Written by Chris Hall


Several years ago I worked a night shift in a local nursing home, as , I was soon excepted as one of the girls, as older and caring, I'm sure most thought me gay. I often gave shoulder rubs to the staff about to go home before my shift started, and they said I had magic fingers as I eased their tension away.

There was one night staff, slim, nice figure, mid 40's and divorced, that found out I knew Reflexology and would ask the nurse on duty if on my 20-minute break she could ask me to go up to the top floor (her station) to massage her feet, in dim light, on a reclining chair. This I did for several weeks, all above board and professional. Then one night I did not stop at her ankles but slowly massaged higher, waiting for a request to stop there..... she did not say a word. I went as high as her underwear but returned to her feet to finish. She thanked me as usual but with a husky voice. The next shift together (two weeks later) she asked me herself. I was pleased that I had hidden my attraction for her for weeks but thought I had overstepped the mark last time. The nurse I was with noticed nothing as we worked till my 02:00 break, but inside I was excited as I went up to the top low lit lounge, she was waiting as usual on the recliner. I did the first 10 minutes feet only then for the second time massaged very slowly up both legs but on reaching the top found no underwear present, so I massaged the hips, inner thighs but my thumbs would lightly brush her pubic area. It was hairless and smooth but very wet. I then asked if this was OK, she just replied "Yes, carry on", I then very lightly rubbed her clitoris with my left thumb, as I slowly slide two fingers inside her vagina.

She opened her legs as I kneeled down off my chair, pushed her recliner leg support back, which brought her wet open pussy to my lips, she put her hands on the back of my head and pushed me deeper. I could tell by her breathing and the movements that she climaxed three times. My watch fob bleeped to signal the end of my 20 minutes. She gave me a deep lingering kiss as I left. This was just the start..... Would you like more?