The year was 1991 and I had just got my first job after starving for 4 years at Uni. Life was pretty good, so I was surprised when I met Mary on our induction day. Mary was a married lady about 5.3. She had a slim body and a very conservative hair style. She seemed to rarely smile and was very shy. She was a proud mum of two kids and her husband was a bit of a dick.

As the weeks progressed I started to get to know her. She was 30 and had been a mum early in her life. She had come to NZ from Manchester but she had a very sultry and seductive voice. I was 21, working in my first job and she decided to "mother me." Being a Teacher, it was about 4 weeks to go until the end of term, when my girlfriend broke my heart. I spent many a lunchtime with Mary talking about how much a fool I was, and her reminding me that she was a fool.

We grew close over this period. It was during this time she started to talk about her fortnightly 30 seconds of passion. Yes her husband would bang away for 30 seconds, come, roll off her and go to sleep. She asked me "is that how it was for W-Y and me?" I blurted out, "shit no." The last week of the term was really interested and she teased out of me what foreplay was. I told her about massaging a ladies body, teasing her nipples until they were rigid, kissing her ears, licking her beautiful pussy whilst stroking away. Different combinations depending on what they Lady liked.

It was the end of term party and the guitars were playing. I had ended up with one and after an hour needed a break. Handing it off I wondered over to where our drinks were being kept in the kitchen of the staffroom, I was leaning on the counter a cold steinie in my hand when Mary came over. She had a beautiful perfume on and it smelled delicious. She said, "suppose not that you are free, you are going to try and get lucky tonight?"

I replied, "I am just going to see what happens." She moved close to me and we were the only two in the kitchen. She reached with her right hand down and began to squeeze and stroke my crotch. My cock responded immediately and was soon rock hard. But she stopped then I heard, zip.