The following week was very interesting indeed. I was able to have some conversations with Mary but nothing more. On the Friday she left a note for me, "make sure you have condoms on Sunday."

On Sunday I got to school early so I could get my work done, as I anticipated that during the lunch hour I would be busy. Sure enough about 11.45am there was a knock at the classroom door. I opened it and in came Mary. She looked amazing or maybe I was just horny.

We moved towards the back of the classroom which meant we were out of sight. There I kissed her and both our hands roam over each other's bodies. Mary had small breasts but they were firm with pink nipples. As I opened her blouse I noticed that her nipples were already hard in her bra. This was not the time to muck around so we both got rid of clothes and lay down. I used my hands on her breasts whilst kissing her neck. I started to kiss down her body. My lips played with her nipples sucking and teasing them. My hands had moved to her beautiful moist valley. My fingers played with her clit and she gasped. I slid my finger gently in and it felt her warm moist pussy. As I withdrew my finger a little bit, I lightly nipped her nipple with my teeth. A light moan escaped her lips. Mary then said, "stop". I was worried and did immediately what she said. She then pushed me onto my back and kissed her way down my body. I felt her hand grab my cock tightly. Then her warm lips kissed the head. Gently she gave me two kisses and then she kissed down the shaft. Her hand started to slowly pump my cock. Mary then opened her mouth and I felt the warm pleasure of being inside her mouth. She took just the head inside but used her tongue to swirl around the head. She did this for about 2 minutes. She looked up at me at that moment with the look of a pleased lady. "Where are those condoms?" Gasping I said "pants pocket." She got the box out and passed to me. I must admit I had to focus on getting a condom out and onto my cock without blowing a load. But I did it.

Mary then pushed me back to the floor and squatted over me. For the second time that day my cock was in a warm and moist place. Mary teased me by only allowing a little bit of me in initially and then raising herself off. But soon I was all the way in. She looked like Aphrodite with her eyes closed, her nipples firm riding my cock. She set the pace slowly building our mutual pleasure. Up , down, up down, up, down. Then she let out a moan, She lowed herself right to my chest and whispered in my ear, "fuck me". Underneath her I began to increase the pace, sawing my cock in and out of her pussy. She buried her lips into my neck as she started to come. She pushed off my chest and screamed, "oh fuck, fuck, fuck you." She came and then right on cue the come boiled from my balls into the condom as so did I.

We lay there for about 15 minutes, naked and helpless. Slowly we came to our senses and got dressed again. Mary said, "Sundays are becoming a great way to start the week." I smiled and kissed her on the lips. Mary left, and that was timely as 15 minutes later another teacher came into the block to do some work.

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