My first husband and I managed a farm in the lower North Island. I was in my late 20`s and staff were hard to find. After lot's of advertising we settled for a couple in their 50's and although the guy, Ross' experience in farming was a bit limited we hired him because he was an interior decorator by trade and there was a cottage on the property that we wanted done up. Ross was a bit of a rough diamond but a good worker and we were pleased with his work on the cottage as well. I'd go over and inspect from time to time and it was obvious that he had eyes for me. I must admit I liked that but he was way too old for me and besides it wasn't something I made a habit getting involved in..On atleast two occasions he stood really close to me as we chatted and instead of feeling uncomfortable about it I quite liked it.One day when my husband was way out the back of the farm working I started having very naughty thoughts and dressed in a very short skirt and revealing top and walked over to the cottage.Ross was there and I wanted to talk to him about hanging photo`s and paintings.To be honest I also wanted to see the look on his face seeing me dressed the way I was..We chatted for a while and I saw his eyes looking me up and down and the bulge in his shorts grow bigger.I took one of the photo`s and reached up high against the wall and said,," Id`e like it to go here",,I waited for him to take it from me and hang it but he moved in close behind me and had me trapped against the wall,,I stayed perfectly still and felt his bulge pressing against my bum,,I knew what he wanted,,and I wanted it too,,he kissed the back of my neck and the side of my face and reached around to undo my blouse,my heart was racing flat out and I stayed still as he unclasped my bra and gently squeezed my boobs and teaked my nipples.He lifted my skirt up over my hips and he slipped his shorts down,,there was literally no furniture in the house and it was clear this man was going to have me here against the wall,,he reached down for a box of paint and lifted my foot up onto it,,,he pulled my nickers to one side so he could slide his cock into me,,he was a big man and his cock felt thick and long as he pushed it all the way into me,,it was animal like,, and hard and fast,, and it`s what Id`e been needing and wanting for a long time,I braced myself as best I could and let this big sexy man fuck me,,and fuck me he certainly did,,,,,,,