It wasn’t a fantastic night as he trudged up his stairs, he was tired and grumpy, not to mention fucking sore! He was sick of working these long hours, all he wanted to do was sleep for 24 hours and not have to worry about his phone going off. Just relax and be alone, some major downtime was needed, and was needed NOW. Her face flashed before him, without thought or desire. No! He didn’t need to see her and he tried to shake all thought of her out of his mind, but her face lingered before his eyes.

He let himself into his home, unconsciously aware of the warmth that greeted him. The lights were off, he didn’t bother turning them on, he made his way to his room and lay on the bed, throwing his arm over his eyes.

He thought he was dreaming...

He heard soft footsteps by his bed and a familiar fragrance assailed him as a hand was gently placed on his chest. He kept his eyes covered; he didn’t want these feelings to go away as he slipped further into where her hands were taking him.

He felt his arms moving as she gently lifted them from his face and placed them by his side. He felt her weight as she sat beside him, her hands caressing his face, soothing the tension away from him, like a warm shower. Her fingertips traced a line along his jaw, and over his lips, following them with her own, nibbling on his lower lip. Her tongue licked over his mouth, teasing him and treating him like cream, a little lick was tasted and savoured before another was taken.

He realised that his shirt had become unbuttoned and now was pulled apart to reveal his chest, her lips having made a trail from his neck to his belly, kissing and licking, occasionally nipping at his tensed skin. A moan escaped from his lips and he moved his head to the side, hiding his face into the pillow.

He felt her move away and heard the movements of her around his room. He wouldn’t open his eyes as to do that may make her a dream and not really there. Her weight returned to his bed, but on the other side, she moved him to take his shirt off completely and she encouraged him to stand while she undid his belt and removed his trousers. HE could feel her skin on his as she lowered his pants, his skin on fire where hers touched him albeit softly.

He felt himself being pushed back on the bed, and his legs being lifted so he lay flat and comfortable. He heard the noise of glass and smelt the burning of candles. Her lips touched his and he opened his mouth to receive her kiss and was surprised to receive a mouthful of wine instead. He swallowed thirstily and continued to suck as he found her tongue and they kissed, long and gently…like lovers that had gone too long without each others touch.

He raised his hands to touch her, but found he could not move them, they were anchored to his bed by a silk belt and he resigned himself to what lay ahead. She had caused him pain before but it was fuelled by passion. He drew in a sharp breath as he felt ice-cold steel on his skin, it slid further down to his belly and pressed hard against him. He held his breath as the feeling moved to his side and up over his chest and down again. He had no idea what it was, but it was sharp and the feelings that flowed thru his body were intense.

The next thing he knew his skin was on fire, splashes of wax hitting him as quickly as an arrow. His pain was soothed by her mouth kissing away the heat. She had chilled her tongue with ice and the difference between the two sensations was mind-blowing. His erection was hard and proud, and pulsed with each drop and lick she plied to his torso.

He realised that there was a stillness in the air, the only sound was that of her breathing, no movement of any sort. He wondered what was next.

A thousand needles hit his skin, the feelings exploding like a bomb under his skin and his body reacted as such…his hips came off the bed and his legs thrashed. She laughed at his reaction and straddled his hips, snugly placing his penis between her thighs, allowing it full contact with her clit. She slid up and down, covering his cock in her juices as she lowered the pins again, touching his nipples and riding him as he wriggled under her.

She dragged them lower and in a circular motion covered his chest and belly in lines of sharp pleasure, his body betraying the words that came from his mouth. He couldn’t hold on and he let out a long growl which was silenced by her mouth as it covered his and took his breath away. Her hands, well oiled and warm rubbed over his assaulted chest, soothing away the lines that showed against his skin. This wasn’t fair, but she didn’t like to play that way…

He felt her breasts on his balls, rubbing around and sliding blissfully over his engorged cock. Massaging him with her tits she slid up to his mouth, kissing him and teasing him with her nipple which she hung over his lips…teasing him with the feel of it before withdrawing it as she slid down his torso again. The circular motions she made with her body, were reflected in her hips as she ground herself into him, his cock giving her the pleasures her fingers normally did. He felt her rise up and plunge his cock into her, the full length of him filling her, her voice deep in her throat moaning in desire for him and what he can give her.

She told him to open his eyes, which he obediently did. He was greeted with the sight of her body, covered in oil, hard nipples proudly showing thru the sheen, shadows from the candles were lighting her body in a way he hadn’t seen before. Her eyes were on his as he watched her lower her hand to her crotch, he felt her fingers on her clit. She lay back and allowed him to watch her fingers on her pussy, she was grinding her pelvis against his, rocking back and forth, using him to masturbate herself to orgasm. He pushed up as far as he could and allowed her to use him, enjoying the feeling of her muscles massaging him, gripping and releasing him in pleasure. He watched intently her fingers on her cit, then watching them fight with his cock for entry into her pussy…he could feel it stroking his cock from the inside.

Suddenly she held back no more and ground her fingers into herself harder and faster, he could feel his balls tighten in warning of the climax that was close, she looked into his eyes and moaned as she fell forward onto his chest, biting into him as the first wave wracked thru her body. This was quickly followed by his own climax, a flame of pleasure shot thru his cock and exploded in her pussy, squirting his cum into her body. He could feel her muscles tensing as another spasm tore thru her, milking his jism and draining him of his energy.

She lay on him, her breath calming down to meet his own, her hands reached up and released his bindings. He brought his arms down to cradle her, as sleep overtook them both, they dreamed.

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