I had set a precedent. And, over the coming months, it became a habit.

After dressing in her lingerie early on in our relationship, I regularly began to wear her panties, bras and other things when home alone. Usually I would have mindblowing orgasms with it. When I used the worn things from the washing pile, I was continually thanked for doing the washing after... It all turned me on.

Continually I fantasized and wished that she would take things to the 'next level', dressup to be my seductive bedroom harlot. But after a few months it wasn't happening. If she wouldn't do it, then I needed to.

The more I thought about it, the more that 'coming out' to her was going to become a reality.

Over New Year, the local winery had an outdoor cinema up to show movies at dusk. A great atmosphere.

The Rocky Horror Show was screening.

It was a lovely summers evening, the daytime heat receding and giving way to cooler air and sun setting over the ranges to the west of the vine-clad hillside amphitheatre. The relaxed chatter of people in the queues at the food trucks and wine stalls echoed a little as the numbers swelled and people began to set up their picnic blanket camps for the evening.

We walked halfway up the seating banks to find a spot with a good central view of the screen. One of those spots that you always look for, not impeding on anyone else's space, but with optimum proximity to the exit steps, and for her (with the mum-bladder), the toilets. I straightened out the creases in the chequered blanket, put down our drink and snacks bag, and parked my bum. Her chest in her top bounced closely to my head as she leaned over and plonked herself down just after. We had plenty of room either side of us.

As I focused my attention on pouring a drink, my other half restrained herself with a mock choke that made my eyes lift up. There in front of us walking up the steps was a group of 4 in costume , the girls in black fishnets, miniskirts and corset tops and lippy and make-up to the nines. Perhaps, nothing odd about that. Except that the 2 guys were dressed identically, with the addition of their long curly blonde wigs. My partner clearly had an element of scorn and was amused. I was not. This was the fucking stuff my erotic dreams were made of.

The girls looked hot. I wanted my girl to dress like that. Be my own bedroom slut. The guys looked hot too. Suspenders even. Mesh and lace on their outfits looked sexy with white skin underneath it. Maybe less-so with the over-done lippy, but never-mind that. They were out-there. Having fun. Pushing boundaries. I was so jealous, but I couldn't tell her that, not now, not there. Secretly, I wanted to dress like that too. The start of the movie trailers was an anti-climax to my thoughts, imagination and stirrings.

One drink and my other half already needed the loo. More and more sexily clad humans were entering the arena to add to my tension and the general atmosphere.She ambled away from me along the path, making her way past all the legs, bags and baskets towards the exit. She stood sideways to make way for two 20-something women coming the other way towards me, one in black stockings and suspenders, red satin and lace teddy top and her friend more reservedly dressed in jeans. They clearly liked the look of the spot next to me and lay their cushions down. She had gorgeous blond hair and tits that I ached to bury me head in. I was clearly staring too much, as she smiled coyly at me. Then she turned and kissed the other girl sweetly and gently on the lips. "Lucky bitch," I thought.

Then Red-teddy girl looked back at me, and smiled as her 'friend' started texting on her phone. She faced back my way, the stitching between the cups supporting her chest like an Eiffel Tower shape. I couldn't help staring at it. A lovely rounded pair. Her hand stole across to a packet on my blanket and she picked up a chocolate finger biscuit and looked towards me as she slid it whole in and out between her lips seductively. I was mesmerised. Brown chocolate was cumming off the finger onto her red lipstick, exposing the white biscuit, and she was enjoying the torment. She knew exactly what she was doing, making me wish it was part of my body between her lips. And, no, not just one of my fingers...

I was broken from my hypnosis by the sound of footsteps and a body plonking itself on the blanket beside me.

"Have I missed anything?", my partner asked.

"Not at all", I lied.

We switched our focus to the movie. As it progressed, clouds to the east were building up and a cool breeze had shifted in a different direction across the vineyards. The Timewarp song had some of the dressup enthusiasts up the front in front of the screen dancing and having fun. The way they were dressed, dancing wasn't the kind of fun I wanted to end the night with.

At 10.20 it began to drizzle. You wouldn't have believed it from the night at 7.30 when we arrived. The Red-teddy-top and blue-jeans pair both covered themselves up with their blanket, look at each other, and quickly start gathering their things together and get up. Red-teddy-top girl mutters apologetically to us as they block the screen in front of us and make their way to the steps down to the exit. I put up our umbrella over our heads. The movie continues on, some more scantily-clad men and women dancing to another song, getting soaked by the increasing rain. Wet lingerie hugged their skin as their alcohol-encouraged bodies writhed around having fun.

The movie ended, with half the number of audience it started with. We made our way out of the vineyard to the car park. Soaked through. I drove us through the light rain and darkness toward her house, my thoughts of all the people erotically dressed, the sexy Red-teddy girl moment, me wanting my other-half to go home and dress as my seductive slut, my urge myself to dress up in lingerie and seduce her as her bedroom bitch. A sense of play and a sense of erotic fun.

Could any of this happen with the woman in the passenger seat of the car beside me?

I pulled into the driveway, it wasn't raining here. She said she was busting for a pee, ran to her front door and unlocked it.

At this moment, I'm beginning to think that this was THE night I had to make my move regarding erotic play. lingerie and dressups together in our bedrooms.

"I'm soaked, going to have a shower", she calls out from the bathroom as I hear the toilet flush.

I go into the bedroom, sit on the bed. It feels like one of those 'Sliding Doors' moments, like that movie with Gwyneth Paltrow. I sit there.

Do I go into her drawers while I am alone, put on some of her lingerie, and let her walk in on me?

Or do I wait, kiss her when she comes in, and talk it over?

What would be the most successful decision that would lead to a more spicy future? I sit there and wonder about what should happen in this next moment in time.

As the blue sky turned into summer hazed twilight, the place filled up as we approached the time for the movie to start. My

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