The knocking at the door became more insistent. Mary started to move, so my cock slipped from her anal sheath. She arose from the bed and walked nakedly out of the room. The sight of this married Lady's body was enticing. She disappeared for a brief second, then returned. "Fuck," she said. She put on some tracksuit pants and a top. She said, "bloody neighbour's here. Be quiet."

I heard the door open. I heard another female voice ask, "are you okay? I heard some moaning and a loud call of fuck." I must admit that I had to smile.

Mary quickly allayed her fears by saying, " I was cleaning up the house and dropped an old wedding present. That is why you may have heard me swear." The two ladies continued to converse for another minute of two. The neighbor asked Mary to be careful and try not to swear so she could be heard from her garden. Mary replied, "well if my lover stops giving me orgasms I will be fine." I nearly fell from the bed. The Neighbor said, "if he is that good send to my place next."

The door closed and Mary soon reappeared. Her tracksuit pants had a big wet patch at the back. I remembered that she had rushed out to talk with the neighbor with an ass full of come.

Mary got rid of her clothes and made her way to the bed. She lay down beside me and we kissed long and deep. Our hands began to roam each others bodies. My hands worked her nipples tweaking and twisting them whilst we kissed. Mary's hands ravaged my hardening cock. Mary then climbed on and inserted my cock into her pussy. She then rode my cock like a fine jockey. Rising up and down whilst keeping her hands firmly on my chest. It was clear that Mary wanted to enjoy this day fully. Her hips started to shake and her eyes closed as the first parts of her next orgasm began. Now I took control and thrusted my cock in and out of her velvet glove. Mary lowered her head and bit my shoulder as she came. The sperm began to boil up and before I could stop myself, come blastered into her pussy. We both sank into the bed.

I don't know what time it was when I awoke to the feeling of my cock being sucked and licked. I looked down and there was sweet Mary. her head bobbing away. I pulled her up to kiss her lips. Mary said, "fuck my ass again. Tonight when I lie here with my husband I want to know that my ass was given to the Man I love." My heart skipped a beat but my cock was hard. I told Mary to lay on her back. She looked a little concerned but I assured her that her ass was my target. Mary did what she was told. I then positioned her legs so they were high in the air. Again I used lube to loosen her ass hole and love channel. I again used fingers to get it nice and open. Mary not only endured but began to moan. I then pushed her legs and knees back towards her head. Her asshole was soon adjacent to my cockhead. I then pushed my cock into her brown warm vice channel. This time I went straight in. Mary held her legs until my balls were resting against her cheeks of her ass. Mary looked me in the eye and said, "fuck me you bastard."

This time I wasn't interested in being kind. I moved my cock rapidly in and out of her ass. Mary thrashed her head about in pleasure and pain. I hammered her ass until I felt the sperm build for a third time. I gripped her hips and blew a load of come into her ass. Mary had come a couple of times. I pulled my cock from her ass and went to wash it off. When I returned Mary was asleep on the bed with semen dripping from her ass. I pulled a blanket over her and quietly left via the back door.

Mary came into my classroom the following Tuesday. She was full of the joys of life. It seemed that her husband and her had got their own sex life back into action. We both agreed that the risks were to much and I had just won a position in another school would allow what we had to end. What was the lesson learned?

Although screwing the crew is exciting, one should avoid it at all costs.

This is the end of this story. Thank you for all of you who have commented and liked the story.

Have a great New Year.

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