Written by Anonymous


He couldn’t wait. Finally out of work heading to his baby.

It was only a matter of minutes and he would be at her place.

The butterflies built in his stomach as he pulled up outside. It was always like this before he saw her.

His heart always skipped that beat. This time was a little different. He knew that this night was a special one away.

Humming to himself he walked up the driveway. She met him at the door. Tight skirt and a shirt. He could see her already hard nipples poking thru the material. His cock throbbed at the shear beauty of her standing there.

He kissed her passionately his hand straight onto her ass. It always felt so good.

They said their goodbyes and hit the road.

Both of them felt like teenagers. They couldn’t stop touching each other.

Before they had left her street she had his throbbing manhood in her hand.

Stroking him slowly.

Feeling him harden she leaned over and took him straight into her mouth.

His sharp intake of breath made her smile.

She continued sucking him as they pulled onto the motorway. She felt him pulse and knew he close.

She let him out of her mouth. Watching him throb.

This was going to be fun.

They drove along chatting for a while.

She slowly started lifting her skirt up.

Exposing her wet pussy. Try as he might he couldn’t concentrate on just the road.

He reached over and felt her wetness. She moaned at his touch.

Then started undoing her shirt buttons. Freeing her big heavy breasts.

Her hands instantly started rubbing and pinching her nipples as his fingers continued their assault on her pussy.

The looks they were getting from the other drivers was making her wetter and wetter.

He knew she was close. So he stopped.

Looking at her he ordered her to remove her shirt and stay that way.

Without hesitation she removed and continued rubbing her nipples.

As they got to the passing lanes he pulled up next to other cars. Letting them get a good look. She loved the attention.

Hanmer couldn’t arrive soon enough.

As they pulled up to the motel he let her put her shirt back on. The cool air outside made her nipples stand at attention.

As he paid she leaned in behind him and reached around. Stroking his cock thru his shorts.

They were shown their room and he stood behind her. Put his hand over her eyes and walked her into the room. He had organised the best room in the place. A lovely big round bed with a spa bath and balcony. They were going to have so much fun on that. He slowly walked her into the room and removed his hand.

She saw flowers and chocolates and a bottle of wine chilling in an ice bucket.

She melted at how special he was making this. When she turned he pulled her into a loving embrace and kissed her deeply. One hand at the back of her neck the other on her ass. Holding her against him.

She felt him throbbing. Pressing against her sex thru his shorts.

He pushed her back. Reached up. Grabbed her shirt and ripped it open. Then throwing her down on the bed he attacked her breasts. His mouth all over them. Kissing,sucking, nibbling, biting and marking them. She was moaning under him. He didn’t even remove her skirt. Just lifted it. His face straight into her waiting wet pussy.

Her hands grabbed his head as she ground her pussy onto his tongue. He loved eating her. Feeling her cum over his face. The first of what would be many orgasms built inside her.

She moaned and then screamed out his name as she came all over his face.

She lay there panting. Reliving the moment.

He moved up. Kissed her and holding her told her how much he loved her.

She held him tightly knowing that this night was going to be special.

“Well Mrs Smith. Should we get some dinner?”

She had brought her wrap dress that she took to hanmer last time. Knowing he loved how easy it was to expose her in it.

They left the motel arm in arm and walked to the restaurant. Enjoying a meal and a laugh together. Hands always reaching for each other.

After dinner since it was a little cool they went straight back to the motel.

She pushed him down on the bed and told him to stay put.

He moved up the bed and gazed lovingly at her. Slowly she started dancing undoing her outfit. Revealing more and more flesh.

The outfit dropping to the floor to reveal her new lingerie. “Beautiful “ he stammered. She moved onto the bed and Undid his jeans. Freeing his hardening member.

Stroking him a couple of times she licked right up his shaft.

Then taking him deep in her mouth.

Oh he loved the way she sucked his cock.

Her hands massaged his heavy balls while she moved up and down his shaft.

When he was harder than ever she stood up. He removed his shirt and then took her by the hand.

They headed out to the balcony.

The lights off but enough light they could easily see.

She dropped to her knees and once again took him in her mouth.

They could hear talking as people were walking below.

This made him throb again.

He stood her up and removed her lingerie.

Getting her to sit in the chair outside he dropped between her legs and feasted on her wetness.

She moaned as his tongue worked its magic in her wet pussy. Her hands grabbing his head. Pulling him harder against her throbbing sex.

Another orgasm building. Trying to keep her noise to a minimum she moaned. A guttural almost animalistic sound as she coated his face once again in her sweet juices.

He pulled away and kissed her. Letting her taste herself on his tongue.

Grabbing her by the hand he pulled her to her feet and towards the balcony rail. Getting behind her he bent her over and in one motion entered her sweet pussy. Her breasts swinging over the rail.

Again they could hear people walking past on the road. This time was different though. They were slowing. They were turning into the driveway and heading towards them.

He kept up his steady rhythm in and out of her pussy. You could hear the wetness against the quiet of the evening. The moon reflecting of her big white breasts. The people below stopped.

Lightning cigarettes. Chatting quietly.

Only the glow as they inhaled could be seen.

It was impossible to tell if they were watching or not.

This drove her over the edge and she moaned. A little louder than she should have.

Flashes went off as the people below took pictures of her. Her big breasts on display. Pure extacy on her face as she came all over his cock.

She smiled politely as he pulled out of her soaking pussy. Hand in hand they walked into the room. Leaving the curtains wide open and turning on a low light.

He lay down on the bed and she climbed up on top of him. Easily sliding his still hard cock straight into her pussy. He loved it like this. Watching her play with her breasts as she rode his cock.

Grinding her pussy onto him. She rolled and pinched her nipples as he held her ass.

Then it all changed. The slow lovemaking vanished.

He pushed her off him and put her on all fours. Getting in behind her he spread her legs and rammed his hard cock deep into her pussy. So hard his full balls slapped her clit. He reached out and twisted her hair in his hand. Pulling her back into his cock. His free hand spanking her. Leaving his handprint firmly on her right ass cheek. Harder and harder he pounded into her. Taking what was his. Owning it. Dominating it.

At the last minute he pulled out. She felt so empty. Then she felt it.

His tongue probing her ass. His saliva making her tight hole wet. Her fingers found her pussy as he tongued he ass the feeling driving her mad.

When she was close he stopped. Got in behind her and placed his hard shaft at her tight hole.

Pushing in slowly. Not out of concern because he was so big. But because her tight hole felt so wonderful on his fully hard cock.

He spread her ass cheeks wide so he could watch his cock sliding in and out of her.

All the way out before sliding fully in. Slowly increasing his tempo

His big heavy balls crying out for release. She had kept him edging for two weeks. Always on the brink of Cumming before making him stop.

He thought back to the times she had pushed him to breaking point. Bringing Jasmin into the story. Knowing it would make it harder for him to not cum. Telling him dirty stories about what the three of them could do.

His cock throbbed at the memory.

He leaned forward and in low deep voice.

“I’m going to make you pay for the last two weeks”

She whimpered below him as he pulled all the way out.

He let go. Not touching her at all. She stayed on all fours feeling empty.

“Do not move” he instructed her.

Her whole body jumped at his voice.

She felt him leave the bed.

She wanted to turn her head. To see. But dared not to. She always did as he told her.

“You pushed me so hard” she heard him say from the other side of the room.

“Yes” she replied.


She screamed out.

The crop leaving a red mark on her left ass cheek


A matching mark appeared on her right.

Her pussy instantly started throbbing.

She couldn’t believe it. He had remembered the crop. Oh how she loved it.

“12 days” he said. “You kept me on the edge for 12 days”

“Yes” she whimpered again.

“Strokes each side then”


The left cheek


The right cheek

Each time causing her to cry out.

Pleasure and pain coursing through her body.

Her nipples were soo hard.

Her pussy continually throbbing and now leaking.

“OMG!” She cried out.

Whack! 9

Whack! 10

She disappeared into pure bliss as her pussy gushed over the bed.

She didn’t feel 11, or 12.

Laying there panting she felt his warm lips kissing where he had marked her.

Proving she was his and his alone.

He left her alone while he went into the bathroom. The cool felt nice on her red ass. She heard him running water and then he returned. A cold flannel was placed on her still tingling backside. First one cheek then the other. Slowly taking the sting out of it. His free hand continually running up and down her back. Around the curves of her buttocks. He removed the flannel and she sensed him leaning close.

He kissed her. Right at the point where her ass meets her leg. Oh the sensation that coursed through her body. Then he kissed the other side.

He worked his way into her ass crack kissing as he went. Then slowly up her back. Before biting the back of her neck. Goosebumps traveled up and down her body. Her senses were so hightend. He climbed up on top of her and spread her legs. Entering her from behind. His hard cock easily spreading her wet pussy lips. He turned her head to the side as he fully entered her. Kissing her. His thrusts slow and deep. It wasn’t long until another orgasm rocked her body.

He pulled out and rolled her over. Grabbing her legs he lifted them up. Both her pussy and ass exposed. He pushed back into her pussy in one motion. At this angle he went deeper than ever.

She moaned loudly.

His thrusting increased until he pulled out altogether. Then with a slight movement plunged straight into her ass. One thrust and he was fully inside.

He kept hold of her legs as he sped up.

Reaching down he pulled her black vibrator out and set it on her clit. The reaction was instant. Her body convulsed under him. She grabbed the vibe and held it against her pussy.

The vibrations driving her crazy. Her pussy wetter than ever.

“Relax baby” he told her.

“Give your body over to me” he said.

Finally completely full she did so.

Her pussy exploded. Firing cum straight up at him. The force enough to coat him from head to toe.

“FUCKKKKK!!!” She screamed out as she kept squirting.

After her body had relaxed a little. He rolled her back onto her stomach. Taking the candle that had been burning he poured out the hot wax onto her back. She gasped at the heat. But then relaxed as he started running in the oil. The scent was amazing.

“Massage candle” he whispered. His hands lovingly caressed her back. Rubbing the oil in. Massaging her shoulders. Down her back. Across her ass and down her legs.

The oil and his hands sliding over her skin.

Again he rolled her over.

Grabbing the candle he poured more oil out over her breasts. Across her hard nipples.

The hot oil causing her to cry out a little. Then he started massaging it in.

Rubbing the oil into her big breasts. He loved playing with them. Feeling her hard nipples between his fingers.

Finally when her whole body was glistening in oil he got between her legs and gave his throbbing cock a couple of strokes.

Slowly he pushed it.

It felt different to her.

It wasn’t until his cock head pushed into her pussy did she realise her ass was being stretched also.

He had put on the double ring.

Both his hard cock and a dildo were entering her. Him into her pussy and the dildo into her ass.

He kept pushing until both were fully inside her. Letting her adjust to both holes being filled.

Then slowly started thrusting in and out.

She loved the idea of two cocks inside her. She wanted it so badly. She wanted to ask him to make it happen. But was to nervous.

This was the next best thing.

He increased tempo and soon was pounding both holes.

Her pussy throbbing, dripping all over his cock. Running down into her ass crack. Acting as extra lube for the dildo.

It wasn’t long until he was pounding her so hard. Both holes being demolished. His hands on her breasts. Twisting her nipples.

His breathing heavy.

She closed her eyes and imagined two men fucking her.

Owning her.

Raping both her holes.

She couldn’t help it.

“Fuck yes baby. I need two big hard cocks inside me !!” She screamed out. As once again she squirted.

All over his cock.

Her whole body trembling.

He slowed his pace. Still not Cumming.

He had lasted 12 days.

He wasn’t going to rush this one.

Letting her body relax he took the dildo off.

Leaving it to the side he climbed up onto the bed. Holding her close he slowly entered her very puffy and abused pussy.

They had broken all previous records for her Cumming. The evening had been a success and they still had the next day at the pool.

He held her tight and kissed her deeply as he made love to her. His hard cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy.

He was ready to cum.

“Where would you like it baby?”

“In my pussy. Please!”

She quietly responded

With one last thrust he erupted deep inside her waiting pussy. Oh how she had waited for the feeling of his hot cum spirting inside her.

This pushed her over again and she came hard. Her whole body shaking.

They feel asleep like this. His strong arms around her. His still throbbing cock in the folds of her pussy.

He lay there watching her sleep.

Her breasts rising and falling with every breath.

The memories of last night causing his cock to harden.

He thought of waking her as he pushed his big shaft inside her but changed his mind.

Slowly he moved down the bed

Careful not to wake her he spread her legs.

Then softly he started blowing on her pussy. He could see how puffy her lips were from the pounding she had taken the night before.

He flicked his tongue at and brushed her clit with the tip.

The result was instant. Her pussy throbbed.

He inched closer. Locking his mouth down on her sex. That sweet pussy that he had fucked hard and long the night before. She moaned in her sleep.

He could feel her getting wetter.

Again she moaned. Not really coming fully awake. Her hands on his head. He smiled. From the sounds she was dreaming. Oh what a dream it must be.

“Fuck me” she softly whispered.

He pulled back. Sat up and pressed his hard shaft straight into her waiting pussy.

She came awake as he entered her completely.

Her legs locking him in.

“Morning beautiful “ he said as he thrust deep into her.

“Morning” she moaned.

He loved how hard his cock was in the morning. It was really stretching her.

Even with all the sex they had had last night she was struggling to take him all.

Her pussy was gushing. She loved the full feeling.

He leans down and started sucking her great tits. Re marking them.

Knowing she would be in a bikini and the marks would show.

His hands went under her ass and he pulled himself hard into her.

Her body thrusted into his and she came again. Coating his cock.

He increased his tempo and she felt him throb.

Erupting in her pussy again. She would never tire of feeling his hot cum fill her womb.

He lay on top of her as they caught their breath.

Shower time and then breakfast baby.

After a shower together where they washed each other they had a filling breakfast.

Then headed to the pool.

Private pool for an hour. Oh yes.

This time instead of going straight to the private pool they spent some time out in the open ones.

Sitting in the rock pool he held her in front of him. His hands over her shoulders and down her bikini. Rolling her nipples in his fingers. The cool of the morning making them stand out proudly.

Another couple joined them in the rock pool. Casting glances over at her big breasts. He kept playing with them. Her eyes locked on the the man opposite as she felt her mans hands reach up behind her.

Slowly he undid the top strap. Letting it loosen so the material hung looser.

If she stood it would come off. The mans gaze dropped straight to her breasts and he licked his lips.

Quickly her man kissed her neck then tickled her. She jumped and instantly her big heavy tits fell free.

The man and woman both stared.

Instead of covering them she put her hands up and rolled her nipples in her fingers.

The woman smiled. Encouraging her to go further. She massaged her breasts. Hidden from view from everyone else. She pinched. Twisted and pulled her nipples in from of the couple.

The woman moved closer to get a better look. She could feel her pussy wetter even in the water. It was throbbing uncontrollably.

The woman stood up revealing a similar bikini. Her breasts not quite as full but still a handful. Her nipples hard. Straining against the material. Her man reached round and started rubbing her breasts through the material.

Soon both couples were doing some very heavy foreplay in the pool. Only a meter from each other.

“Top on baby” her man said deeply in her ear.

“I need to be inside you. Now!”

She grabbed her top and readjusted herself.

Smiling at the couple they left them in the pool.

She watched as her man stepped out of the water. His cock rock hard poking in his shorts. Then she remembered. He had his plug in. Causing his manhood to stand out even more.

She turned back and looked at the woman. The woman’s eyes were wide. Locked into her hubbys massive cock.

“I know” she said, “he fucks me so well with it”

Arm in arm they walked to the private pool.