Written by Private Parts


What happens when Racheal wears no panties.....

You stand with your back to me I approach from behind and just wrap my arms around you and pull you into me tightly. I kiss and nibble the back of your neck and round to sides whilst holding you tight in my arms. I drop to my knees turn you to face me, gently raising your skirt. And there it is your slightly wet your pussy is glistening.... I lower my head in and slide my tongue up and down your nice wet slit....just taste so good.I find your clit and focus on that for a bit....tongue flicking all over it, dancing around it...teasing it.....pleasing it.

You grab me by the back of the head push my head in deeper as I frantically eat you. You let me up out for air....I get 2 fingers now and gently work them into your juicy wet pussy slide them in and out slowly picking up pace while my tongue is still fixated with your clit. 3 fingers now inside you and you are so vey wet I slide my fingers out to taste you....OMG...nectar. 3 fingers back in there working in and out tongue sucking licking teasing your clit...I thrust my 3 fingers in deep and hard as I can.

You lift your blouse exposing your awesome breasts and your nipples are so huge standing to attention....I raise up still fingering you with 3 fingers and I bite your nipples thrust those fingers in hard and deep where I feel you building and explode into orgasm!!!!! You tell me to keep going as you're about to orgasm again. My 3 fingers are still moving in and out hard and deep I move to your other nipple and bite that....you start cumming again and once again explode into orgasm. I remove my fingers and they are glistening wet with all your juices. You lower your blouse and skirt back down and tell me to follow you.

I follow you down to your bedroom we enter and close the door. You beckon me closer with your finger. We embrace and start passionately kissing and feeling each other all over with our hands. We remove each other's clothes until we are naked. You push me back onto the bed on my back. God you look so hot right now and my cock is hard at attention and throbbing. You hop onto the bed kneeling and slowly and purposely you start straddling me as you work your way up my body. Now your straddling my chest looking down at me over your beautiful big tits.

Would you like to eat some more you ask to which I rely I do not want to stop! You move closer so now I can eat you, my tongue heads straight for your clit where you reach down with two fingers and spread your lips apart exposing it and it's so fucken swollen. I place my lips around it almost try to suck it out. I'm eating your pussy like there is no tomorrow and I am in heaven. You abruptly remove yourself from me and announce do you think you are going to have all the fun, No Mister it's not all about you. You change position and now we're locked in a 69. You grab my cock and start slowly running your fingers up and down my shaft slowly pausing at the tip...teasing me. You lower your mouth down and flick the head with your tongue. Suddenly you devour it, sucking licking stroking the shaft. You are going to make me cum so quick. I can feel your rock hard nipples pressing into my body, your skin so soft, your fragrance so sweet.

We stay this way for some time licking sucking caressing pleasing each other. You raise yourself up reach over to your bedside draw open and remove something. You pass it around to me and ask would you like to play with my toys. My eyes wide open I reply I..I would love to where you pass me one of your favourite toys. Well miss even though I like you exactly where you are you need to lie down on your back on the bed. You do as I wish. I stand at the foot of the bed and admire you in all your nakedness.

I move onto of the bed and position myself on top. I lean in and we kiss passionately. Our tongues exploring each other. I move around and nibble and kiss around your neck, I move up to your ear and suck nibble and bite at your lobe. My hand reaches around and clasps your breast, god your tits are fantastic, perfect in fact! I pinch your nipple and it's huge swollen and so inviting.

I move my mouth down and take it between my lips and suck it delicately, I reach up and grab your other tit and fondle your other breast teasing your nipple. I reluctantly leave your breast but I know I have more pressing work elsewhere. I run my tongue down between your breasts over your navel, with the tip of my tongue I slowly circle your beautiful pussy. (Also perfect I might add) where I repeat this teasing you. Your slit has a glisten of cum that is teasing me and you are so wet. I slide the tip of my tongue up and down ever so gently teasing you. At the same time I run the tips of my fingers up and down the inside of your thighs. I found your toy it's one of your favourite dildos, I get the tip of it and just start sliding it up and down your slit pausing on your clit at times, again teasing you.

I ask you to grab the back of your knees and pull your knees back towards your shoulders, giving better access to your pussy and also exposing that beautiful tight ass. I get the dildo and slide it gently into your wet snatch, inch by inch slowly twisting and turning it as I slide it all the way in pause and slide it back, repeating this slow rhythmic pace in and out. I lean in spreading your pussy lips exposing your clit. My lips encompass it, I get the tip of my tongue and tease it press firmly down on it then flick it, dildo is going in and out in and out, I pick up the pace and start fuckin you harder and faster simultaneously my tongue is doing the same to your clit.

You are so fucken wet, I slide the dildo out and lick your juices from it. Stick it back in you demand and I quickly oblige. My tongue heads back to your pussy licking all around tasting your sweet nectar as I go. My tongue slowly moves lower and lower until I reach that tight..... That tight ass. My tongue circles gently around your rim with the slightest of pressure gently circling round and around. I increase the pressure of my tongue as I start to lick it all over. Alternating between licking around your rim and flicking my tongue over your hole. I'm fucking your pussy hard now long deep strokes in and out. Spread your lips a rub your clit I demand and you willingly oblige. The tip of my tongue is probing your tight ass now as I try to force my tongue in deeper and deeper as I feel your muscles slowly relax. My tongue is probing deeper now where I remove it I lick the tip of my finger and gently push it in about 1cm or 2. I gently and delicately lick around your rim as I hold my finger there.

My finger is in your ass as my tongue is circling your rim, dildo is going in and out and your fingers are furiously rubbing your clit. I push my finger in a little further and as I feel your muscles relax I go a bit further. My finger is all the way In now I dribble a little bit of saliva around my finger as I slowly slide it out not all the way but until about 1cm is still in. This time I slide it in a little quicker and back out to the original position. Back in out in out faster as I go. I finally pull my finger out and quickly stick my tongue in as far as I can. I remove the dildo and slip 3 fingers into your pussy. Oh my gosh you're so wet. I push my fingers in all the way to my knuckles as deep as I can. I pull them back out and add a fourth will she like that I thought. 4 fingers are in now as I work them in deeper and deeper slowly turning them in a semi circular motion. I add my thumb now.

I gently start easy my hand in further and further my knuckles are in now. Twisting and turning in and out. Fuck my hand is now in about an inch past my knuckles twisting turning. Oh my god you've taken it all the way up to my wrist. It feels so nice for me as I rotate my hand gently around. I start moving back and forth building up speed where you scream I'm about to cum and I quickly remove my fist and you squirt a beautiful stream of cum.......