16 years ago today, we were chatting on a dating site.. 20 December.

We each put out some online sentences of bait, hooked each other with a couple of pictures, then reeled each other in.

We arranged our first meet.

I didn't have children. She had a 10 year old. I always wanted kids. Whoop! Instant family! And I loved the picture of her black bra around her ample womanly chest....

So we met a few times, started getting comfortable together, both in public and in each others homes.

Her Mum didnt know about us yet... She told her Mum she was going to Taupo with friends for New Year and asked if she would have her daughter. We weren't. We had plans to spend a couple of days in bed fucking.

It had been a while since she had cock and she was loving it again.

She loved it doggy. Missionary. In her mouth. Meeting her really was like Christmas. And she wore the silky and lacy lingerie under her outer clothes, like a Christmas Present with outer layers hiding the mystery of the presents inside..

Lingerie was a turn on. Though she didn't know to what extent.

After hours in bed, her cunt and mouth filled with cum a couple of times each, and eyes filled with the gunk from summer sleep, she went off, naked, to take a shower. She left me laying in the sheets. Her footsteps got quieter as she disappeared to the bathroom at the other end of the house.

I see her overnight bag zipped up in the corner, her worn bra and knickers ripped off the night before laying beside it.

I couldn't resist it.

My fingertips touched the spandex material on the cups and sides of the bra. Oh I love that feel! The strong, smooth slipperiness-yet-not-wet material. I had a sudden urge to put it on.

I clipped the bra in front of my chest, in front of the mirror, like I had seen her doing. I loved the look of the skin peering between the swirl patterns of the soft lace., Suddenly and quickly I unravel her panties and put them on too.

I was horny yet again..

I hear loud singing from the shower and the sound of the water pipes gushing through to the other end of the house...

My cock was growing and bulging inside her panties. I slowly, sensually rubbed the satin-like material around my arse cheeks. There was only one way this was going to end.

I knelt on the bed,, on the sheets which had cum-marks from the several episodes of the previous 2 days. I was looking in the mirror at myself in her bra & knickers, loving how fucking sexy I looked. I grabbed my shaft through the front of the panties and began to pleasure myself. It was all happening so quickly, but felt so right. I was really enjoying this. I was being a really naughty bitch. My eyes were periodically shutting in pleasure, my cock starting to leak pre-cum through the material and making it damp to my fingers and then the joyous sudden release as I spurted and filled my head with dizzy endorphins and her knickers with masses of clear and white liquid.

There was that moment when the brain relaxes. The nothingness of post-orgasmic pleasure. Then the panic and shame hit in. How would she react if she walked in? How would she react to my cum in her knickers?

I am a quick thinker and problem solver.

I wiped the rest of the moisture from my cock onto the sheets. I could still hear the shower going at the other end of the house.

I pulled the sheets off the bed, quickly unbuttoned the bra and took off the wet panties, wrapping up all the 'dark' washing from the bedroom and washing basket. I walked down the hall to the laundry and put it all in the machine, put a scoop of powder in and pressed some buttons.

There was a squeal from the shower. The washing machine water sometimes affects the flow and temperature of the shower. She turned off the water.

I poked my head around the door into the bathroom.

"Sorry, hun", I said apologetically. "I thought you had finished. I just threw our dirty sheets and some clothes into the washer. I threw in your bra and undies in too, just in case you didn't bring many spares..."

"Oh you are a good catch!" she said, hiding her breasts behind her towel. " You even do a girl's washing!"

Little did she know what had just happened or that I had plans for us and I wanted to be her bedroom slutty bitchboi in the future. My vivid imagination constantly works overtime with erotic stories ....

How would she respond if "I came out" to her about my secret?

I began to formulate my plan.