Written by Lena


I have had a number of experiences throughout my life as a married bi girl. For my friends most would never believe the things I have done, but one or two possibly not surprised and my husband, well he knows everything, almost.

With hubby's approval I was out with Liz a close and also bi friend in Christchurch on a Friday evening at a nice bar just enjoying each others company over a few wines, but also aware that as the night goes on that we are sure to be naked together. Neither of us are afraid if out in public to show a little affection with a very subtle kiss or touching. This particular night a couple on their own in the bar must have noticed our warmth towards each other as it wasn't long before this girl who appeared quite young came over and asked if she and her boyfriend could join us for a drink. They asked if we were a couple, my friend Liz surprised me and said that we were lovers but I was married. That really got them interested and our new friend was happy to disclose that she was interested to know more about us. Her boyfriend was really nice and easy to talk to and not forward in any way, he was just enjoying our and his girlfriends openness. The evening went on and with more wines the discussion became a bit more raunchy. I was getting very horny and said to the couple that Liz and I had plans and then I gave her a quick kiss and then added they could join us if they liked. Our new friends looked at each other and both agreed that it would be fun.

We were to head to Liz's townhouse where i had left my car and took a taxi, we suggested that they could share the taxi. The three of us girls in the back and he was in the front. Naturally we made sure our new friend who's name was Amy sat in the middle between us. She was wearing a button front skirt so I subtly put my hand on her lap and opened the bottom button, she just looked at the each of and smiled and said I have never done this before. When Liz asked she said she had never been with a girl before but had always wanted to. Liz put a finger just under her chin and moving her head towards herself kissed her, she then turned to me and I did the same. Her boyfriend was half turned toward us and was loving what he was seeing happen to his girlfriend. The taxi driver looking in the mirror just smiled and said nothing

Once we were at Liz's place and inside, the three of them turned their attention to me, then he stood back and let us three girls get to know each other exploring our bodies from outside our clothes. Being both married and bi seems to be something that adds a little sexiness as to how people see me. Tonight was no exception. To be fair to my hubby unless he is aware first I would not go with another guy, but somehow that night I had the feeling I would be making an exception. We were in the kitchen area getting drinks when I asked him if he was ok with this, naturally as most guys would be he was very turned on. Liz and Amy were starting to kiss so I turned to the boyfriend and kissed him. I then asked did he want to join in or just watch us fuck his girlfriend. He said it was her fantasy so would like to watch for a start.

We moved to the living space and cleared away the coffee table, Liz and I started undressing Amy who had a lovely shapely body, he was about 10 years older. She was loving the attention and with a combination of kissing and clit rubbing our clothes were off. I am curvy but not overweight, Liz is slimmer with Amy similar to me. Both Liz and I have almost shaved pussies, we find that when scissoring our pussies together a little hair adds to the sensation. However our friend was completely clean and very smooth. When laying together on the ground I often somehow seem to be the one on the bottom. Laying on the floor the two girls kneeling were now between my spread legs and together took turn licking at my pussy and then stopping for the odd very wet kiss in between. All the time he was laying back in the couch watching his girl and us.

I turned on to my knees and Liz started to lick around my bum hole leaving Amy easy access to my pussy lips. She was certainly not showing any signs of inexperience and soon had several fingers inside me. I couldn't see which one of them it was but I then felt a finger slide in to my bum hole, I assumed it was Liz as we have no barrier to what we do to each other when together. Then I felt another finger enter me, this time both Liz and Amy had a finger each in my bum hole. I was becoming very wet as well as relaxed, I turned to Amy and took her hand and holding three of her fingers I put them in my mouth and then still holding them put them touching the outside of my pussy.

It became time that I wasn't to be the focus and that Amy was to receive the time of her life. Liz slipped away and came back with a a large white towel and small bottle of baby oil, laying Amy on the ground I sat astride her while Liz poured the oil over my boobs so it ran down on to Amy where I then smothered in to her boobs and stomach. Sliding down her body I kissed her naval rubbing the oil in as I slid down. Liz had positioned herself with her pussy over Amy's face holding her lips open inviting her tongue in, Amy responded like she has been licking pussy all her life. We then moved around, I was on my knees spreading Amy' pussy wide, then with two fingers I inserted them inside her rubbing hard. She squirmed all over the towel, as I rubbed on the right spot she let out a tiny squirt as she came. This was something I have never achieved myself and enjoyed the sweet taste for the very first time.

While I was still on my knees I felt hands from behind me holding my bum, then felt this rather large cock enter me. I was not expecting this but in my state of heightened sensual feeling I welcomed him in by holding my bum cheeks apart.

Liz then moved and slid underneath me and started to lap at my pussy. Amy was at my side taking her mans cock in to her mouth and then placing him back in to me, it was so sensual, but she took to me another level when as well as her man inside me she put fingers in to my bum hole, I knew it wasn't just one. Liz decided she wanted him insider her too and slid out from under me and knelt next to me, he instantly took himself from me and entered her, it was her turn for a working over so I took the oil and poured it over her bum letting it run down over her hole and on to his cock. Amy appeared to have a fetish for anal and taking advantage of the extra lubrication started with one finger in to Liz's bum hole. Just as they had to me i too put a finger inside her working ourselves in an out while she was enjoying his cock insider her. I moved in front of Liz lay before her with my legs spread, Amy sat over my face pulling her pussy lips apart while leaning forward to kiss her man. I recall thinking at the time if my friends ever new what I get up to. While Liz was licking at my pussy Amy was rubbing hers hard, soon she came but this time let out a large squirt of her pussy juice, soaking my body and on to Liz's face. Amy's man was ready to cum and expected him to unload on to Liz's back. Instead he moved toward Amy standing directly in front of her face, she opened her mouth wide sticking out her tongue for him to come in her mouth. I could see from under her pussy that she took every drop. I thought that as we had all cum that our time was coming to a close. However to my surprise Amy leaned forward and kissed Liz letting her man's cum slide in to her mouth, then Liz moved to me with her head above me letting it drop to my mouth, however her aim wasn't great and I got fair amount of it on my face. Without hesitation Amy swiftly licked every drop. As she swallowed what was left and wiping her chin, she said wow that she had seen that done in a porn movie but never thought she would ever go so far as to experience it herself.

It was getting late so Liz and I had a shower together and then I got dressed and drove home, totally sexually fulfilled.

When I left Liz was in her robe and wished me goodbye with a kiss, a hug and a thank you. When I rang her the next day I she told me that Amy and her boyfriend stayed the night, he slept while Liz and Amy enjoyed themselves. I returned home not telling my husband but leaving him to read the details of this experience now right here on Kiwi Swingers. Amy and her boyfriend are no longer together but now she is a converted bisexual and meets with Liz and I together and on our own. There is now nothing she won't do or at least try and I mean nothing but that is for another day.