As a teenager, I dreamt about being a farmer. I was quite determined so a few months before my 16th birthday I went a stayed on a farm where I laboured for the summer. Every day began just before 5:00AM when ‘I’d go and get the cows in then help with the milking followed by grubbing thistles, fencing, moving stock. The day finished about 6:30pm after we’d milked for the second time and 3ashed down. On sundays our ‘day off’ we still milked day and night but had the day off. On Saturday night every few weeks we’d drive the hour and a bit into town for dinner in the cosy club and a few beers except for me who was the sober driver.

Every few weeks Jock’s wife would tell him to take me fishing or shooting on Sunday as a reward for my hard work and frequently this would end up in a fight followed by him bad naturedly taking me out for the day grumbling about being forced into it.

After the first 6 weeks of summer holidays on the farm, I began to be useful and he stopped complaining about my lack of ability. The physical work was starting to broaden out my shoulders and build muscle. He grudging agreed that I could come out every second weekend and help out. uusally he’d give me some work for Sunday on my own usually menial while he had a lazy day.

The next couple of years came and went and he was getting happy that he could go home early on a Friday and Saturday night leaving me to clean up the cow shed, sterilise everything properly and put everything away after milking. The third summer he started to trust me to setup the cow shed ready for milking and only come down after everything was ready and the cows were in, help me with milking then head home while I cleaned up. My confidence was building and he asked if I would milk one my own for a week or two so he could go away hunting with his mates. I agreed but he made me milk for a week before he went away without helping so he was confident I could do it without cocking up. He made his wife help me so she could keep an eye on things and so the milking didn’t end up running too late.

At the end of the week he said he was happy that we’d survive and so Friday night he headed off with his mates for 10 days in the bush.

His wife and I milked Friday night and everything went well. That night after after dinner she asked if I could keep a secret. I promised that I could so she said she was tired and could I manage the Saturday 5am milking on my own. I said yes no problem. She said I’d need to never tell Jock or he’d be really angry but normally he milked on his own and she was confident I could do it and didn’t need help or supervision. She said he’d told us both I was in charge until I got back and there’d be hell to pay if things went wrong. She said if I needed help to call her from the shed phone. We both went to bed and I set my alarm for the morning.

The milking went well and it finished at 6:30am, when I got in she asked how things went and praised me for completing the milking in about the same time it took jock. She then cooked breakfast for us - she did this every morning but it was the first time we’d breakfasted alone. As she Served breakfast She thanked me for letting her sleep in saying that she had been exhausted as she wasn’t used to milking every morning and night. She made me confirm that I’d never say anything to Jock about her lack of help so she didn’t get in trouble. I promised her that I’d never do anything to get her in trouble with Jock.

She reminded me that a farmer had responsibilities and obligation to make sure everything was running smoothly on the farm. Then she said that there was a staff problem I needed to solve. I was puzzled and asked what she meant. She said that one of the staff wasn’t happy and that I should do something about it. I was mystified. She reminded me bout my promise then said I’m not happy Jock hasn’t been paying me enough attention. I was starting to feel uncomfortable and she took my hand and placed it on her large breast. I could feel her nipple stiffening under my touch. She said if you can keep a secret then I’ll let you play with my breasts. Jocks buggered off for the weekend and left you in charge so you should have all the benefits of being the farmer as well as the jobs.

I flushed as I started to understand what she was suggesting. She took my hand a slid it up her leg, I realised that she hadn’t changed out of her Nightie and wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She asked are you man enough to take over from Jock for the week? I’d love you to be in charge for the whole week and tell me what to do. He’s always ordering me around but I’d enjoy you ordering me around....

All of a sudden I was very clear what she was offering. I said ‘If I promise not to tell Jock you’ll do whatever I want?’

She flushed and nodded. She said we had an argument before he left and I’m very angry with him but you’ve got to promise never to tell anyone or you’ll get me in trouble. I promised not to share with anyone and she said ‘what do you want me to do?’

I said ‘if I asked to see your breasts what would you say?’ She immediately took her nightie off and was left standing in front of me naked. She was very sexy with large breasts and what I realised was a freshly shaven pussy. I asked how big her breasts were and she said a G cup. I said they were very exciting. I asked if I was going to get into trouble and she smiled shyly and said only if you tell anyone about this.

I asked if she’d like to come to my bedroom. She said no, you’re the farmer this week so your bedroom is my bedroom with the large bed. She said it’s not fair that you’ve got clothes on and I’m naked. Take me to the bedroom and show me your body. I flushed but took,her hand and lead her to the bedroom. She pulled my tshirt over my head then unbuttoned my jeans.

She said Im guessing your not interested in breakfast? I said breakfast can wait. She lay down on the bed and said don’t be shy come and join me. I hopped into bed and kissed her mouth then her nipples, as I played with her nipples I slid my fingers inside her and stroked her G spot. After a few minutes I slid down and fingered her G spot while stimulating her clitoris. She moaned and said wow Jocks never gone down on me. This feels really exciting. Within a few minutes she was shuddering with her first orgasm. She said do you have a condom, I said no I didn’t expect anything other than work. She said no problem Jock never uses one and I’m on the pill. She said I need you inside me now. I want to feel you when you cum. I quickly slid up mounting her feeling her respond to my hardness her wet pussy quickly letting me slide into her.

As an 18 year old boy, I’d been with a few girls my own age but taking a woman old enough to be my mother really excited me and I thrust rapidly inside her until my body shuddered as I filled her pussy. It was a first as the younger girls were paranoid about not getting pregnant.

Over the next few weeks, I instructed her to look after me whenever I got hard it was a great experience with lots of firsts.

Finally it was Sunday night and Jock was due home on Monday. She told me that it was our last night in bed together but she’d still help out after milking then we’d have to,stop,so jock didn’t find out. She suggested offer to milk once a month so Jock could have a weekend off. She’d try and ensure that he mainly had boys weekends away...