It was around dusk one mild autumn evening. We arrived at the supermarket at the same time parking alongside in opposite positions. “Hi, how are ya” he said, “yeah great thanks”, I replied.

We did our shopping, passing each other a couple of times in the aisle with a smile and nod to each other.

Well timed, we went through the checkouts at the same time and headed out to our vehicles. Not a word was said, just a couple of strangers.

He popped his purchases in his boot and opened the driver’s side back passenger door, I did the same to mine and tossed my bag between the seats into the front. The doors had created this little private area. We both looked over our shoulders to see who was around.

He pulled me in close and kissed me hard “so you did miss me” I teased, “you have no idea” he replied.

He pushed my top up to expose my plump breasts only just being restrained by my lacy bra and gave the nipples a tweak.

He kissed me again, getting more demanding, we were very aware that there were people around, but this just heightened the excitement.

I wriggled my knickered bum out of my tights and turned to face the back seat giving him some room.

Sliding the crotch of my knickers to one side, he pulled his rather hard cock out over the top of his work shorts and without skipping a beat, plowed it into my aching & very wet pussy – he fucked so hard, I could feel the tip making contact at the end deep inside.

It didn’t take long for him to give into that velvety texture of my pussy and he exploded deep inside.

We locked together for a moment as his cock pulsated and then relaxed a little. As he pulled it out I spun around placing it in my mouth and licked clean any remnants of me. I straightened up my knickers and pulled my tights up.

‘Thanks – see you around”. Closing doors and jumping into the driver’s seat, I gave him a wink as he watched me drive off.