Written by Anonymous


N sent a message, he talked of a big black cock, there was proof. A video clip of his girlfriend sucking on his BBC was the proof, it did indeed look good to R, she had always liked BBC.

A phone call was made, N told R how much he wanted to fuck R with that BBC.

A hurried meeting was planned, R was in a rush to see and play with that good looking BBC, she imagined how good it would feel to have that BBC pounding into her pussy.

On the agreed day, R fussed, ensuring her make up was perfect, her pussy was shaved smooth, her G String fitted perfectly and her bra holding her breasts in just the right place.

S walked in, “ you look absolutely gorgeous, i wouldnt mind going down on that tasty pussy right now”.

“ That is reserved for N and his BBC, i cant wait to feel it filling my pussy.”

R and S arrived at the place, a lovely little park surrounded by native bush with a stream running thru the middle, N was there waiting eagerly.

The day was warm, the stream and birds noisily going about their business.

After a little small talk, R led the way to a secluded area, directly above the noisy stream and shaded from the heat of the sun by the trees.

S stood behind R and felt the firmness of her breasts thru her clothes, before lifting her top and freeing her gorgeous boobs.

N took a hardened nipple in his mouth and sucked it between his lips while flicking his tongue over it, S did the same for the other nipple.

R smile widened as she rubbed N cock thru his jeans.

R knelt in front of N, she freed his cock, it was as big as she had hoped.

She ran her tongue around the head of his cock, it was throbbing in anticipation of what was to come.

R took his balls one at a time into her mouth while she ran her hands up and down the shaft of that magnificent shaft. S has his hand in her pants, gently rubbing her clit, occasionally dipping a finger into her soaking pussy, she was groaning.

“ I want my big black cock in your pussy.”

R stood and removed her jeans and G String, she lay in the soft grass, the sunlight filtering thru the trees hi-lighting her body, she looked absolutely gorgeous.

N gently pushed his cock between her pussy lips, she drew in a breath, “ that feels so good”.

S placed his eager cock on her lips, her tongue knew what to do and collected the pre cum from the head of his cock.

N started pumping in and out of R, she grabbed his arse and pulled him into her harder and harder, her legs wrapped around him.

S sat behind them, took out his phone and filmed that cock pounding into her pussy.

R let out a long moan, her pussy having rhythmic contractions one after the other as she had a huge orgasm, letting out a squirt as she did.

N gave one big hard stroke into her and let out a groan, “oh fuck thats so good” as he filled her pussy with cock and cum.

They heard another car nearby and quickly rearranged themselves, promising that next time would be even more fun, N wanted to include his girlfriend who also wanted to taste pussy.