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You shouldn't screw the crew- Part 7

"Crossing the line"
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We soon discovered that as much as we wanted to screw each others brains out, organisation and logistics became part of schedules. With Mary being married and my teaching time for great quality sex was a premium. School also became a place to be careful as people tended to turn up at the most unfortunate times. So for the next couple of months our encounters were limited to the odd fingering of Mary's pussy or a quick blow job. The time also made us more horny. So it was around October when Mary came up to me in the room. She asked me "what are you doing this Saturday?" As I had no coaching and wasn't playing any sport, I told her I was free. She smiled. She then gave me her home address but asked if I would park a street over. Lastly she said, "bring some lube." She then turned away from me, placing her hands on her ass cheeks. Mary turned her head and said, "this Saturday you are fucking my ass." I just about filled my shorts with sticky come upon hearing that news. As I drove home Friday night I stopped in at the local supermarket and purchased some lube. Mary had asked me to come around to her house about 10.30am. I knocked on Mary's door at 10.40am. The lube was safe in my jacket pocket. The door open and there stood Mary dressed in a sexy nightie. I could see that she had nothing on underneath it. I quickly entered her house and closed the door behind me. I then took in the view of this married Lady. Her small breasts were beautifully shaped by the top of the nightie. Her pussy was observable just under the hemline. Her eyes glowed, so I pulled her to me and kissed her sweet lips. Our tongues danced in each others mouths. Her pussy rubbed against my hard cock. She said, "go down the corridor and take the 3rd door on the right." I did this whilst Mary ensured that all the doors were locked. In the room was a large double bed. I could see pictures of Mary, her husband on the dresser. Mary came in. She approached me from behind and started to strip my clothes off. First my top, then my shorts, then my tshirt and finally my underwear. I looked in the dresser mirror and there was the most sexiest sight. Mary was behind me wearing her sexy nightie, whilst her hand was stroking my cock. She started to kiss my neck. I wanted to turn, but she said , "no". The lube came out and she applied it to my my cock. She coated it with lube until it was easily slipping between her hand as she stroked it. She then handed me the lube. "Lube my ass babe." This Married Lady then went and got on all fours on her bed, her married bed. Her sweet ass was in the air, swaying. I approached and kissed her cheeks. I then pulled her cheeks apart exposing her beautiful asshole. I licked along her crack. She started to groan. Her hand slipped backwards to play with her pussy. The feeling really adventurous, I pushed the tip of my tongue into her clean asshole. Mary gripped the sheets and groaned. I pushed it in and then withdrew, Mary gasped. I then got the lube and gently poured some into her asshole. Using my middle finger first, I gently pushed lube down her anus. I gently moved the lube around adding more to make the tunnel slippery. By the time Mary was ready, I had one finger and a thumb inside her ass. She was big enough for my cock. The beauty of not having a large dick is the amount of anal sex you can get. I got Mary to relax, and positioned my self behind her. She looked up and said, "you are the first in my ass." Man I just about blew my load then. Putting more lube on my cock, I placed my head at the opening of her recently relaxed ass. "Here we go my darling. The first 3 minutes will hurt a bit, but I will go slow. But afterwards you will love ass fucking." Before she could say anything, I grabbed her hips and started to impale her on my cock. It was fucken tight getting my cock head through the ring, but once past her sphincter the lube played its part and I slipped into her tight velvet tunnel. When my balls touched her pussy, Mary knew I was ass deep. "You ok?" Mary said, "yes. It hurt at the start but now I feel full." I waited another minute before slowly pulling back a bit, before thrusting forward. I slowly started to fuck Mary's ass. I could see her eyes were closed and her fingers were playing with her clit. Mary's breasts slowly moved in time as my cock thrust in and out of her ass. Mary started to moan and began to have mini-orgasms. But I kept up the nice slow pace until I could feel her lags begin to twitch. I noticed she was no longer playing with her clit by had both hands scrunching the bed cover. Her head was moving and her eyes were closed. She then said, "fuck my ass you bastard, make me come." Always a gentleman I started to speed up and started to hammer her ass. Mary then arched her back, "fuuuucccckk ." Mary came and could not hold back any longer. I filled her ass with cream and we both collapsed on the bed. We must have laid there for 5 minutes when we awoke from our daze with a knock on the front door. (Please comment and let me know if you want to know the final chapter)

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