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"Did an upward glance find us there?"
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We'd meet in a bar, and fooled around, and now she wanted me to come to her place in the middle of the day. It was one of those tiny Paris apartments on the upper floor of an old apartment build. Narrow staircase, shared toilet in the stairwell, one room, shower in the corner, kitchenette next to that. "My mother owns the place", she announced. "she bought the place so I would have somewhere to live while I study". And it was something to brag about, as anyone who has ever lived in Paris knows. It was clean, close to the centre, with a high ceiling and a big old picture window over looking the street 6 floors below. Across the street was an intersection and two large similar old style Parisian apartment buildings. Her bed was in front of the window with the sun streaming in, and after we had kissed for a while we got naked and got into it on the bed. Eventually it was clear that nothing would do except doggy style right in front of the window. As I realised that the curtain was wide open, and that I was deep in her gorgeous, pink, ginger pube lined pussy, right in the centre of the window frame with the sun streaming in, I became self-conscious. I looked out at the all the windows across the way, and down the length of the street opposite, and for a moment I felt my rigidity slacken. I turned back to her, looked at the supple form of her ivory back, the soft curves of her hips and waist, and felt the pressure of her sex around my member; the pink and creme of arse and pussy, and the wisps of ginger pubic hair; her soft moaning and her subtle motion; and I knew there was no stopping for any reason. And if someone was looking out of their window across the street that day they would have had quite a show. I suspect it would not have been the first, and was not the last time that window provided such a spectacle.

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