I can imagine me lying in your bed there, you lying on top of me my rock hard cock stuffed in your mouth as you suck and lick it nice in slow, I'm sucking on your juicy wet pussy you can feel my tongue sliding over your clit sucking your on your pussy lips. Next minute your man burst in and catches us

: He's alittle angry but also turned on we continue as we were my tongue dancing over that clit a your furiously sucking my cock. He moves to the behind of you and notices a vibrator on the bed he picks it up and slides it deep it to your dripping wet snatch and starts fucking you with it. I'm still eating your delicious snatch as he's fucking you hard with that toy

We're still locked in that 69 as your man slides that toy out and slips in his cock he puts the vibrato run my mouth and demands that I lick it clean as I do willingly it taste so fucken good once I've cleaned it all up I head straight back to that clit where I suck it out of your snatch as your pussy been pounded by your man

We're all suckingr and fucking and really enjoying ourselves. Your man grabs that vibrator and slides into your pussy at the same time he has his cock in there. Now your getting fucked with two things buried in that dripping wet cunt as I'm still eating that pussy. He's fucking you hard while I'm eating you manically. Next minute he pulls his cock out and looks at my mouth, where does he put his cock next???

He walks around to you and stands there with his rock hard cock, you grab his cock and take it into your mouth with mine, you have a head in each cheek. I've got that toy and are fucking your pussy nice and hard as I lick and tease that clit, I can feel your juices drip down my throat as you cum, I pull out that toy and lick all that cum off that toy. You taste so fucken good.

There's a cupboard in the room and the door keeps moving slightly every now and then, is there someone in there......

Readers decide who's in there for the story to continue