he complains about her actual service!

Nobody said anything during the day and she had no awkward phone calls from the Lodge so it should be okay.

In the morning she will return the money even if she really needs it. That thought made her feel better and she can now sleep.

6am again, Velvet is in the kitchen waiting for the breakfast trays. Only two today, maybe Tony left. The kitchen porter hands the list: batch 7 and 18.

Velvet feels her knees weaken under her, takes a breath and starts walking down the neat path of manicured gardens. Room 7 is an easy delivery. She tries to compose herself and repeats her intentions under her breath “good morning Tony, I am returning the money you gave me. I am not supposed to interact with guests, especially in the manners of yesterday”

Velvet knocks at the door, waits for the invite and enters the batch.

The lounge is in darkness and the same dim light in the bedroom. Tony is waiting for her, sitting in bed with his friendly smile he greets her. Velvet chokes on words, places the tray by the bed and without looking at him she spills her thoughts. Tony listens calmly and says “I would never make do anything you don’t want to do but please listen to my offer before you go” Velvet nods, her eyes fixed to the floor. “ I will give you $1000 if you strip again and give me a bow job”. Velvet takes a step back. Should she feel insulted? She is not a whore! What is this man up to?

Tony continues “think of this as a game, the prize is not bad and you can stop anytime you like”. Tony is charming, intriguing and she really reds the money. With a timid smile Velvet agrees to the game.

The radio is playing a soft music, velvet closed her eyes and start stripping again. With every piece of clothing she removes, she feels more and more excited. The game is fun, she likes to be admired. The bra comes off, her big breasts are bearing stiff nipples. She is caressing them, taking her nipples between her fingers. She sits on the bed as removes her undies. On all four she moves closer to Tony. She takes her breasts I her hands, rubs them, opens her legs and touches her pussy. Her fingers are cover in her juices, she likes them and plays with herself some more. She looks at Tony’s cock as it swells and pre cum is dripping off it.

Velvet moves her hair to one side and takes Tony’s cock in her mouth. He moans, watches her sucking his shaft, slowly at first then deeper and quicker. She is licking it all over with greed then takes it in her mouth again, moving her hand up and down until he comes.

She gets dressed in the room this time, a smile on her face.

Tony looks at her and says again “. See you tomorrow “

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