2 months buildup...2 months of non stop messages....2 months and now we are here...

He has left the motel room to explore the city. I arrive and park the car, I head to reception where he has left a key for me. I enter the motel room to see toys laid out on the little dining table...there are impact toys, there are restraints, there are clamps...there are lots of different vibrator toys...my brain races at the idea of what the night holds.

I want to set a scene so I unpack the 50 small led candles and the little twinkle light curtains I have brought just for this. I place the candles all around the room, hang the curtain lights on the wall and all around the bathroom, close the curtains and turn off the lights...wow, it looks so enchanting, this will be our space for the next couple of days.

I undress and hop into the shower, I make sure I am smooth in all the right places, I get out and dry myself and find the black body stocking I have brought just for tonight. I slowly place each leg in...and pull up the fishnet tights, up and over my buttocks, over the hips, each arm into the arm holes and adjust it so everything is straight. They are the crotchless kind for easy access, my hard nipples trying to break their way through the material.

I apply some makeup...in hindsight I'm not sure why I put so much eyeliner on as this would end up flowing down my face with the sneaky tears of joy and the gagging tears that I will get later in the night. I place the leather collar and leash on.

I know Sir is on the way back so I get myself ready...and then the text comes..."kitten I am here". My heart nearly leaps out of my chest. I position myself sitting back on my knees, back straight, hands and arms on my thighs and palms up. And I wait. A minute later I hear the door open. Fuck im so nervous.

He walks towards me and our eyes lock. In that moment I want to leap up to my feet and kiss him deeply, the need I feel for him is overwhelmingly deep. But I stay on my knees. I want to be a good girl and please him.

"Eyes down kitten" he orders. I obey...for a minute, until my eyes find their way back to him. I quickly look away. A cheeky grin etched on my face.

After what seems like forever, he is pottering about with things I can't see, he is then standing in front of me with his hand out. I take his hand and stand. Oh fuck he is so close, I try to lean in and kiss him but am denied. I know im breaking the rules but I need him.

"Undress me kitten"...im excited, this part means I can touch him, skin on skin, sensations...I take his t-shirt off first, my hands straying and running down his back...and then he kisses me, it almost takes my breath away. So deep, so hungry, exactly as I remember it from last time.

"Shoes Kitten"..this order snaps me back into my surroundings, I get down on my knees and take his shoes and socks off. Next is the belt, I slide it out in one motion, reminded of our last time together when that belt was slapped across my ass in the dark. Jeans come down. But boxers stay on.

"Turn on the shower Kitten"...I obey and step into the bathroom. I turn the shower on and then he is behind me, hands running over my body exploring. I see some toys on the shelf in the bathroom. I had told him that I was an anal virgin but was interested in exploring with him. He reaches for the small finger size buttplug, places it in my mouth where I lubricate it with my saliva...I then feel him reaching around behind. Finger and plug looking for their entry point. Bingo! He's found it. The buttplug slides it. It feels foreign but its not uncomfortable.

I stand there beside the shower as he hops in. Little blue buttplug snug in my ass. "Edge yourself Kitten". My fingers start working my clit, side to side up and down. I can feel his eyes on me, im entering a happy place in my mind, a place of pleasure.

He steps out of the shower "dry me Kitten". My hands drop away from my clit, and I take the towel...drying him from the top down, taking my time, fingertips running across his skin, until I am satisfied he is dry. He grabs me and kisses me, this will be one of many deep kisses we will share, tongues on tongues, saliva mixing, lips sucked and bitten...everything a good kiss should be.

By this stage the small buttplug has slipped out of my ass and landed on the floor "put it back in kitten"...I obey, it will not stay in though and is forgotten later on.

He grabs me by the leash and leads me back into the bedroom. He places the clover clamps on my nipple. Holy fuck they are strong. I feel my back straighten at the sensation.

The next part of the night is a blur of orgasms...tongue on and in me, he puts a wand harness and the wand on me, I am being pushed over the edge, my arms are put into a beautiful pair of arm binders and clipped together, movement and being able to touch taken from me...the pleasure continues, wand, penis, fingers, small vibrators....sending me into the clouds, im floating above the bed looking down at myself. I am squirming, I am twitching, I am moaning, my breath quick.

The chain to the clover clamps is placed in my mouth...tightening....fuck that pain is intense...im close to calling red on those, but I stay strong, eventually they are removed but the lasting effect on my nipple will keep it hard for nearly 2 days.

He stands me beside the bed, wand harness still attached, his fingers in me pushing faster and faster, I know I am going to need to orgasm "Please Sir, can I cum"...no reply, I'm getting desperate now "please please Sir"...."you may Kitten"...I explode into a loud orgasm, his fingers still pumping into me, I feel a warm liquid run down the inside of my thighs. I look down in shock, I have never squirted before, he wipes his hand across my stomach. I smile. This man does things to me I havent felt before.

He had been saving his cum for me, I knew this and was so thirsty for him. He had been teasing me throughout the night and ordering me to my knees to take his cock in my mouth, but always pulling me up to stand before I could be rewarded with his heavy load.....until finally I was allowed to taste him, he filled my mouth fully, the taste of him was sweet and I left it sitting in my mouth for awhile, savoring him, before finally swallowing it down and not wasting a drop.

He runs a spa bath, I undress out of my body stocking and climb in. I try to ground myself, bring myself back from clouds. We lay there in silence. Its not uncomfortable, words are not needed in this moment. Eyes are closed, hands are touching each other, its incredibly hard to get out, but we pull ourselves up, wrap towels around ourselves and head back into the bedroom to enjoy a beer.

We have a small balcony and he orders me outside, its only very narrow. I have my body pressed up to the railings and he is behind me naked, cock entering me from behind. A light switches on in the window straight across from us next door, there are no curtains up Im unsure if anybody is watching, and in that moment I dont care...after awhile we head back inside...

I know whats coming next....see Kitten had been building up quite a number of punishments over the last 2 months, with my smart mouth and sassy attitude it was inevitable that I would break some of Sirs rules.

The number I had ended up with was 45...45!!!...Sir allows me to split the punishments between impacts. I take my time deciding....he lays my options out on the bed...right decision time. I wonder if I can take all 45 with the nice flogger. This hope is dashed when he informs me I may only take 10 of the flogger. I must also count out each strike as he makes it.

Okay, decisions, decisions. 10 with the flogger...ahhhh that was easy, I enjoyed those 10.

10 wooden pegs to be placed on the breasts and labia...bit bitey, but we get past those.

5 of the large leather paddle...ow...that one hurts..

10 of the riding crop, he gives me these ones while I am sucking his cock...every strike my mouth grips his cock as I let out a little gasp, and then I release it as I call out the number.

10 of the rattan cane...for this one I am bent over his knee while he sits in a chair, ass in the air, feet and hands on the ground. The first 3 were easy, until he moved lower to where my thighs meet my buttocks...the number 4 gets stuck in my throat as I internally deal with that strike "louder Kitten" he demands. "5" I shout..and I think I may have shouted until I hit 10.

45...I have decided this is my new lucky number....45....

Next up is anal training...my ass has always felt incredibly tight so I have never really explored this part of me...that and I dont think people have been that interested in taking their time down there.

He piles 2 pillows up on the bed and makes me lie face down. Ass lifted by the pillows. The wand is placed in the front. Constant vibrating is relaxing me...I feel something enter my ass...I think it may be a finger, there is a bigger buttplug that is put in..and I think earlier in the night an anal hook was inserted, so my fears of nothing being able to fit were going away, I relax into the feelings of the buttplug and the wand working their magic.

This goes on for awhile...he has made me feel very relaxed in this moment. There is alot of sensations happening around my asshole...things inserted, things taken out, constant movement down there. And then I feel something bigger at the entrance...I keep my mind and body relaxed.. im not sure what this is but I feel it stretching my opening slowly, very slowly I feel it slide in, my ass allowing it to enter. And then I feel thrusting. Holy fuck!...its a cock. He has his cock in my ass. The first time ive ever had a cock in my ass. I cant believe it went in so well. Its a strange feeling, but not unpleasant. A little tender but he takes his time.

Somehow this man has made me squirt for the first time in my life and also been the first man to put his cock in my ass...

We spent the rest of the night and the next day entangled in each others bodies...hands never straying far even if its just resting on the others leg. Kisses that lasted forever, and orgasms that sent me soaring...So close to each other in those moments. Lost in our own bubble in Motel room number 10.

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