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Another day, another lot of guests to attend to.

The Lodge was an old but luxurious resort. Guests were wealthy people from all over the world, mainly middle age couples and honeymooners.

Velvet is in the kitchen waiting for the silver trays to be loaded with breakfast croissants, fresh fruits and yogurt; she is on the early morning shift.

After delivering breakfast, she will start her cleaning duties.

The list of early breakfast is short, only three houses to visit.

At times the guests will request the accommodation to be tidied up and replenished of fresh towels while they are consuming their breakfast.

Velvet is never comfortable with the request and she is hoping every guest will be up and ready to leave for the day.

The first two breakfasts are delivered swiftly, now the third and she can go back to the housekeepers lodge for a cup of tea.

Velvet straightens up her black dress, dusts off the white apron and checks her hair in the in a window reflection before knocking at the door of Batch 18, the last building in the neat row of batches amongst the manicured gardens.

There is no answer. Velvet knocks again and a faint voice calls “come in”.

Velvet enters the dark lounge and feels her way to the scarcely lit bedroom, adjusting her vision to the dim lighting quickly so not to spill any of the breakfast.

The mount in the bed moves slowly to reveal a gentleman around fifty years old.

He stretches his arms above his head and in a yawn he asks for the tray to be placed on the bedside table.

Velvet smile is not the reflection of her thoughts but demanding customers usually leave a generous tip.

The tray is in position and Velvet pirouettes on her heels for a quick exit.

“ could you please pour my coffee?” The man has suddenly risen from his sleepy status and he is now sitting comfortably in his big bed, with a winning grin.

Velvet turns back and approaches the side table. The coffee smells divine and Velvet feels a bit better about the close proximity she has to have with a stranger.

The man is making small talk and Velvet realises he is actually pleasant and rather handsome.

He introduces himself as Tony and he politely asks Velvet to bring him his robe.

As velvet nears the bed, Tony moves the bed duvet away from his body to reveal a masculine, well toned body and a wonderful erection.

Velvet is astound and mesmerised by the vision, she tries to speak but her voice is as stuck as her eyes on the stiff appendix.

Regaining senses, she apologies and heads quickly for the door.

Tony calls back: “I apologise for making you feel uncomfortable” he says “would you mind opening the curtains?”

Velvet is blushing, confused and excited. But why excited? This is a guest and she can get fired if he complains about her. Why complaining? She hasn’t done anything wrong.

The curtains are drawn and Tony asks Velvet “can I ask you something that will have to remain only between us?”

Velvet’s heart is beating fast but she agrees.

“ I went to the casino last night and I won $2000. I will give you $500 if strip your clothes off.”

Velvet makes a quick calculation, ponders the situation and nods.

Tony sits on the bed, sips at his coffee and turns the radio on.

Velvet closes her eyes to get in the mood and she start swaying to the slow rhythm.

Her hands move from her neck to her hips, slowly, taking time to caress every curve of her womanly body.

The apron strings are released, the apron slips off easily to reveal her large breasts under the black dress.

She plays with skirt, pulling it slowly to uncover her thighs.

She opens the buttons at the front of the dress one by one, slips one shoulder after the other and the dress falls on the floor.

She turns around, hands on the back of a chair, swings slowly her hips and moves a hand from her calf up to her bottom. Her index fingers sliding in the side of her undies, pulling them down and back up in a teasing manner she has only dreamt of being able to perform.

Facing Tony, she undoes the bra clips, brings her hands to her breasts and flicks her bra onto the bed.

She walks towards the bed, sits at the end of it, brings her legs in the air and slips her undies off.

Tony has a good view of her pussy and she makes sure he can remember it by flicking her lower legs a few times before calling the end of the game.

Tony is looking pleased. He removes his robes and offers it to Velvet. He invites to get dressed in his bathroom.

Velvet’s head is spinning and she doesn’t want to think of what just happened.

She walks out of the bathroom and Tony hands her $500. He kisses her on her cheek and says “I see you tomorrow morning”.

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