Written by Lena


As a married women reflecting on my past telling the world my experiences here is such a turn on.

It had only been a few months since I came out to my husband that I had been bi since a young teen and had continued to have encounters with girls ever since. He was luckily excited that his wife was more than he ever imagined and encouraged me to never stop being me.

It was a Friday night and I was having an evening out with a girlfriend who happened to be both married and definitely not bi, leaving my husband at home baby sitting our children. We went to a bar in Christchurch called Tregattis and had a lovely evening just catching up over a meal and a few drinks and listening to the live music. I was dressed nicely but nothing overly sexy but perhaps one less button done up on my shirt dress than usual. From my table I could see a couple at the bar area who were looking my way to the point that i wondered if they knew me. She was as attractive as he was good looking.

It was time for my friend and I to leave, as we got up to leave I excused myself to go to the toilet and said that I will make my own way out. After a pee I headed towards the bar which I had to pass to go out. As I walked towards the couple she was smiling at me and as I got closer she said something like, leaving so soon. After smiling but taking a few steps past them I stopped and turned back, telling them i didn't have to go straight away. They suggested I should join them offering me a wine. They were very complimentary as to how I looked and told me that they both thought I was sexy which certainly made me feel very nice. I had been approached by other girls many times but never a couple before. They too were married and were just lovely making me immediately at ease. Having just been to the bathroom I had reapplied lipstick when she mentioned my lips looked so kissable. Being my usual forward self I suggested she should find out for herself. So right there at the bar and in front of her husband and anyone else who noticed I kissed her softly. He asked if he could have a kiss too which I was happy to do and thought it was a good idea that I did in case there was someone there who knew me, at least it would look like I knew them both. She asked if I would like to join them somewhere more private. There was nothing said about either of us being bi but assumed she was. Since being married I had purposely only ever been with other girls and didn't want to compromise my marriage, however I had the feeling the exception was about to be made.

We headed to their apartment in a taxi which was close to the city centre, she and I in the back and her hubby in the front. We weren't long in the taxi and we kissed again, but for a lot longer and with more passion. Once in their apartment I asked if they minded if i used their phone saying I had to check with the baby sitter. I told my husband that I had met a girl at Tregattis and was at her home but also said she is married and that he was there too, The response I got was, just have a good time and to tell him all about it when I got home.

The couple who I will not mention by name told me that they had always wanted to experience a threesome, i told them that this would be my first with a couple but had been with three girls together. After a wine or two it wasn't long until she and I were down to our underwear touching and kissing between the three of us. He then politely asked, do I have any limitations as to what i don't want to do, for which I responded, no limits. However in saying that I didn't realise until time went on that nothing was taboo for them either. She had a figure very similar to my own, curvy, but not overweight, but I was a little more busty. For several hours we did everything imaginable including some things I had never done before, there was no hole that hadn't been fingered, licked or entered including his. When he came she took every droplet in her mouth and the turned my head towards her letting it all drop in to mine. Now that i hadn't done before.

That day was the start of a long friendship, but was our once and only 3-some, from there on it became 4-somes including my husband every time, unless of course she and I decided we wanted just some girl time, which has been often, including just last week.