She was in a room sitting on a stool looking through a microscope.

I walked in. Her ass looked amazing small tight. Her breasts beautiful in size and shape hanging loosely in her shirt.

I knew what I was going to do. She knew and the heat of passion was already firing up the situation.

I stepped in behind her sweeping her long hair to the side and began kissing her neck and ears. Knowing time was of the essence and that someone may find us my hands caressed her breasts. I cupped them both feeling their curves brushing over her nipples.

She was moaning leaning back to kiss me. Tongues playing. Her hands pulling my head to hers the other rubbing my cock through my shorts.

Her shirt open breasts exposed fondled by one hand. The other now in her pants feeling her hot wet pussy. Rubbing her clit then sliding fingers inside her. She was always hot and the excitement of these meetings made her even wetter.

I pulled my fingers out and gave them to her to suck. She enjoyed sucking her cum from my fingers or cock. Turning her around to face me I groan as those perfect breasts are presented to me. I suck them with the hunger of a man who has desired such beauty.

I slide her off the stool and quickly pull off her pants. God she is beautiful and I drop to my knees and begin to suck her clit. My fingers fucking her pussy my tongue flicking on her clit. Her hands pulling my head into her. Her moans grow as she cums squashing herself against my face.

I stand pressing her against the wall and admire her. Pulling my cock out of my shorts. I rub it over her pussy lips. She raises her hips and slides my cock into her cum soaked pussy. I fuck her hard thrusting upwards feeling her mound grinding against mine. She is panting as we fuck sweat beading on our bodies.

I am groaning and cum my cock thrusting hard and deep into her. Her arms wrapped around my neck she moans cumming again. We continue to kiss until her pussy relaxes and my cock slowly slides from her. How hot does it look my cock soaked with our juices. She kneels and sucks my cock clean. Then I lift her up and kiss her sharing the taste of us.

Then we come back to real life and scramble to get dressed and pretend that we had not had the sort of sexual experience many only fantasise about. I would spend the day inhaling her scent and looking forward to the drive home...