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Miss H
14 Apr 2021

Who needs kink when vanilla tastes this good

Late night hook up


2 minute read

He messages me late. Sneak around he says. I was tempted. My last few encounters had been lacking…I knew he could send me away happy. I drive over, he is waiting on the bed for me. He smiles, pulls me close. We kiss for a long time, kissing him is everything. We undress each other slowly, him naked, me down to panties and bra. I am so worked up, I push my hips into him, demanding he touch me. His fingers stroke me through the silk then find their way under, he smiles when he feels my wetness. I cum over his hand instantly…sighing at the release. I climb on him, kissing him, sitting up so he can see me. His eyes drink me in, hands on my hips, fuck…..fuuuucccck he breathes. He pulls my bra down, squeezes and twists my nipples just as he knows I love. I kiss my way down his body, his neck, his chest, his gorgeous sinewy, smooth body. I kneel between his legs and stroke his glorious cock. Lick it, taste it, suck it. It’s not his favourite thing but he knows how much I love it so he lets me please myself for a while. I straddle him, rub my aching cunt along his shaft, using his cock to tease myself. I pull my panties to the side and slide down onto him, eyes rolling back as I feel him. I put my hands on the wall above him and brace myself so I can move upon him. I cum over his cock, soaking him. He flips me over onto my back and pushes my legs apart. He fucks me, kisses me, touches me, watches me. He rests his weight on me, one hand gripping my breast hard enough that it will leave a bruise tomorrow, the other in my hair. I feel how close he is, I hold him tight. He bites into the hollow of my neck, moaning his orgasm into me as he fills me up.

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