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The Table

"Setting the Table for her pleasure"
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I had prepared the area carefully. As she came up the stairs, she would see it through the open double doors, it would be directly in front of her. I had, of course, primed her with pictures to whet her appetite, but I knew that the impact when she saw it in person would be strong. The table was a long 8-seater, sturdy and rugged, it was in my Dining room. First, I had covered the table in a soft blanket, then placed a yoga mat on top. A pillow sat on top of the table at the end farthest from the top of the stairs. On top of the pillow was a ball gag and a blindfold. Around each table leg I had attached restraints ending in ankle or wrist cuffs. These lay on top of the table in plain view. In the middle of the table was a positioning wedge. I would use that to angle her hips upward....making her more accessible. At the end of the table, closest to the double doors, dead center. I had placed a Hitachi wand…. Already plugged into the mains. With a heater keeping the room at a nice temperature it was all set. All that was missing was the lovely lady I was going to bind, spread-eagled and helpless, on the table. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The impact when she saw it was everything I had hoped for… after a deep and passionate welcome kiss she breathed.. “Can I get on the table?”. “No.” I said “you will need to wait until we have had dinner and relaxed. I will tell you when you are allowed to get on the table. Until then, you can look at it, and every time you walk past it you can imagine what will happen to you when you are allowed on it. “ She laughed and I could see the excitement in her eyes. God I loved turning this woman on…patience would be the key tonight… We drank champagne and cooked dinner, every time she went to the kitchen she had to walk past the table. Looking at it, thinking about it… We ate and drank and fooled around, kissing, cuddling, our hands roaming over our clothed bodies…. after we had eaten, I took her into my bedroom, and we unpacked some of her things…. It was time. As we kissed, I grabbed her hair firmly in one hand and pulled her to her knees, she unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock. I bought her willing mouth onto it and she sucked it so well! … I stiffened quickly… it felt good, really, really, good…. She increased the pace, trying to make me cum. I pulled her head back… .. “Not yet.” I said. I gathered some of the toys and implements I planned to use on her, and she watched as I laid them on the side board next to the table. “Now”, I said. “You can get on the table. “. She was clad in filmy black…easily accessible She took her panties off and got on the table quickly, willingly. I had made her wait over two hours. I admired her body as I looked down. My excitement was building quickly, but I wanted this to be about her pleasure. When she had laid down, her head on the pillow, I slowly held up an ankle cuff for her to see…..I attached it to her right ankle and pulled it tight… pulling her ankle towards the corner of the table. Then slowly, deliberately, as she watched, I did the same to her other ankle. I ran my fingers up her inner thigh… gently brushing my fingertips across her sweet and glistening pussy lips. She shivered and pushed he hips up towards my hand. Then, I walked to the head of the table and drew her left arm and wrist towards the corner. Attaching the wrist cuff I pulled the restraining cord tight as she watched. She bit her lip. I moved to her remaining hand and repeated the procedure with the last cuff. Ensuring that all of the restraints were taut and that she could not move… I finally placed the blindfold on her. I left the gag off for now…. I wanted to hear her properly. I wanted to hear her speak, and to hear her moans. Now she was mine. To do with as I pleased. And what pleased me was to show her no mercy. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I quietly moved to the sideboard and thought about where to start….. Gentle, tickling sensations with the feather duster? Sharp with the pin wheel? Stinging slaps with the flogger?... Perhaps the feel of cold chains running over her body? Dildos? Vibrators? Decisions, decisions. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I started slowly running my hands over her naked spread-eagled body….. Gently running a finger up her leg, het inner thigh, brushing across her pubic mound, up across her belly, further up and cupping her breast… gently pinching the nipple.. She moaned and her nipple grew hard. Her breasts were magnificent, large and full, with prominent nipples….. I took one in both hands, circling it and squeezing, tightly….… engorging the breast as I sucked on her nipple….. She moaned again, pulling at the restraints. I stood up and took the sexy black feather duster from the sideboard and began to tease her with light flicking touches…inner thighs,.. Under her breasts, her inner forearm…. Gently touching her neck…. She squirmed a little, but I could tell she wanted something… firmer. The duster went back onto the sideboard. I took the glass handled flogger in hand….and gently started to brush the leather ends across her body….. dangling it above her…. just barely touching her skin…..teasing…. slow…. I pinched her nipple, suddenly, medium hard. There was a sharp intake of breath and I bent down and kissed her deeply…she responded passionately; our tongues explored each other’s mouths…all the while the soft tendrils of the flogger roamed across her body. I pulled back from the kiss and moved to the foot of the table, dragging the flogger down her body., drifting between her open legs and down across her now wet pussy lips. I started to whip her softy with the flogger…. inner thighs, midriff, breasts, back to thighs again, lightly across her pussy, then the same cycle slightly faster, slightly harder……her breath started to quicken…”Oh Fuck…” she murmured. The fronds of the flogger started to spin, flicking at her pussy and clit, flick, flick, flick, flick…. her hips arched up and I could see her arms and legs pull taught against the restraints… no avail, she was held fast. I leaned forward reversed the flogger and placed the bulbous cold glass head of the handle against her pussy. She gasped and, as I slowly pushed it inside her she moaned. The head was wide and thick…. the glass shaft textured. Every so slowly I began to thrust it into her…..I could see she wanted more, she tried to push down on it, but couldn’t move far enough with the restraints in place….I set the pace…slow….steady….teasing….. I buried the handle deep inside her …and left it there …. I could see her hips moving as she tried to grind it into her pussy…. but it was tantalizingly hard for her to do so while bound. I moved up her body and took her breast in hand, teasing her nipple…. the fingers of my other hand reached up for her mouth…….she began to suck on my index finger. Her hot wet mouth greedy, exciting me. I sucked harder on her nipple …and while she was sucking one index finger…began to massage her clit with the other hand, brushing against, and moving the glass rod inside her. …..she moaned deeply and sucked harder on my finger. I moved to the foot of the table again……and turned on the Wand. The deep buzzing noise easy to hear…I just stood there for a moment…letting the anticipation build…...I could see she wanted it, she needed release…and now it was time. I took the glass handle from her pussy,,, and thrust two fingers inside her suddenly, curling up around onto her G-spot beginning to massage it. She moaned and began to thrust her hips up and down onto my stiffened fingers……then…I pressed the wand to her clit. She came instantly, her juices squirting all over my hand, a long low cry escaping from her mouth as her pussy pulsed, tensed and clenched on my fingers…… Her orgasm was short, sharp, and intense. But my fingers didn’t stop moving, the wand stayed on her clit. I increased the speed and began to massage inside her faster, harder. She came again quickly, loudly, and I felt another gush of wetness across my hand. My fingers made wet, squelching, sounds as I continued to thrust into her. The wand intensity increased again to maximum power…..She almost screamed when the orgasm took her again…but the buzzing and fingers didn’t stop. …. she came again…..and again…..and again…the moaning was continuous as she lost control, I could see her legs shaking, it was hard to tell where one orgasm finished, and another began. …. her whole body quivered and she began to moan ….”please….please……..” I made her come just one more time…and knew she could not take any more. She lay there quivering and spent as I gently undid the clips attaching the restraints. …. a single tear leaked out from under the blindfold as the intensity of the experience took its emotional impact. I gently took the blindfold off and helped her to a sitting position and we hugged close. We held each other for some time before I helped her off the table we moved to the living room sofa. Now was the time for cuddles, soft talk, a glass of champagne and recovery ………… before we continued our play for the weekend.

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