So there I was standing in the staffroom kitchen colleagues around me enjoying a few drinks and a song. I also had a sultry married lady standing beside and my fly was open.

Mary leaned over, "keep talking and this will be good." So I took a sip of my beer and noted that nobody else could see what was happening behind the kitchen counter. I felt her hand brush and trace the outline of my cock. She then moved her hand to the top of underwear and bought them down a bit exposing my cock to the fresh air. I gasped.

She then leaned over and said, "now I am going to show you the Manchester swirl." Don't drink anything." She then did the most amazing thing with her fingernail to the head of my penis. At times it felt like she was trying to insert her finger nail into my cock. But she teased, swirled and rubbed it for 5 minutes. At the end I had not come, but a big sweat had broken out on my my brow. God if we weren't in a room full of people I would have paid her back. But she laughed, zipped my hardon up and bought her hand to her lips. She then lick each of her fingers delicately like a cat.

I took a long swig of my beer. Suddenly more people came into the kitchen to talk. So much so she went an stood behind me. She positioned herself so her pussy was right behind my ass. I was talking to the boss when I felt her hand caressing one cheek and then the other. I had to make polite and meaningful conversation whilst her delicate hand rubbed and played with ass. Then he stood beside me and we were looking at the staff having a good time. At that point, Mary then position her pussy next to my ass and began to grind away. She humped my ass and lightly moaned for about 3 minutes before pulling away.

She then said "I am going to the toilet, give me 2 minutes."