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"Flatmates flirty gf"
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This happened about 20 years ago when was flatting with 2 other mates. One of them had a girl friend who would often be in the flat with him . She was petite with quite large breasts which were not proportionate to her waist at all. Think big !! One evening we all went out to movies and she sat between me and her boyfriend .The other mate was sitting next to her boyfriend. When her boyfriend and the other mate went down to get some popcorn, she turned around and asked me to kiss her before the others returned. I laughed it off and she looked dead in my eyes without smiling and turned away. There was no way of knowing if she was being serious about kissing me or she was just pulling my leg. She must have seen me perving on her. Regardless, the others returned and the movie began shortly. She leaned on her boyfriend and used her toes to caress my shins. At first I thought it was an accidental touch but it lingered longer then a touch would .I glanced at her and her eyes were fixed on the screen and her boyfriend was holding her hands. She definitely knew how to use the toes of her legs to caress a man and I definitely enjoyed the sensual touch of her toes . Since it was pretty clear this was no accident I placed my hands on her knees but she used her free hand to swat it away. Yes that was embarrassing and I wondered if she was just wiggling her toes without realising it was caressing me. 15-20 mins into the movie she sat up straight and held my hand and squeezed it . Her hands were so soft and so small. I glanced over to her and saw her boyfriend was playing with her nipples from above her top. That explained her squeezing my hand the way that she did. Then again why squeeze my hand.?? I started to caress her hand with my thumbs and this time there was no swatting or pushback. From the corner of my eyes I could see her boyfriend was looking at the movie so I moved her hand to my thighs. She looked across to me for a few seconds and moved her hands up towards my crotch.Awesome!!! I slid my hand up her skirt feeling her smooth silky thighs . They were so damn soft too. I ran my fingers up and down her thighs . Twisting my arm a bit I was able to run my fingers across her panties. Her hands started rubbing my cock from above my pants and as I glanced across I could see that her other hand was on her boyfriends crotch. It was quite difficult to finger her from this position without being noticed therefore I stuck to just rubbing outside her panties. She abruptly got up in the midst and went to the bathroom. I wondered if I should follow or it would become suspicious and after a moment I decided its better to stay in my seat. She returned a while later and soon enough her hands were back on my crotch. I slowly unzipped trying not to make too much noise . However as I was sitting right by the wall, it made it safer to take my cock out. She ran her fingernails around my tip as I commenced to caressing her thighs. When I moved towards her pussy I realised why she had abruptly got up earlier. She had done so to remove her panties!!! I began fingering her slowly and keeping a watch on her boyfriend hoping he doesn't put his hands on her thighs. He was back again with nipple play while I enjoyed the wetness of his girls pussy. She started stroking my cock and soon she crossed her legs and my hand was squashed between her thighs. She had a very silent orgasm, I pulled my hand away and seconds later her bf put his hands on her thighs!!! saved by a second only! She let go of my cock and I waited for it to get flaccid before putting it back in and zipping up my pants. The movie was also just climaxing . After that we all went home and I could not help thinking what had just happened. Even more so when I head her moaning through the walls as her bf took charge.

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