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The landlords daughter -Part 1

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20 years ago being young and single I was flatting out like most youngsters do. It was my final semester at uni and we had moved in to a new flat. Adjacent to that was the landlords flat separated by a garage. When we moved in I noticed a beautiful teenager with wavy hair, a vest and very short shorts sitting outside. She quickly disappeared as we started to unload our stuff from the moving truck. The rest of the week was spent settling in our flat, arranging bed, furniture, appliances, wardrobes etc. I saw her again a few weeks later getting some bread from a nearby dairy. This time I took a good look at her, perving and lusting on all that was on display. She was stunning with a beautiful face, lustrous lips, small boobs, well toned thighs though lacking a bit in the ass. I looked away as she entered the driveway and from the corner of my eyes I could see she had her head low and avoiding trying to look at me. At this point I walked back inside. She would hardly come outside unless she was going somewhere and with uni I was also away most of the time so did not get to see much of her. One day my flatmate who had lost his set of keys borrowed mine saying he will be back earlier than me when I returned. I was alone at home that morning and was to leave for uni just around lunch. As the semester was about to finish with exams coming up I was busy studying. As I got dressed and packed my bags for uni and walked out locking the door I realised I had left a my study notes behind. With my flatmate taking my key I had no way to get inside so I had to walk across to the landlords flat and knock on the door. As you would have guessed, she opened the door. This will be the first time we would be face to face. Her eyes widened when she saw me. She looked scared, and shy and blushed all at the same time and I guess I was in a similar state. I quickly regained my composure and told her about being locked out and if they had a spare key. She promptly fetched a spare and came along to open the door for me. I took this opportunity to open a conversation with her. She was 18, had finished high school and was wondering what to do next. It turned out she was a party chic with a bit of a wild side. While we were talking my eyes were fixed on her face. I admired her beautiful eyes, that face and those thick pink lips, wondering if and when I will get to kiss them. I deliberately avoided looking at her breasts and legs as I did not want to come across as a perve though I was perving on her .A part of me said invite her in and open that vodka while the better part of me said go to uni and prepare for your exam. I chose to prepare for exams but did get her number before I left. more to come.....

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