It`d been 3 weeks since Ross had fucked me at the cottage and I'd hardly seen him at all during that time. I thought about him and what we`d done quite a bit and often thought I'd like to see him one more time and take time to enjoy him properly. One Saturday morning my husband said he was taking the kids into town to visit the Grandparents but I couldn't go because I'd been sick with the flu all week and didn't want to pass it on. As they left, he said that Ross was going to be bringing over a load of firewood but not to worry, just stay in bed and rest.

About half an hour later I heard a vehicle come up the drive. I looked out the window and it was Ross. As he unloaded the firewood I quickly pulled on a pair of track pants and one of my husbands shirts. I put the jug on to boil and went outside to say hi. We had a quick chat and I asked him if he'd like a cup of coffee when he finished, he did, and we stood in the kitchen chatting as we had our drinks. I wasn't sure what was on his mind but I'm damn sure I knew what was on mine. I wasn't going to throw myself at him but I wanted more of what he'd given me before.

We walked together towards the back door and he said he'd better go, so I stopped and said, "Hey, are you ok? Are we ok?"

It was all I could think of to say and it was that awkward moment when you don't know who's going to make the first move. He smiled and stood in close to me and put his hand around the back of my head, the other hand undid the buttons of my shirt, one by one until it opened up exposing my boobs. He pulled me in closer as I reached for the bulge in his shorts. God it was thick and hard and I wanted it!

He slipped his shorts and boxers down and I squatted down in front of him. I held his balls in one hand as I licked his huge knob seductively then took the whole length of his gorgeous cock into my mouth and sucked it nice and slow...he groaned and gasped as I sucked him but I wanted him inside me,I stood up and led him over infront of the open fire,,there was a lovely big sheepskin rug infront of it and I sat down on it.Ross pulled his top off and gently pushed me onto my back,,,on all fours over top of me,, he lifted my legs back against my chest and steered his cock into me,,god it felt great,,so thick and long and I had my arms around his neck as he fucked me,,slowly at first then faster and harder,,this man was like an animal and he was giving me exactly what I wanted,,infact I could feel an orgasm building within a couple of minutes and all I needed was for him to keep doing exactly what he was doing to me and Id`e cum..sure enough that lovely electrifying rush soon ran through me as I gasped and thrust up into him,,,he let me recover for a minute then got me to get on my hands and knees,,I was willing to do anything he wanted,,he hadn't cum and had decided fucking me like this would do it,,he held my hips and fucked me hard,,,,,just a few minutes of that and he let out a long deep groan and a few choice words telling me what a sexy little bitch I was and I felt him explode inside me,,