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29 Jan 2020

While her boyfriend watched & got off

Sexy blond fun


3 minute read

So after chatting on tinder with a European girl she finally agreed to meet me. She was travelling New Zealand for 2 months. We had set a date and time to meet at a bar. First impressions of her was she was quietly spoken, shy, intelligent, very beautiful & had a beautiful figure. As the drinks flowed we were getting along quiet nicely & seemed to both be mutually attracted. We decided after a couple of drinks to move else where. Onto another bar for another couple, as the night ticked on then she seemed to loosen up & I could see a glint in her eyes. She asked me with a whisper in my ear - what would I do to her if I could spend the night with her? So not expecting this I kind of stalled a bit but as I thought about it she again whispered in my ear before I could respond that she has a boyfriend and he’d like me to fuck her real good. She asked could I tie her to the bed in her accomodation and give her a good time... with that I obliged, responded of course I could do that. So with that we downed the drinks as fast as we could and darted to her accomodation. I could barely contain my excitement, here I was about to destroyed another guys beautiful woman, my first impression was not correct, she was the opposite of shy as I would find out!!! We got in the door to the accomodation, I lay on the bed, she stripped her dress & accessories off to unveil a beautiful slim petite body and gorgeous shaven pussy. She took off all my clothes then unveiling my super hard cock.. she began to work sucking my cock, not before long I then swapped and ate her beautiful pussy out. We soon began to fuck, everywhich way. She was enjoying herself and I was pounding her tight pussy so good. We fucked all night until we fell asleep. Next morning more of the same, woke up and did it all over again. Then I departed & thought that was the end of it but I get a message later in the evening saying she wants more, so I again obliged and said yay! I ditched my plans, picked her up & we went to the beach, it was night. We were in the car, she said she wants to suck me off and me blow my load all over her face & tits while I video it for her boyfriend. I did. I blew a load all over her, covering her face and she scraped it all off her face & tits and ate it. She thanked me & said that her boyfriend loved the video very much. A few days later again not expecting it she contacts me and says she can’t stop thinking about me & my cock, her boyfriend knew she really liked me & again.... we set another date, this time the instruction was to attend a motel, paid for by her boyfriend, only one catch, her boyfriend would be on live feed watching us fuck. It would be the first time I do this, she took control & there were no boundaries, we fucked for a half hour & her boyfriend got off watching me pound her. He couldn’t contain the excitement of watching me use his little girls tight pussy, he blew his load of cum and after discussion between both in their own language they agreed to end the video and he gave permission for me to spend the night fucking and playing with her. We had a big night & did it every way. She returned home to him & since have split. She continually messaged saying she wants to come back & have me please her again. Say a prayer for that, she wants to attend swinger parties etc too....

Tags: beach, blonde, cumming, facial, video

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